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day 76 // 100 days of productivity

finishing up some questions on galatians, and then finally finishing an english essay that was meant to be completed last week.. i’ve had the bungou stray dogs theme tune stuck in my head all day (make it stop)

🎶listening to: bermuda triangle - zico

block b as pokémon go players
  • Zico: downloaded the game but has no time to play it; has his starter and a rattata
  • Kyung: brags about his super strong pokemon and his trainer level, secretly has spent over 100 dollars on the game already
  • Ukwon: keeps and nicknames every single one of his pokemon, just caught his 300th pidgey (mr. chirp chirp)
  • B-Bomb: takes pictures with the pokemon to post on social media
  • Taeil: has beaten all gyms in like a 10 mile radius, his starter is fully evolved, didn't spend a single dime on the game
  • Jihoon: has the game but doesn't really understand it, enjoys walking around with friends and the memes, probably has one really rare pokemon he found on accident
  • Jaehyo: has a seperate phone for the game, three mobile battery chargers and unlimited data. Only encounters golducks and caterpies.