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Второй мой юбилей. Сейчас выпишу тех, кого я запомнила :

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Айм соу, соу сорри если вы активничайте в моем профиле, но я вас не записала. По плану я должна выкладывать в честь всего этого кучу постов, но я смотрю сериал и там сейчас на секундочку показывают мою любимую “пару” (на самом деле они не пара, но я уверенна, что они будут вместе) так что посты завтра ближе к обеду. Ещё раз спасибо, мне приятно 💗

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Thanks so much to now my lovely 100 followers!

I honestly don’t know how to react really other than thank you! This means so much to me, and I have now completely fallen in love with this amazing fandom, and all that surrounds it! I will continue to do the usual, and maybe start giving SFM a try. I can still remember how excited I was when I got my first follower back in early 2017, and now I have 100 of them! WOW! 

there’s something endlessly hilarious to me about the phrase “hotly debated” in an academic context. like i just picture a bunch of nerds at podiums & one’s like “of course there was a paleolithic bear cult in Northern Eurasia” and another one just looks him in the eye and says “i’ll kill you in real life, kevin”



The above are the first half of the slides I presented at GeekGirlCon (along with some annotations to explain things I only said out loud :) ) – for the second half, read more below the cut.  I’ll also be sharing the slides from the other presenters here, too, as they’re posted!

The gender representation work is part of a longer analysis that I will be posting in full soon!

Beneath the cut are also a few additional slides that I would have presented with a bit more time – several of which address things that came up in the question session.  Edit: warning for some mature text content in the extra slides.  

Edit 2: Also, if you want more notes about when and how I collected this data (e.g., some of the data in the first section is a couple years old), you want clearer text/images, or you want to get at the raw data, check out the links in the speakers notes in my Google Slides

…And the extra slides (content warning for mature themes in text):