100 days of productivity

What i’ve learned from college thus far

  • Stop studying the night before. I have noticed that if i keep forcing myself to learn until last minute (which it’s not gonna happen, you know what you have been processing for a while not just right before they hand the paper sheets) i start doubting myself more
  • Go with an “i don’t care anymore” attitude to the exam. This one is my fave. With this i mean letting go of every single worry you may have of failing in that moment (not ignoring your books the whole semester) If you don’t care about failing there’s no tension or stress during the exam, therefore you will be able to think more clearly than under pressure.
  • Figure out your minimum hours of sleep. I learned that i need at least 5 hours to function properly. Find yours and use it in your favor.
  • Relationships with classmates. You probably will only see your friends in some classes or just one, dont let this unmotivate you and not attend to lectures!! Everyone is asleep and no one will think you’re awkward for sitting alone. Don’t force friendships or try acting like someone you’re not, people can see it and repells them.
  • Relationships with teachers. Can’t stress this enough, if you’re gonna put effort in creating a bond with someone in college, it has to be your teachers. Try getting there early and pick a seat in the front, make questions via email or in person, if you’re shy like me wait until the end of the lecture and talk to the teacher instead of asking out loud.
  • Learn from failure. Don’t waste precious time giving yourself a hard time, it won’t make you any smarter. Pay attention to details and correct them for the next time, that’s how champs do it AND YOU’RE ONE OF THEM!
  • Relaxing. I know how guilty you feel when it’s been days and you haven’t looked at your notes, but hey we all go through that. It’s important to disconnect a little sometimes and come back with a %100 battery instead of a %35, am i right? Just don’t let the relaxation become 2 weeks or a whole month.

Hope these few tips may help you if you need them ♡

100 Days of Productivity x3 - Day 57/100
July 20, 2018

Today was a day dedicated fully to working on my English extension assessment - I stayed up late and managed to complete my first draft of my response! It’s about 1000 words over the limit and is not very good (as first drafts often are), so I’m excited to go about reworking it. Also, I’ve somehow managed to already use up all the ink in a new Muji pen my sister purchased for me last week. Maybe I should be a bit more consciousness of my furious writing 😅

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The first step is acceptance, and this is me saying that i have a problem. All I’ve done ever since school ended is sleep and watch netflix, which is definitely not what i had planned for this summer. So in order to break out of this cycle of laziness I have decided to participate in the 100 days of productivity challenge. Today is day 1, wish me luck!  

[1/100 days of productivity]

100 Days of Productivity #4 - Day 11/100
August 9, 2018

I spent this afternoon reading (I’ve started Pride and Prejudice!), working on Ancient history class notes and eating sushi! I’m planning to wake up early tomorrow to work on modern history notes - we’ve started Imperialism in class and I’m really excited to get into the readings! (Also, please ignore my fabulous choice of black socks with white shoes - I’m clearly a fashion icon).

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Love isn’t safe. And whoever you love will hurt you. It’s part of the human experience. No-one is perfect … people make mistakes. The secret is to focus on what they do right and decide what quirks you can live with.
—  Kristin Billerbeck

studying is for sure the easiest when it’s the small and simple things that make it do-able! here are the small & simples for you:

  • write it down, then, type it up. it’s so much easier to retain information when you see it in a bunch of different ways! i always write first and type later! print out your typed up notes and mark them up!
  • draw, draw, draw. add diagrams wherever you can! this will appeal to your visual-learner-side and could help you discover a new way to understand the material! decorate your notes and help show what’s important with bubbles or stars or whatever you’d like!
  • stick post-its everywhere. plain & simple, post-it notes are integral parts of studying from coursework & textbooks! mark off sections or important info with them.
  • make index cards. index cards are amazing for on-the-go memorisation & things of the sort! write down important things or facts or equations and get an index card box, and keep growing your collection.
  • talk it out. to your parents, your friends, your pets, or even to yourself. explaining complex topics out loud can be a really great way to gauge how well you truly understand things!
If you have to speculate if someone loves you and wants to be with you, chances are they don’t. It’s not that complicated. Don’t waste moments waiting and wondering. Don’t throw away your time dreaming of someone who doesn’t want you. No one is that amazing, and certainly not someone who would pass you up.
—  Donna Lynn

212 | Remember when I said I’ve been waking up at 7am and doing my homework. Not an exaggeration. I’ve stopped going to the library and instead am just doing work in bed and it’s been better - saves me about 30 minutes of getting up, getting ready and getting out the door. So that’s 30 more minutes to spend studying lol. 

100 Days of Productivity x3 - Day 55/100
July 17, 2018

Today certainly wasn’t as productive as yesterday’s eight hours, haha! I worked on cutting down my SOR essay and reading through ancient history articles for note taking. It was good to have a more relaxed day!

I’ll be up early tomorrow to get through as much of advanced English note taking as I can. Have a good day!

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