Okay y'all this Candy Crush show is so fucking expensive for CBS…..
100,000$ if you win?!??!!
This is why we can’t have nice things (bb19 is gonna suffer because of this)

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what do you mean paul was on the cbs show? was he on the amazing race and i missed it? if he's on anything cbs then i def agree that it's 100% rigged for him!

CBS just made a new Candy Crush show and he was on it with Day like sjdfjsd how unfair is that lmao

person: hey how are u
what i’m thinking: i’m so angry we didn’t get to learn more about costia. i’m so angry they only mentioned her in like two episodes. i’m so angry we got ark flashbacks but not grounder flashbacks. how cool would it have been to see lexa before she became commander? anya training lexa. costia watching in the background with a big proud smile on her face. lexa and costia playing together. did lexa have other friends? imagine tiny lexa with friends. imagine her being so carefree and relaxed, sitting back for a second to take it all in. her little girlfriend playing grounder games with her other friends. imagine her bouncing up to anya and titus and telling them about costia and how beautiful she is and how she’s the best at braiding her hair. imagine anya teasing lexa and telling her “hey nobody’s better than me at braiding hair” and lexa grinning because she loves anya and she loves titus and she loves costia and she loves all her friends. imagine anya telling lexa the commander has died and it’s time for the conclave. imagine costia’s face when lexa tells her only one of the nine nightbloods will survive. imagine costia hugging lexa thinking it could possibly be the last hug they’ll ever share. imagine costia’s face after lexa returns. she couldn’t bare to be at the conclave because she couldn’t bare to witness lexa’s death. imagine costia and lexa finally being alone and being able to share chaste kisses as costia tends to her wounds. imagine lexa telling costia she was thinking about her when she was fighting. thinking about how she has to win this just so she can finally tell costia she loves her. imagine lexa’s first day as commander and costia watching with the same proud smile on her face as she had when lexa was training for this. imagine costia bowing to lexa and being so proud and knowing that her girlfriend is going to change the world by being such an incredible leader. imagine-
what i actually say: i’m fine :)


Tv Series You Must Watch:

- MTV Scream
- Scream Queens
- The 100
- Zoo
- The Mindy Project
- Under the Dome
- Grimm
- Bobs Burgers
- Gravity Falls

- Continuum
- Gotham
- iZombie
- Heroes Reborn (Heroes)
- Teen Wolf
- Bates Motel
- American Horror Story
- How to get away with Murder
- The Flash
- Arrow
- Awkward
- Young & Hungry
- Younger
- Faking It
- The Awesomes 
- Jane the Virgin
- Futurama
- Supernatural

SWMRS Aesthetics

Joey: classic rock and roll, beach hair, post-concert adrenaline, Asian cuisine, lazy days at home, laughing until your sides hurt, denim

Cole: sweaters, incense, supporting local artists, chapstick, DIY hair, journals full of song ideas, hot tea, cats

Seb: late night drives, silver rings, skate parks, film photography, black nail polish, plaid, old hoodies

Max: gin, bike rides, hair pomade, old family recipes, jazz music, picnics in the park, leather jackets, karaoke