Happy Thursday, Bellarke fam! Two things came for me in the mail today that I’m pretty excited about! First, my passport came in the mail! January can’t come fast enough, seriously! Can’t wait to see some Bellarke fam up in Vancouver! I almost started crying when I opened my passport. Secondly, I got a Camp Stillwater staff shirt! I’m pretty behind on Dead of Summer, but I do plan to get caught up at some point! It was such a good day!

I know YG isn’t the best at promoting their artists, but imagine how much worse it’d probably have been if Jaewon was still at D-business… To be honest, I don’t think Brave ent. or D-business would have promoted 1Punch very well even with the publicity Jaewon got in Smtm4. With the lack of promotions they gave them and the “concept” they decided to use for them from the start, I feel like 1Punch would have been hard to save. I doubt they’d have the correct resources given to them so they could continue on growing & I feel like the buzz One created for himself through his efforts in Smtm4 would’ve probably gone to waste had he stayed. Idk….I feel like One just knew it was best to jump ship with the situation he was in and that the image the companies had for 1Punch probably wouldn’t have ended up suiting him or allowed him to reach his full potential. Sometimes I wonder a lot about how the whole thing played out behind the scenes, how Jaewon viewed himself as a part of the team & how each side handled it…