So I'm watching "While You Were Sleeping"

And I’m 100% okay with writing an InuKag fic for it.

Kagome who works at the train ticketing station everyday sees professional beautiful Sesshomaru pick up his ticket to work every weekday. She has a huge crush on him and fantasizes marrying him someday.

One day on Christmas Day because Sesshomaru goes to work on Christmas Day, he gets pushed onto the train tracks and is knocked unconscious (let’s assume they live in a world where Sesshomaru is human so that for the purposes of this story he can be knocked unconscious).

Kagome rushes to save him and pulls him from the path of an upcoming train. They go to the hospital and due to a misplaced comment everyone assumes Kagome is the fiancé.

The Dog Family was so over the moon with the idea of Sesshomaru finding true love (and due to his seclusive and stoic life) they immediately take Kagome into her home for the Holidays while Sesshomaru is in a coma.

And in comes Inuyasha the younger more aloof brother who is home for the holidays as well :)

He immediately becomes suspicious of the strange girl, not willing to accept her as quickly as his family has and in the way he’s decided to stay close to her in his doubt, they get to know each other better and well-

They Fall In Love™ 🐾💕

honestly if i could get one thing through library patron’s heads, like just O N E THING, it would be to plz i beg u never re-shelve things. .. .  even if you are 99.99% sure you know where you got the book from, even if you have taken 100 classes on how to shelve books. .. ..  i beg u. .… don’t re shelve the book

i c R INGE whenever i see people put books back

i cRY MYSELF TO SLEEP i have nigHTMARES …. .  do not … re shelve. ..  the book

just put it on the cart

the beautiful shiny cart that is just waiting to be filled

i tell people to leave books they don’t want on the cart and they always go “oh no it’s okay!” like bish n O IT IS LITERALLY MY JOB THE PUT THE BOOKS BACK

also while i’m at it. .. . please do not ever tell yOUR GOD DAMN KIDS TO PUT A BOOK AWAY!!!!!!! if i had a dollar for every time a kid ripped a book off the shelf to bring to their parent and the parent goes “go put that back where you found it” like ??????????// YOUR KID IS FUCKIN 4 YEARS OLD THEY DON’T EVEN KNOW THE DAMN ALPHABET AND U EXPECT THEM TO PUT IT BACK IN THE RIGHT SPOT??? ?? ? ? ?? ? that kid might as well shove that book up my god damn ass i tell ya

tl;dr don’t re shelve books because i already know ur putting it in the wrong spot and i will personally come to ur house and slap u


Sometimes i am so fed up of everything happenning around me. I take a deep breathe trying to take everything in, and then i am reminded of that man who waves to me everyday in the evening when he returns from work. He is a labourer, and works 12 hours a day to earn 100 rupees per day but still always has a smile on his face without a tinch of tiredness.
I think to myself, my struggle is nothing in front of this man, i am living my life without any responsibility of a family. And i realised one thing, “Whenever you feel you have been through too much, and its enough, remember there is a person somewhere in the corner of a world struggling to get a morsel, sleeping on the bench of a garden, but still waiting for a new dawn. Everyone is struggling, but there are some that make the struggle of life beautiful too.”

Wonho - Shower

The sound of water hitting glass echoed throughout your apartment, you had been awake for maybe 30 minutes but hadn’t really moved; there was no need on a day free of schedules. Sliding out of bed, one leg at a time, you tugged your boyfriends shirt, of which you’d fallen asleep in, down and made your way to the bathroom. Knuckles hitting lightly on the door;
“Hoseok?” You called out, the answer being the sound of the door unlocking, opening slightly. You stuck your head round the corner to see him standing beside the shower, hand resting under the water to check the temperature.

“Well isn’t it sleeping beauty? Finished with your 100 years of napping?” He asked, his morning voice was enough to make you melt, deep and husky, matched with his messy hair and slightly swollen lips. You stared at him, face covered with disappointment as his lips struggled to hold back a grin. You entered the room entirely, shutting the door behind you as you reached out and pinched his arm.
“I was going to ask you to take a shower with me but not with that attitude.” He huffed as he stepped out of whatever he was wearing, tapping the shower door with his fingertips.
“You’re so annoying.” You responded, tugging his shirt over your head before you ducked beneath his arm, climbing under the shower. Hoseok stepped in after you, shutting the screen door.

There was something almost addicting about Hoseok; you couldn’t pin point that something, perhaps it was a combination of everything he was. Out of everything, though, you adored his personality more than anything. He wasn’t outright crazy, but his sense of humor meant that you spent about 90% of your relationship laughing together. The expression his face made whenever you made him something as simple as ramen, his dedication to anything he put his mind to. You’d never met someone quite like him before.

His finger tip pressed against your chin, tilting your head up to meet his lips as he reached for the shampoo with the other.  He squirted a fair amount into his palm, rubbing both hands together, you shut your eyes, letting him tip your head slightly further under water before pulling you out slightly, spinning you round to face the wall as his hands pressed to your scalp. You leant back, his chest flush against your skin; safety. That’s what Hoseok conveyed to you regardless of where you were, safety and home. This is where you belonged. His fingers massaged your scalp, slowly moving their way down the length of your hair, making sure every part was covered with shampoo. He reached over you, grabbing the showerhead from the grip,  checking the temperature before aiming it over your hair; fingers running through as he washed out the shampoo.
“How am I doing?” He asked,
“My own personal hairdresser.” You replied, giggling as he repeated the same movements with the conditioner  this time, leaning in, cheek pressed next to yours as his lips pecked the side of your face. When finished, Hoseok placed the shower head back into the grip and turned you back to face him.

You took his hands, tugging him into switching spaces as he now stood under the water.
“Shut your eyes, otherwise you’ll get shampoo in and it’ll sting.” You warned him. He saluted jokingly.
“Yes ma’am.” His eyes fluttered shut and you hesitated before taking his shampoo into your hands; how could one person look so peaceful, almost ethereal. You reached up, pushing your fingers into his hair, rubbing small circles into his temples. A closed smile fell upon his face, a satisfied, whispered groan escaping into the air as he relished your touch. You tipped his head back under the water, his bangs getting pushed down against his forehead. Hoseok opened his eyes to meet your gaze; you cupped his face, taking in each of his features once more.
“What’s up?” He asked, eyes not diverting from yours. You shrugged, a content smile flashing at him.
“Nothing, I’m just looking.” You mumbled, thumb rubbing against the skin of his cheek. His arms slithered tightly around your waist, pulling you closer to him until you were under the shower, water dripping what little gaps there were between your bodies.
“Look all you want, I’m all yours.” He whispered, lips capturing yours in a kiss.


It happened that day
she picked some strange pussy willow.
Her head swelled up white
and soft as a pillow.

Her skin, which had turned
all flaky and rotten,
was now replaced
with 100% cotton.

Through her organs and torso
she sprouted like wings,
a beautiful set
of mattress and springs.

It was terribly strange
that I started to weep.
But at least after that
I had a nice place to sleep.


You taught me the courage of stars before you left.
How light carries on endlessly, even after death.
With shortness of breath, you explained the infinite.
How rare and beautiful it is to even exist.

Title: May We Meet Again

Fandom: Clexa, The 100

Song: Saturn by Sleeping at Last

Download:  1080p (563 MB) & Mobile (160 MB)


Alternate viewing site if blocked

Spent two days straight on this and it’s finally done.  If you download, please feed your vidder with comments or a reblog. Best when watched with headphones in 1080p.  Warning: contains the scene that must not be named.

May We Meet Again ||  Clexa: Princess Bride Edition  ||  Leksa Kom Trikru  || Already Gone  ||  Slow Burn  ||  Carry Me Home  || Forgiveness  ||  Do You Remember  ||  Muddy Waters

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Relationship status: Heart permanently sold to Jumin Han. Return is not allowed.

Pets: Currently don’t have one.

What I do when I first wake up: Turn off the alarm then go back to sleep. Checking my social media apps.

Cats or dogs: I could fall in love with any cat at the first sight.

Coke or pepsi: Coke anytime.

Day or night: I’m a bat 🦇 Darkness is my friend lolol

Text or call: Text.

Chapstick or lipstick: Chapstick.

City or country: Countryside is where I find my peace ❤️

Last book I read: Sherlock Holmes. I’ve yet finished this collection even though I’ve had it for at least one year. Bless procrastination.

Last song I listened to: Beautiful In White - Westlife. I 100% hc this being Jumin x MC’s wedding theme song.

Five facts about me: 

1) I do gaming sometimes, but hardly an addict.

2) I will be 200% productive when I get stressed, sad, or angry. Work is the best distraction from negative emotions. Yes, my copying mechanism is just as unhealthy as Jumin’s

3) I rarely leave home, but I do love traveling.

4) I hate going out shopping. Online shopping is the best thing ever existing.

5) Jumin Han’s existence literally has changed my life. I relate to him so much that sometimes I even see myself in him. Tbh, while most people are jealous of MC for having Jumin, I’m more jealous of Jumin for having someone like MC in his life. Jumin x MC gives me hope. Therefore, I will do anything in order to protect this ship ^^


kimiuso week » DAY 3 — RONDO: Favorite musical moment
Emi Igawa - Chopin’s “Etude in A minor, Op. 25, No. 11 (Winter Wind)”

Let it ring, let it ring, let it ring!

{ March 26th 2017 } - 7/100 Days of Productivity

Had no chance to take any photos today, sadly. But, I did manage to finish my maths notes and do a few past papers before spending the day with my mother, and I saw Beauty and the Beast! (The beast was hotter as a beast xD) I’m going to work on my study schedule and my bujo before going to sleep.

Also, I’ve accidentally been writing 2016 instead of 2017 on some of my posts and I can’t believe I still think it’s 2016 xD Safe to say, they’re changed now.


See Photos of Disneyland When It Opened in 1955:

If a dream is a wish your heart makes, then Disneyland was, as LIFE declared one month after it opened on July 17, 1955, “the stuff children’s dreams are made on.” The brand new park featured a Frontierland complete with Davy Crockett museum, an Adventureland with hydraulically operated jungle animals and, of course, Sleeping Beauty’s castle, which would soon include a model torture chamber.

The $17 million park, built on a 160-acre site, was “the most lavish amusement park on earth,” but its opening day was a disaster. Traffic was backed up for hours, delaying celebrity guests. The temperature crept above 100 degrees, causing heels to sink into soft asphalt, while a plumbers’ strike decommissioned all water fountains. Oh, and there was a gas leak, too. Practically everything that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Some parents also expressed dismay at the prices. “Disney had expected that $2 would see a child through enough of his $17 million wonderland, but mothers said twice that was needed to keep any enterprising small boy pacified,” LIFE wrote. Today, admission for a child under 10 is $93—not including the Mickey ears, Frozen wand or Goofyroni & Cheese.

But, said those mothers back in 1955, “as they emerged spent and spinning… it was probably well worth it.”



Day 41/100 days of productivity (March 16, 2017) Now studying chemistry in science. I heard it’s a bit difficult and confusing when it comes to solving, but anyway as long as I have the perseverance I can do it, aye?😃 also had an extra time to list down all the activities I did from the very beginning of school year, it feels so great!

Reading before sleeping, indeed we often lose site of things that are important📖 sharing with you a beautiful message from one of my bookmarks. Good night!

The signs when woken up

Aries- Would punch you as a reflex.
Taurus- You would find them, they are buried under 100 blankets
Gemini- Goes back to sleep.
Cancer- Would be grumpy because they thought they could stay up all night like Capricorn (but couldn’t ).
Leo- Would be screaming at you dramatically because they were having the most amazing dream.
Virgo- Shocked that they slept for this long that someone had to come wake them up.
Libra- Ignore you for the rest of the day because you disturbed their beauty sleep.
Scorpio- Plain and simple they would murder you.
Sagittarius-  Would be the one waking people.
Capricorn- Is already up and has been for hours now.
Aquarius- They already locked the door and sleeps for entire day.
Pisces-  Would be mad and bring it up the rest of the day when people complain how cranky they are.


Unless you want to say that sleeping and eating all day and then going in your room and hibernating just so you can look at Camren pictures that you believe are real cause you are a 100% believer in Camren being real and watching all the Camren videos is having a life then I have one amazingly wonderful life!! Now here is one beautiful gif of Camren 😍

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Long distance is hard. Nothing about it is easy. Whether it’s 100s or 1000s of miles apart, a piece of you is always missing. You don’t have your person to come home to at the end of the day. There’s no one to hug when you get bad news. Your bed is empty and nearly impossible to sleep in. And FaceTime, texting, and phone calls just aren’t the same. Everyday is a challenge.. but each day that passes also means you’re one day closer. Closer to opening up the door to kisses and her. Closer to waking up next to that beautiful smile every morning. Closer to never having to say those tough goodbyes again. And closer to forever with the person you love most. Each day is difficult but completely worth it because distance truly makes the heart grow fonder.