‘cause my other one got like 100 notes and i wanted to do more


*kind of a popular girl? but like not into pouting and that stuff

*makes up a load of dances for the talent show 3 months before auditions

*tells everyone she’s a feminist and a vegan because she heard the words on a tv show once and they sounded cool

*will fight anyone if they’re mean to her sisters. she has a blue belt in karate and everyone simultaneously thinks she’s fucking awesome and are scared of her, especially jefferson


*an angel compared to her fucking rabid sisters

*probably has a youtube channel where she makes videos of “doing my makeup”. she uses all the makeup wrong and sticks a tampon on her face

*a hoe for those really skinny wire skipping ropes and hula hoops. she likes to do the thing on her leg but peggy always comes over and does that thing where you flick it forward and jump over it

*waters all of the plants. one time jefferson picked a sunflower and she started crying because it was dying, which caused angelica to destroy him.


*likes to look for bugs in the playground and show them to seabury. she thinks he’s playing tag when he’s running away from her worms and spiders

*bit washington when he tried to stop her

*literally nikki from camp camp except a tiny bit more cautious and delicate

*sometimes she sits and makes daisy chains with herc and they talk about the most recent episode of peppa pig. it’s super precious


*an actual pissbaby

*the fact that everyone bullies him doesn’t help

*he’s actually just really nice and shy but everyone else is selfish so whenever he tries to contribute in any way they’re all like “SHUT UP SAM”

*washington feels kinda bad for him and would go over and comfort him but he’s 99% sure that it would end with seabury getting snot and drool all over his shirt


*the sporty kid except he’s really bad at sports

*he tries out for like every team and is only a sub because the team was tiny. one time he played because someone was off and he blamed everyone else for losing even though he shot like 20 own goals

*broke his arm when he tried to skateboard. he got a cast and everyone thought he was so cool…for the next week or so. as soon as he got it off he went back to being a loner

*narcissist af


*a fuckin art prodigy who loves watercolours ‘cause they’re pretty (washington wonders why tf her parents sent her to their school and not to some kind of elite academy)

*really likes the colour red and always has a red bow in her hair. thomas stole it once for shits and giggles and she SNITCHED on him (haha scrub get fuckin rekt now u know how it feels)

*loves braiding hair. she usually braids eliza’s bc it’s soft as shit and herc’s bc he won’t let anyone except maria do it (’cause she’s gentle) and runs around the playground asking everyone if he looks pretty

*has all of the puppy palz gachapons (y’know the dog figures in the tins)



*if someone told him he’d be surrounded by squawking kids when he was younger, he would have laughed and told them to fuck off, but here he is

*a genuinely nice guy, but you tend to get a little irritable when you hear “JEMMY GOT HIS HEAD STUCK IN THE FENCE AND ALEX PUSHED HIM” for the fifth time in one day

*he also has to work with george III who is an actual child

*once he just started crying in the middle of a lesson


*who made this man a teacher

*uses gifs and smiley faces in every powerpoint presentation ‘cause he’s extra af

*joins in during washington’s lessons, especially pe lessons. he does a backflip which fails and he hits his head on the wall but everyone’s still really impressed  

*once stole laurens’ pokemon card folder. laurens cried for days and he only got the folder back when washington ko’d george because he was that sick of children wailing