frank iero learned to play the harp just so he could play the intro to disenchanted when will ur fav ever learn to play a whole new instrument just for one song

The Aurora Theatre Shooting

The events of the horrific Aurora Theatre Shooting unfolded on July 20, 2012. The shooting transpired during the midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises and ended with unthinkable losses. 

James Holmes, the sole perpetrator, initially entered the theatre and bought a ticket to the film, sitting in the front row. Approximately twenty minutes into the movie, Holmes exited the theatre through an emergency exit door. He propped this door open with a plastic tablecloth holder and proceeded to go outside to his car. Inside of his vehicle were protective tactical clothing items and multiple firearms. Holmes changed into the protective clothing, which included a gas mask, a ballistic helmet, a bullet-resistant throat protector, a load-bearing vest (which was not additionally bulletproof), bullet-risistant leggings, a groin protector, and finally a pair of tactical gloves. While at his car Holmes also retrieved the guns that he would use in the attack; a 12-gauge Remington 870 Express Tactical shotgun, a Smith and Wesson M&P15 semi-automatic rifle with a 100-round drum magazine, and a Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun. 

Holmes then reentered the theatre through the same door he had propped open and entered the auditorium, wearing headphones and playing “techno music” as to not hear the audience’s reactions. He first threw two canisters that discharged a gas or smoke. This smoke caused eye irritation and obscured vision, as well as itchiness to the skin and throat. After this Holmes fired his 12-gauge Remington shotgun at the ceiling, then at the audience. He additionally fired his semi-automatic rifle, but it soon malfunctioned. Holmes lastly fired using his Glock 22 handgun. 

Holmes began shooting at the back of the auditorium, then towards people in the aisles. Three people in a neighboring room were hit by a bullet when it passed through the wall, and that area was subsequently evacuated. This room was also screening The Dark Knight Rises. Meanwhile, back in the auditorium where the shooting was taking place, the fire alarm began to sound. The scene was in complete chaos, and some were hesitant to flee due to shouts of an additional shooter in the theatre’s lobby. The first calls to 911 were made at 12:39am, with police arriving in 90 seconds. Some individuals reported the shooting on Twitter rather than calling the police, but officers were already present at the theatre when these tweets were sent. 

A total of 76 shots were fired by Holmes in the theatre; six of these were from the shotgun, 65 from the semi-automatic rifle, and five from the Glock 22 .40 caliber handgun. When Sergeant Stephen Redfearn, one of the first police officers on the scene, arrived, he decided not to wait for ambulances. Sergeant Redfearn instead sent a number of the victims to the hospital in squad cars. At approximately 12:45am, Holmes was apprehended behind the theatre by Officer Jason Oviatt. He stated that Holmes was calm and “disconnected” during his arrest. 

12 people were killed in the Aurora shooting and 70 non-fatal injuries were reported. 10 victims died at the scene and two more died at local hospitals. Four of the victims, Jonathan Blunk, Matt MqQuinn, Alexander Teeves, and John Larimer, were killed while protecting their girlfriends. Two of the victims were active-duty service members. For a full list of the fallen victims, click here

Two federal officials had stated that Holmes had dyed his hair red and called himself “The Joker”, but authorities later declined to confirm that statement. However, three days later at his first court appearance, Holmes had reddish-orange hair. Authorities found a first aid kit, as well as spike strips, in his car. Holmes later claimed that he planned to use the spike strips if police chased him or shot at him. Police interviewed a grand total of 200 witnesses during the investigation. Holmes was first incarcerated at the Arapahoe County Detention Center under suicide watch. 

The Aurora Shooting had claimed the largest number of victims of any mass shooting in the history of the United States, but was later unfortunately surpassed by the Orlando Pulse Nightclub Shooting in 2016, which had a combined total of 102 casualties. The Aurora Shooting was the deadliest mass shooting in the state of Colorado since the Columbine High School Massacre in 1999, which claimed 13 victims, not including the two perpetrators who committed suicide after their attack. 


Thompson M1A1 submachine gun

Manufactured by Auto-Ordnance Corp. c.WW2 for the US Army - serial number 432620.
.45ACP 20-round detachable stick magazine, blowback fully automatic, parkerized finish.

The M1 series of Tommy guns, made for the US military, differ from the previous 1921 and 1928 ‘overstamped’ models by having an horizontal front grip - a feature shared by the earlier military M1928A1 - a rougher finish, a non-finned barrel and more importantly a bolt actuator situated on the right of the receiver, no longer on top of it. They also couldn’t accept the 50 and 100 round drum magazines that make the Thompson submachine gun iconic to this day.

A Thompson M1921 with a 100-round drum magazine. Note the blued finish - earlier models were much fancier than military one.

These front pistol grips make me fucking cringe everytime I lay eyes on them.

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How do you think tyler and josh met?

Josh stalked Tyler until they became friends then they became bandmates after Tyler accidentally walked in on Josh naked and drumming.
100% true story straight from the source.

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How was the concert last night and what happened? I went a few weeks ago and it was so good!

if you asked me this in person, i probably couldn’t even form coherent sentences. i have not stopped talking and raving about this concert since it ended.

the whole concert was fucking phenomenal. i love saint motel and misterwives was lit, but i cannot piece together words in a sentence to describe how i felt when i saw panic! for the first time. i have waited so fucking long to see them and i finally got my chance and it was something i will never forget. for four hours last night i forgot about all of the stress and negativity in my life and focused on the music and i have never felt so happy and at peace

overall, here’s how the panic! concert went: brendon’s a god and even more beautiful in person and i got to touch him and he acknowledged me and fucking hell i will never get over it. and his fucking high notes??? i got chills about seventeen times and yelled “fuck me up!” more times than i can count. kenneth was amazing and dallon is so fucking tall and talented and dAN THE DRUM MAN KILLED IT. i cried during girls/girls/boys when i seen the hearts light up the entire arena and at the end of the song beebo gave a speech and ended it with “aND DONALD TRUMP CAN SUCK MY DICK.” LIKE BRENDON URIE, AMERICAN HERO AND ICON. and then THIS IS GOSPEL AND THE COVER OF BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY IS SOMETHING I WILL NEVER FORGET holy fuck i cried many many times. also brendon drumming is 100% hotter live than i imagined. but the whole show?? everything!! was!! perfect!! it was so worth the yEARS of waiting. also i got a shit ton of confetti but ended up giving most of it away to people who weren’t in/around the pit with the exception of a couple pieces. we got to meet Zack after the show and he was hella cool, he’s so intimidating when you look at him but he’s so fucking nice oml we cracked jokes and shared puns and it was really nice omg i love him. and then we rolled out windows down and blasted a fever you can’t sweat out and vices & virtues the entire drive back.

so basically.. it was a very successful night and one of the best nights of my life. my throat still hurts and i can barely hear anything but i will never forget last night.


“It’s a handshake. You are going to be my buddy, right?”

“I’m no hero. I prefer to go by the Mighty Sun Fighter.”

“You’re now officially my biggest rival.”

“I’d much rather you’d be my friend!”

“It’s just that thing he said, that winning is everything. I used to be that way too.”

Introduction / Friendship

Everyone Gao met in the first five episodes.

~ Oh My Devil


Unlike other protagonists would in his shoes, Gao never cared before that he couldn’t use Future Force at will. Not once has he ever questioned how to master it or has the thought even crossed his mind. He has yet to go into anything thinking “if I use Future Force here” or “I need it” because power isn’t important to him. It’s only when he realizes that he can’t help Tasuku that he begins to regret it.

Gao’s maturity is one of the subtle things that’s still hella consistent with this show and it’s why he’s my favourite character.

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then what about if the Paladins were in a band? what instruments would they play and who would have singing-duty?

Shrio- your main frontman- vocals
Keith-lead gutiar, Shiro’s right hand man
Lance- bass guitar - (Jeremy Shada plays bass in his band)
Pidge- Rhythm Guitar- all the technical stuff, y'all know Pidge
Hunk- drums 100%- give the sweet boy stuff to hit


Calico Liberty I

One of the current production(?) carbine modesl of Calico’s helical drum fed 9x19mm firearms. The Liberty I from what I saw on their website is the collapsible stock version with the factory muzzle brake. Note the 100 round drum. In the second photo you can see the downward facing ejection port that spits the empty casing down instead of out the side. These carbines are marked Liberty I on their receivers but when Calico first started business this model would have been known as the M-951.


Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks 3/5/14

(1.) 1921 Colt with 100 cartridge Type “C” drum magazine.
(2.) Early 1928A1 with 50 cartridge Type “L” drum magazine. If this gun were fitted with a vertical foregrip, it would be a 1928 Savage.
(3.) Late 1928A1 with 20 cartridge box magazine. This version eliminated the barrel fins and all knurling of the operating handles, and replaced the adjustable rear sight with a stamped one.
(4.) M2 with stainless steel receiver fitted with an M1A1 trigger housing, electronic red dot scope, and 30 cartridge box magazine.
(5.) 1927A1 Semi-Auto fitted with a modified 1928A1 TSMG trigger housing, special Richardson barrel, and 30 cartridge semi-auto box magazine.
(6.) M1/M1A1