ideas for banksy, free of charge

- a statue of a pig made completely out of shredded money
- advertisement sign:  “apples 50 sense” written in gold or diamonds
- the letters ‘CIA’ spray-painted on the top of an acre of rainforest trees
- banksy makes the world’s largest piece of bacon and “donates” it to the NYPD
- the red cross except now the cross is orange
- map of the world made completely out of garbage
- the twitter logo and the facebook logo personified and engaging in a 19th century duel
- painting of people waiting in line to buy a painting of people waiting in line
- the sun exploding while everyone’s at the bank throwing their money into the mouths of the capitalists
- a child kicking a hot dog
- a soldier shooting a mirror

I have more

at the bus stop today i saw someone reading a textbook on art.  i went over to him and said “u cant learn art from textbook, you learn art here” and pointed at his liver.  everyone on the bus and helicopter which happened to be flying overhead cheered

All Kinds of Wrong

A/N: Be warned, this fic is kind of dark.
Fandom: Naruto
Pairing: NaruHina, AU.
Rating: M for explicit scenes and mature themes

He was here.

Her sleaze ball of a husband had scurried like a rat the moment he heard his arrival. He had been watching a television programme and she, busy ironing her clothes when they caught the brief flash of yellow headlights through the thin curtains in her living room and heard the powerful throb of the motorcycle’s engine.

Her husband stood up immediately and switched off the television, his pale and greasy hair hanging about his face limply. He scratched his face and glanced at her with deadened dark eyes.

“Well, I’ll leave you two here. Make sure the leader enjoys it and that he’s satisfied.” He paired his command with a lewd look.

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  • Sehun:Hyung, what is sex?
  • Suho:*sips tea and sighs whilst looking at Minho* I've been waiting for this day. So basically, someone touches ur ring ding dong, and after you have a little xoxo, playboy time. Then tick tick boom boom bout to blow, and it's a perfect 10.
  • Minho:100% scientific fact
  • Sehun:K, thanks