24.10.2016// I’ve temporarily moved into my brother’s old room because it has the good heater. It’s not as cute as my room but it’s a sure sight warmer! 

In other news, it’s only one week ‘til Halloween!!! I’m so excited, it’s my favourite day anyway and this year my friends are having a house party. We have lectures early the next morning, so I think we should all turn up in our costumes! What are you guys doing this Halloween? [15/100]

Day 3/100 // 24102016

So the histology went terrible and I will most likely have to retake the exam (as if I didn’t have enough to do 😭) Did some anatomy pr-ereading but even that got hard when I realised how bad I did on the midterm, and I was supposed to do a lot of biochem as well today, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to catch up😪


41/100 days of productivity

Stuff I did throughout the day ^^ I did a different weekly spread in my bujo, so let’s see if it works :D I studied biology and now I’m reading another book~ :3

Btw I finished The Great Gatsby!! And fangirled so hard idk if it’s normal or if the fandoms are ruining me and my reactions to normal stuff.. :’D