Jupiter is where we are overly indulgent, I always have used the saying with Jupiter being ‘our eyes are bigger than our stomach’ you know when we fill up our plate because we think we can eat soooo much cause it all looks so good, more than we can really fit in. Jupiter bolsters our confidence, its  good for a bit, until it becomes grandiose, its an area we have trouble reining in on impulse and pleasure. Whenever Jupiter is signifies where we can have trouble stopping. Jupiter in the 3rd can talk under concrete and in the 9th keep going back to uni over and over and over again for example. Unaspected Jupiter would come on abruptly like a ‘drunk switch’ where they can’t control, there is no release valve for the gluttonous Jupiter and hence the binge or purge, all good sense goes out the window. I know someone with an unaspected Jupiter in the 8th house. He is moneybags. But he also hoards, he’s a drug addict, and puts $100 notes in the pokies, he doesn’t know when to stop.



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@nebulousneko and i have solidly decided that Magic Kaito and 2DPV Ladybug take place in the same magical anime universe (and i’ve been meaning to draw a bunch of stuff for it for aaages but never got around to it)

coming to paris was a horrible idea, kaito; these particular gems seriously aren’t worth it no matter how magical akako said they were


And Danny’s fighting tears and anxious and excited–and, of course, he’s worried about how his monkey will react; about him getting married for a second time, about it all; meanwhile, Gracie is fidgety and nervous as she watches her dad and Steve, not sure where this convo is going as it begins. A lump forms in her throat, but her stomach doesn’t drop. Because Danno is making his crumbly sensitive dad expressions that make her heart swell and Steve’s looking at him like he’s everything and saying the words until it’s Danno that drops the final line. We’re getting married.

There’s nothing that could keep her thrilled shriek and exclamations back as Grace launches herself at them, clumsily grasping both in a hug at the same time before she zeros in on Danny, works on soothing him. At that point, oh, he’s definitely crying a bit, primarily from happiness and love, yet also a measure of relief. (And he wonders to himself, for the millionth time, what the hell was there to be worried about. She loves them. She knows they love each other. She wants them to be happy. And look–there are no “but”s of any kind. *Zilch.*

Steve receives extra tight hugs from each, though only after he watches the father and daughter clutching each other, one crying Williams setting off the other, attempting to stave off the stinging in his own eyes as Grace admonishes Danny - her voice quavering - for being scared. (Steve’s smile absolutely doesn’t wibble.) Not with her, with them, with this anyways–and ohmygodholyshit–YOUGUYSAREGETTINGMARRIED!

Language. Steven, tissues, please. And Steve might have very well foreseen the waterworks, because he doesn’t get up, instead pulling out a packet of tissues from his back pocket, earning a red-eyed squint from his future husband, slyly wiping one of his eyes with his sleeve when he thinks the duo aren’t looking.