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The voice actors of Prompto, Ignis, and Noctis from FFXV, along with the voice of Luxu from KH 2.8 singing/beatboxing “Stand By Me” from today’s stream.

bellarke things i just sometimes like to think about are

bellamy’s completely lack of rationality when it comes to endangered clarke like

in 4x01, when bellamy comes charging through the crowd to confront echo about threatening clarke

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like if kane wasn’t there to hold him back, what would bellamy have done? literally would he have just gone up to echo and punched her in the face? or try to shove her? or try to grab the sword or something?? even though echo has like 30 ice nation soldiers behind her??

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what on earth was his plan for this 😂😂  he is impulsive by nature but as soon as clarke is in distress it’s like 1000x worse and he basically loses all sense??

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i mean he’s lucky he got her back in one piece in this situation but like?? only because kane started talking echo down. and he’s still so triggered he’d go after echo anyways but then the ambassador butted in

and i mean here too in 3x02:

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wtf was his course of action going to be when he would’ve had a billion ice nation scouts chasing after him had pike not stopped him? like he gets so stressed to the point he’s almost dysfunctional

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he is literally losing his damn mind and so he comes up with another incredibly stupid idea and this time no one stops him

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the boy literally dressed up as a member of a hostile army and then infiltrated through its ranks while it was on a war march to get to clarke i mean? stop and think for a second bell?? what’s your contingency plan if you get caught??

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and so then he finds her but is so shook just by being in her presence again he doesn’t even check the room for her kidnapper?? excuse me?? bellamy ‘always be prepared’ blake?? bellamy ‘eyes sharp, they could be anywhere’ blake?? he doesn’t do the most basic action in a rescue mission bc clarke is right there in front of him?? i s2g i’m already so done with him

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and so then obviously roan gets the jump on him and makes sure he injures him in a way that bellamy would not and SHOULD NOT be able to follow them but he’s so obsessed with clarke’s safety that even after sustaining a serious injury he goes after her anyways??

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again, wth was his plan supposed to be if kane and monty hadn’t found him?? literally bleed out to death in the middle of the woods?? on one leg?? with no weapon?? where’s your sword or knife or gun dude?? 

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and then not one but TWO people need to talk him down from this manic/obsessive compulsion to get to clarke,  but not before he literally explodes and yells “I/WE CAN’T LOSE CLARKE!!!” like

bellamy blake, you are whipped af

I may have said this before but honestly any version of a kiss or hookup between bellarke​ is going to be fun for me

Angsty passion? Excellent. Happy celebration love? What a delight. Bitter angry sad? Hard to picture but I could swing that way. Soft romantic intensity? EPIC. Fast hot and dirty cuz omg we almost died??! Hells yeah. Friends holding each other in melancholy grief? Sure thing hurt/comfort is real. True love’s kiss when the doors close and the clock strikes midnight? Sign me up.

Honestly these two are so ready to tip into the Feelings Pool that any way we get there will be a good ride. And best part: the ride is only beginning.

Highlights of Dan and Phil Do Pastel Edits In Real Life

• Punk edits was 2 years ago jesus

• “Like inhaling a cloud”

• “Like a breeze through a cherry blossom tree”

• Tbh all of the pastel metaphors they used

• Dan saying pastel is the opposite of his personality but then at the end saying he would have pastel if he wasn’t wearing black



• Phil’s pastel pink bedsheets

• Dan winking when Phil said he washes his bed sheets a lot

• The pastel underwear that Phil saw when he searched male pastel

• Dan wanting to embrace cole sprouse

• Dans little jumps when he was trying to get into his overalls

• “Wow Dan you look so soft”

•Phil getting dans straps on ;)))

•Dan doing the sleeve thing with his pastel jumper




• Also the sexy music playing when he was changing

• Phil’s tight jeans and Dan blatantly checking out his ass

• Those lush flower crowns jfc

• The absolute lack of personal space

• “I’m obsessed with your curl, Dan”

• Dan and Phil blowing on Dan’s tattoo

• “Look at that meaty bicep, Phil”

• Dan complementing Phil and making a gagging noise immediately after

• Dan screaming while Phil sponged his tattoo

• Phil’s voice getting so high pitched when Dan was sponging his tattoo

• Phil’s fuckin pastel umbrella

• Dans snuggly unicorn

• All the casual hair touching w the wigs

• Phil’s idea of a pastel name: fredericko 9

• “Curly Dan is here to stay”

• This entire video was a fuckin treasure tbh