28.8.2016. 4/100 days of productivity :)

everybody, meet my workspace (I know it’s messy, I know) :D this is the place where all my university things (studying, models, plans, drawings…) are being made. this dark green surface is my lynoleum cutting mat for model making and I don’t usually use that desk for studying or drawing. once again, I spent my day fighting Maths and Load-bearing Constructions and I am done for today in every possible sense and I can tell how beautiful my sleep is going to be ^^

Sorry to all my beautiful followers that are used to me reblogging like 20-30 posts a day! I have been working like close to 50 hours a week … and I am preparing to move as well! SO I have been working and sleeping and eating. Once the dust settles around me.. I will reblog more. I try to reblog a few things a day. Sorry it isnt more >.<! Soon I will be back to my old posting habits… but for now I will just reblog a lot on the weekends. If you want to tag me in anything Send me a message or something because I might not see the tag during the week. *sends you all cookies* (´・‿ -) ~ ♥

Mom calls out stranger who complained about her disabled daughter on flight

On Aug. 13, Nicola Colenso was on a flight from Ibiza to Manchester with her 8-year-old daughter when her daughter began to have a meltdown. Colenso’s daughter has a number of disabilities — including autism and epilepsy — and was not feeling her best that day.

While trying to console her, Colenso was shocked when another passenger began yelling at her and telling her to “shut that child up.”

“Dear Lady on the Manchester bound flight from Ibiza yesterday,” Colenso wrote in a Facebook post, which has since gone viral. “We are sorry our daughter stopped you from getting your beauty sleep but clearly she was having a meltdown and was not feeling 100%.”

“As you felt the need to turn round and ask us to ‘shut that child up !’ This didn’t help her anxiety levels or ours in trying to manage the situation.”

Colenso claimed she explained the situation to the woman, and even suggested she ask if she could be moved in order to no longer be disturbed by the child.

“This resulting in you repeating that you were ‘sick of the noise and can’t you just shut her up!’ You continued to be abusive and publicly called her Daddy a ‘PRICK’ in front of her and her other 3 siblings.”

Understanding the great reach of social media, Colenso decided to post the story on Facebook in the hopes that it would get back to the woman so that she could understand the impact of her outburst.

“Your behaviour and outburst was not helpful what so ever in helping to calm down our daughter’s anxiety,” she says. “I hope social media helps for this post to find you to let you know that same little 8 year old girl ended up being taken to hospital by ambulance that evening as she became seriously unwell.”

So far, the post has been shared more than 112,000 times with close to 4,000 comments.

Many expressed their disapproval about the woman’s actions.

“This is disgusting behaviour. Hope the little girl is doing better now,” said Jennifer Smith.

Others called for greater action.

“When you are on a plane the cabin crew and the authorities own you. All she had to do was report the matter to the cabin crew who could have have had her arrested on arrival. That would have seriously ruined her day!” suggested Darren Parry.

“I would of started screaming singing and shouting!! Made her flight a one to remember!! Thoughtless people are every where!! I find making more noise than your children is a skill and frowned on more that a child been a child!! !! Idiots!!” said Sharon Collins.

But some also suggested that Colenso was just as bad as the woman for taking her picture and sharing it socially.

“I would say the fact the mum felt the need to post on social media and take a picture to shame this woman suggests she maybe wasn’t as ‘polite’ as she thought,” said Alison Ess.

“Putting up a picture of the girl on social media so people can attack her honestly is worse than what she did. Yeah it is honestly terrible your child went into hospital and I hope she’s OK. The girl has the right to have peace on her flight, and kids on planes at the best of times are very difficult to deal with. No the girl shouldn’t have said certain things but she was clearly pissed off the staff should have intervened. You are entitled to have a kid on a plane but she is equally entitled to peace,” said Cheryl Conway.

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100 Days of The Sleeping Beauty

Day 84: the poster

Our striking poster for The Sleeping Beauty is a combination of photograph and illustration. Dancer Sophie Martin, who plays roles including Aurora and the Fairy of Song, posed for a photoshoot (above), and the image was then illustrated to include the Bluebird and woodland branches. Both the photograph and the illustrations were done by Holly Warburton.

100 Days of The Sleeping Beauty

Day Three: the Fairies of the Enchanted Forest

Fairies from the Enchanted Forest are invited to Princess Aurora’s Christening, and each brings her a gift based on their personality. The fairies who come to visit are (l-r) the Fairy of Wisdom, the Fairy of Song, the Fairy of Angelic Temperament, the Fairy of Grace and the Fairy of Beauty.

100 Days of The Sleeping Beauty

Day 77: live webcast day!

Brighten up your lunch break today with our half-hour live webcast starting at 1.30pm. Broadcasting live from backstage at Edinburgh’s Festival Theatre ahead of today’s matinee, we’ll be talking to dancers Owen Thorne, Eva Lombardo and Luciana Ravizzi about preparing for their roles in The Sleeping Beauty and looking back at their journey to the stage through a series of video diaries. Join us online here.

100 Days of The Sleeping Beauty

Day 48: Brenda Lee’s tour blog - shoes

Here is a picture I took today of some of the coloured pointshoes used in our Sleeping Beauty production. I cannot pick a favourite one as they’re all so beautiful! The green, red, blue and light blue are the 3rd act Aunts’ shoes. Mine are the green ones, which I totally love. Pink is for Belle and the blue ones are used again for Snow White. I must admit I am very excited to wear Cinderella’s golden shoe (we only wear one shoe in the forest scene - so the story goes). The brown one is also worn by Cinderella for 3rd act. As you can see 3rd act is very colourful with lots and lots of fun dancing. - Brenda Lee