Inukag + Social Media

- kagome using the doggie snapchat filter with inuyasha and being all like ‘twins’

- kagome running around the streets of Tokyo all hours of the day to catch Pokémon, inuyasha says it’s stupid when he’s an actual demon, but he has caught over 10 Pikachu’s and is growing his virtual army and yes, they ALL have nicknames

- inuyasha as the person who quit their day job to catch all 151 Pokémon and kagome goes around to various hospitals using loads of incense and lures for the kids who cannot go outside and go to the Pokémon

- inuyasha and kagome starting out just making silly videos on Instagram and soon they’ve exploded into having a full blown YouTube channel with 2.5+ million subscribers, snapchats, a separate vlog channel, and various meet n greets. (think DK4L from YouTube)

- inuyasha following every cat and food blog on tumblr, along with weapons and fights. while kagome is a super cute pascal blog that tosses in classic anime and fashion.


#okay but hear me out #this was such a pivotal moment in the show and here is why #i think this is the moment that lexa realised after nearly a season that #she can trust octavia blake #she saw how worried octavia was about indra #she saw how hurt she was over the 300 grounders dead #she knows now octavia doesn’t see herself as a sky person #she doesn’t want to associate with them #this is the moment where commander lexa realised #octavia blake is a grounder #she cannot deny that anymore #this sky peson is a grounder at heart #lexa can see it written all over her face and body language #and its really fucking important 


What the writers and cast [of the 100] are doing exceptionally well is portraying real women. This show isn’t afraid to show and deal with emotions. Mass media has had this overwhelming idea to shove emotions to the side and label them as “feminine.” These characters bare what they’re feeling in the open. They never apologize for what they’re feeling. Real women feel. Real women suffer. Real women are flawed. Real women get scared and make mistakes. And what really ties them all together is that they do everything for the ones they love. ↪ excerpts from Why You Should Be Watching ‘The 100’ - For Its Leading Ladies