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every time lexa says clarke’s name: 10/?

let’s go back to chapter 155

Just a little observation. 

Now that we know that He Tian has a unique way of flirting his words in the second panel make much more sense. When the chapter first came out I could assume what He Tian meant, but now I’m 100% sure that this is just He Tian’s quirky way of flirting. He has a unique style of not being so straightforward; it’s all about the entertainment, the teasing, the chasing, the harder the better! So when he says “it’s because we are not familiar we need to talk” I conclude that he means he wants to get closer to Guan Shan because he likes him and he flirts with him by making up a big story about how Guan Shan needs to deliver a note to somebody but in the end the note was just an invitation to have Guan Shan cook for him because he found his food so delicious. He Tian goes over the top with his flirting lol. 

So yeah, back in the day his comment was a bit of a head scratcher, but now that we know how he flirts, this scene and his words are totally in character for he tian and we can be certain that He Tian was crushing hard on Guan Shan and was trying his best to get his attention in the most colorful way. 

I love it that we keep finding little pieces to put together of the He Tian puzzle. 

And what Guan Shan says in the first panel has always been a foreshadowing moment to me that shows that Guan Shan is interested in He Tian and that one day they will be very close, very familiar with each other.  Guan Shan was thinking about He Tian, maybe once he got home he was rethinking his moments spent with him and tied to crack the “he tian code.”

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who do you think is 1} the biggest flirt 2} the best flirt.

Someone asked me this in Feb 2016 so u can read my answer here (x) but I’m going to elaborate on my response lmao

  • Biggest Flirt

So it’s hard because my first thought was to say Jackson because he naturally gives out compliments very easily and is extremely affectionate with literally everyone he meets. And imo, the only difference between flirting and being nice is intention. Jackson doesn’t want to hook up with everyone he meets or maybe he does who knows lmao but I suppose regardless, his behaviour could be interpreted as flirting so…. I’d say Jackson is the biggest flirt

Also Bambam? I know that boy has had girlfriends in the past from a very young age so I know he has mad game. And I can see him flirting just for fun without meaning anything

  • Best Flirt

I’d say it’s between Jaebum and Jinyoung but… I can imagine that they flirt in different ways. Jinyoung is 100% a smooth talker and he knows how to use that to his advantage (I will remind everyone of his Wae~ that had half the female korean population falling in love with him). Jaebum on the other hand only says and does things he genuinely means? And while flirting can be reflective on your genuine feelings but I feel like it’s an exaggeration of your thoughts in order to be more appealing. So I think Jaebum flirts quietly with his body language. I can very easily imagine him just throwing one of these looks (x) at someone and them melting

Survive: John Murphy imagine

The small metal like classroom was filled with laughter and talks as you walked in looking at all the young criminals. To you they were just teenagers, sure they did something that went against the laws of the arc but where they really criminals.

“Sit down and shut up!”’ the guard yelled making everyone scrambled to their seats.

“Who’s the babe?” A boy with dark hair asked as he smirked at you.

“Your survival teacher.” You started as you by passed his comment and went straight to the board. You were here for one reason, to get this kids ready to survive the ground. You weren’t  much different then them, 19 so just a few years older than most of them. But you knew everything there was about earth, it was your interest every since you were a small child.

“So does anyone know how to start a fire?” You asked as you leaned against the desk in the front of the blank room.

“Murphy does.” Someone commented making everyone else let out chuckles and giggles.

“Well Murphy do you want to come up and demonstrate?” You asked as your eyes landed on the boy from before. His lips played out in a smirk as he walked up to you, standing a little to close.

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My dude~ i think i might've seen a yoonkook in the most recent bts bomb- i'm watching the one posted by bangtan subs btw- at 3:10, yoongi turns to jungkook n looks down at... something. and jungkook gives him The Look. and seconds later, yoongi licks his lips. it's all so subtle, but like. damn. no need to go looking for yoonkook moments if they come to you every day. am i crazy?? yes, i am, i rewatched this like 20 times.

My guy!

I went to watch, but I’m not sure which bomb it was D: (Since I got to the ask late) I think I saw what you were talking about on one of them, but I think I missed it.

I need gifs/screenshots of this asap! I want to be crazy with you, my guy xD