Okay, so teenagebianca’s Percy headcanon is amazing and probably really accurate (x) but have you thought about the Roman’s reaction to Frank being praetor?

I mean:

  • They’d all be like, what in the name of Hades, why is this teddy bear praetor, what’s he going to do, hug monsters to death?
  • Like, sure, he got lucky with the War Games, but he had Percy freaking Jackson and Hazel Levesque helping him.
  • And to be honest, he’s probably the sweetest, least-Roman like praetor ever, especially in comparison to Reyna, like, he probably gives little kids piggy back rides and gives out free lollipops or something like that
  • He’s like the nicest person you’re ever going to meet and he mumbles sorry all the time, and he’s just a cutie
  • Then one day, someone pushes him a bit too much about not being good enough or Roman enough
  • (And it reminds him a little too much of what Leo used to do, and it brings up all those feelings of resentment)
  • (He tries not to let it get to him but it does, though he tries not to show it)
  • Then some monsters turn up, trying to invade camp
  • He’s like, seriously, Gaia just attacked and we got rid of so many monsters and there are still more
  • Unfortunately everyone’s really disorganised after the war, unable to keep it together, and just terrified because they came so close to destruction and so many people died and they don’t want it to happen again
  • (And that’s not very Roman either but he bites his tongue)
  • So when the wave actually comes, he’s alone, waiting, and then he’s fighting and he pours all his anger into it because he needs to get rid of it and he’s Frank Zhang, and he’s supposed to be nice and his mom taught him manners, and he doesn’t want others to feel how he’s felt when others were rude to him
  • When all the monsters are dead, he kind of comes back into reality, and the army’s just kind of standing there staring at him
  • And he realises barely any of them even have their weapons out and Reyna’s looking really proud
  • He realises he did it all on his own
  • After that everyone (par Reyna and Hazel) tiptoes around him for ages, which makes him feel even worse
  • (And that makes people shy away from his even more)
  • Until one of the little kids comes along and tells him how awesome he is, and starts blabbing away about it, trying to mimic him and everything
  • Then the kid asks for training, and suddenly there’s a hoard of kids begging him to train them, and being the adorable teddy bear that he is, he obviously says yes.
  • And then he just becomes the Camp teddy bear again so people eventually relax around him
  • But every time some newbie starts to ask, “How is he praetor?” everyone tells them to shut up.
  • And Reyna and Hazel are just smirking the whole time because they know how badass Frank can be.
  • (And at some point when some campers visit from CHB, they already knew all about the badassness of Frank Zhang because obviously Percy told them all about it, and they tell people stories and want to be on his team for everything, and yeah.)

bellarke au || bellamy + clarke as backpackers who keep meeting in europe

So I will not ask you where you came from.
I would not ask and neither would you.

- london -

They don’t meet in a coffee shop, air hazy with almost glances and foreign fog, the smell of espressos and summer drugging the tourists and wakening the locals, that slow whisper of global possibility egging them all on.

They don’t meet underneath the Eiffel Tower, grass prickling her back, flattening underneath his sneakers, tasting lights with their eyes, because stories like those are too perfect.

Clarke and Bellamy’s? Not even close.

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Charms, Anyone?

Okay, so I’ve been mumbling about wanting to make merch, specifically charms for a reeeaaaalll long time.  So this week, I buckled down and instead of working on a comic, practiced drawing chibis.  SOOOO MANY CHIBIS.  

I’ve very adamant about wanting “basic” charms first before I go into wonky AU variations, since I have ZERO Tadashi merch, and the ones I finished lining and coloring at the top will definitely be in the first production run.

Now, this is my first time making merch, I’m not sure how many are going to sell. Because these are raster images and I don’t know how the colors will turn out, or if I’ll mess up in some other way, the first run will only have 100 charms.  (I can obviously order a lot more quickly if they happen to sell out) Now the place I chose, they’ll let me have multiple types of charms within that 100 charm order.  But obviously, the more charms I add, the less there are of each type.

These charms will most likely be on clear acrylic, 1.5″ and double-sided.  I’m thinking they’ll go for $10-12 each, with a discount if you buy a set. They’ll come on little black clip-on cell phone straps.

So my questions for you are:

1)  Would you buy the charms in the first image? Just one or the other, or both at the above listed price?

2) If I were to add another set, would you prefer the Mochi Bay set (C, D) or Catboy Dogboy set (E, F)?  You can kinda guess at how they’d look colored and lined by comparing A/B with the top image. Would you buy these in addition to the basics, or are you just interested in these?

3) I’m thinking of printing Guardian Angel!Tadashi (G) in the second run, as a standalone, as either a 2″ or 3″ larger keychain.  He’d probably run from $15-$18.  Would you be interested?

Note, this is NOT a pre-order, I just want to get a general headcount to know how I should best place my order, and to see what kind of demand there is ^ ^; I still have to draw the backs, and if I have to line/color another pair that’ll take time too~  But I’m really excited to finally be making merch!!! And I hope you guys are too! ^ ^;

If you could reply to this post with your answers, I’d really appreciate it!

m(_ _)m  Thankies!!!! <3 <3 <3 <3

my favorite things about the show chowder

- all the characters had food names but the actual food had made up names
- the way the patterns stayed in the same place while the characters moved
- the visual puns and 4th wall breaking
- the voice acting