do you ever just torture yourself thinking about how hard Bellamy Blake’s life has been: 

  • we don’t know when his father left/died/was floated/if he ever even knew him
  • we know at the age of 5/6 (depending on O’s birthdate) he had to begin keeping a secret (his mother’s pregnancy.
  • we know at the age of 6 he had to begin keeping an ever bigger secret.
  • “your sister, your responsibility.” 
  • probably having to live a life of relative isolation for most of his life to keep O safe.
  • we don’t know if he wanted to be a guard or not, but we do know Bob said that “Bellamy had to give up his education” at Unity Days 2017, so I’m going to say he gave up his ideal career choice for O.
  • had to watch his mother prostitute herself to keep the secret of O. 
  • had to force his little sister to hide in a compartment under the floor.
  • just wanted his little sister to have a good time, wound up getting his mother floated and his sister jailed. 
  • was demoted to janitor for a crime that wasn’t his. 
  • was only given 2 ounces of water a day (wtf?)
  • was blackmailed into shooting Jaha by Shumway. 
  • thought he would be able to live happily on the ground, but surprise!!!, the ground sucks. 
  • was an asshole for a few days on the ground, but was more than likely a cover to protect himself and octavia
  • loses charlotte
  • sister is kidnapped
  • murphy returns and brings with him a bioweapon
  • catches the virus, almost dies
  • is almost killed in a field while hallucinating Jaha
  • is hanged by someone he considered a friend
  • has to watch his sister leave with a Grounder he’s unsure of while he fights for his life
  • stays outside of the dropship to allow more time for the door closing, almost dies.
  • is taken hostage by Tristan
  • escapes, but is treated like a second class citizen at Camp Jaha



2016 just got a hell of a lot better.

- Earl made the cake.
- Kevin is in charge. (Go, sweetie pie, go! This is everything I wanted for you!)
- Steve is such a good person. AND he and Carlos are friends. I knew it.
- Violet had plans for the future.
- Carlos and Cecil are awkward and precious.
- And so much in love.
- And so perfect.
- And married.

….This also means that Cecil, when it truly counts, is an excellent secret-keeper. Who knew?


Day 59/100

2 month check in (blue is last month, purple is this month)

I don’t see any change at all. I’m losing hope and these pictures just make me cry. I’m working so hard and I have hardly anything to show for it. My body always hurts, and I’m so tired of eating food deemed healthy.

I just want to be skinny 😞

SO excited to announce the new color for our 100-Day Happiness Planner. 💕 Not sure what to call it - lilac, lavender, purple - somewhere in between.

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