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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted

FP Jones x Reader

Notes: Lemme tell ya about my love for FP Jones, its huge and everyone can fight me okay. And ya’ll can’t tell me he ain’t one of the hottest dad’s you’ve ever seen. Inspired by the song With Arms Wide Open by Creed.

Word Count: 1219

Warnings: The feels.

Disclaimer: I do not own this gif, or FP Jones, so if you own either, let me know and I’ll give you full credit. I do own this work.

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Eight years Final (M)

A/N- hey, so its been a while since i updated this series. But this is the last of eight years. I’m not really all that happy with it… So I may take it down and change it, if i have a better idea for. But for now this is it. Thank you to everyone who followed the series. 

This scenario contains sexual and mature themes. You have been warned! 


~ Part four ~ 

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It’s been two weeks. Two weeks since you told Jungkook you needed time to think. It’s like you didn’t love him, because you did. In actual fact you have never stopped loving him. The eight year gap was merely.. a pause, your feelings could never die for Jungkook. Which worried you, hugely. What if he stopped loving you? What id he didn’t actual love you? So many possibilities of what could happen. 

This was a little sudden though. You and Jungkook had only started to see each other in a romantic way… Marriage so soon, was it wise? Your mom would love it, she loved Jungkook and wanted Grandchildren as soon as possible. 

In those two weeks you had avoided Jungkook as much as possible. He understood, but it didn’t stop him from missing you. Your body sleeping soundly beside him, your giggle, smile, he missed everything about you. He yearned for you. In his eyes, you were his one, his only. He didn’t need to search the seas for his ‘fish’, because you were it. You were his somebody. You were his one. But Jungkook was question, was he yours? 

You missed Jungkook too. His morning cuddles, the love he had for you consumed you whole. There was no denying his love for you. You could tell by the way he looked at you at work. How he would leave you coffee on your desk with little sticky notes, telling you he loved you and missed you. He was a sweetie. But marriage.. now? 

It was Friday and you  are walking into work. You can’t wait til you can leave today, you’re going to go home and watch k-dramas and eat ice-cream all weekend. You walked over to the lift and pushed the button, it opened and you got on. Just before it closed Jungkook slipped in, shit. He looked amazing as always, you just wanted him to hold you. But you being a little shit just awkwardly smiled at him. Why could you just tell him that you love…? Because you were afraid of getting hurt again. 

“I miss you, a lot.” Jungkook simply states. You look up at him, his eyes are full of sadness. “I don’t regret proposing to you, because I love you and I only see myself with you. So take all the time you need, ignore me all you want. But I’m still yours and your still mine.” You smile, cause he just called you his. Just as you are about to respond the lift opens and in walk Jung Hoseok. Of fucking course. He smiles brightly at you and joins the both of you in the lift. 

“Hey beautiful, How are you?” You giggle at Hoseok and his 100 watt smile. 

“I’m good, Hobi. How are you?” You reply. 

“I’m great now that I’ve seen you.” You blush, he was such a charmer. “Since it’s Friday, do you want to go get a drink after work?” Hoseok asks you, smiling a beautiful smile. You look over to Jungkook to see his knuckles turning white from holding the steel railing in the lift. 

“I’m sorry, Hobi. But I already have plans.” You inform him. 

“Oh, well, maybe next time.” The lift opens and Hoseok walks out. Just as you are about to follow him, Jungkook grabs your hand. He reaches behind you and closes the doors to the lift and hits the emergency stop button. 

“Jungkook, what are you doing?” Jungkook pushes you up against the wall, you gasp. His stare was intense to say the least. 

“Who are you meeting after work?” His hands are on either side of your head, trapping you. His breathe is tickling your skin. All you wanted to do was join your lips with his. 

“I’m not meeting anyone.” You confess, you can’t tare your eyes away from his. He gives you a confused look. 

“Then why did you tell Hoseok you were?” He questions. 

“I knew you wouldn’t want me meeting up with Hoseok, so I told him a white lie.” Jungkook smirks. 

“That’s my girl.” Before you know what’s happening, Jungkook is leaning down and joining his lips with yours. The kiss quickly becomes heated. His hands travelling down your body, your hands one on his neck the other in his hair, pulling him closer. Jungkook starts to kiss down your jaw and neck, your breasts, he kisses down your clothed stomach. He reaches the top of your skirt, his hands push up your skirt so its around your hips, exposing panties. 

“Jungkook! We can’t do this here!” You half shout. He just smirks up and you and starts to leave hickys on your thighs. Sucking, nipping and kissing purple marks onto your legs. You really missed this, felling close with him. Jungkook pushes your panties to the side, raising one of your legs over his shoulder. He starts to lick your pussy slit. 

“Jungkook.” His skillful tongue has you moaning and whimpering his name. It was all to much, but then he adds his fingers into the mix. He pumps two fingers in and out of you at a fast pace, still kitten licking your clit. The more you moan out, the Jungkook smirks, you can feel it against you. 

“Cum for me baby girl.” He starts to suck on your clit, the sight making you weak at the knees. You orgasm all over Jungkooks fingers. Your panting trying to catch your breathe when Jungkook comes back up. He softly kisses your lips, you can taste yourself off him. His forehead rest against yours. 

“Come back to me. I don’t care if you don’t want to marry me, okay? I just need you. I can’t sleep known your not going to be in my arms when I wake up…. Just .. Please, come back to me.” Your eyes tear up at Jungkook’s plea. You cup his face and connect your lips with his, putting all your love and emotion into the kiss. 

“I’m not going anywhere… I just. Don’t you think its soon for marriage.” You confess your feelings. 

“Y/N, too soon? That’s why you said no? What do you mean too soon. I’ve loved you since the day I meet you and you loved me. We lost eight years, cause of my stupid idiot brain. I don’t want to lose another second without you. And I want to be able to flaunt my sexy ass wife around. Image, we would be such couple goals.” You can’t help but chuckle at Jungkook. 

“How about you be my boyfriend and i’ll be your girlfriend, and maybe if you’re lucky we can get married in due time. There’s no rush, we have all the time in the world.” You fix your skirt and panties into there rightful place and glance back up at him. 

“Okay, but can we stay at your place more. I like your body washes.” You roll your eyes and kiss your boyfriend. 

One year later… 

You smooth out your tailor made dress, having your last glance in the mirror before leaving the room. You are meet by your father and your friends. 

“You look stunning, darling.” Your father kisses your forehead. You link arms with him, decending down the long aisle. You look up to see the handsome man you loved standing at the top. He turns to look at you walking closer and closer. Your eyes lock and its like no one else. Its just you and him. You finally reach him, your kiss your father and take your place beside your fiance. 

“Hey baby. you look amazing.” You smile brightly at him. The priest babbles on about love and what not, but your just gazing into your soon to be husbands eyes. His hands are holding yours and his smile is bright. 

“Do you take Y/F/N Y/L/N to be your lawfully wedded wife?” 

“I do.” 

“Do you take Jeon Jungkook to be your lawfully wedded husband?” 

“I do.”  

I’m sorry this is sooooooo bad.

 -Admin Abe x

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Jimon headcanons?

i’ve never really created any jimon content but here goes

  • simon’s been asked dozens of times if he’s okay with the fact that his ex-girlfriend and ex-girlfriend-slash-current-best-friend are getting married. and he is!!
  • he’s assured clary and izzy that he’s not jealous, but simon doesn’t exactly think they believe him.
  • ergo, thus, therefore! the only course of action is to show up to their wedding with a hot date !
  • this is a lot easier on paper. calling his other ex-girlfriends would probably be a good place to start, but he can’t. maia is out of the country with lily, and maureen already has a date to the wedding: rebecca, simon’s sister. #awkward
    • he knows that you can’t turn people gay, but it’s still a bit of a blow to his self esteem that all his exes are dating women now
  • anyway, his remaining list of hot, single people is pretty short
  • he’s not thrilled that jace is the only person left to ask, but not exactly disappointed, either
  • jace looks so happy when simon asks him to the wedding that he doesn’t finish his sentence, swallows the part where he was supposed to say it was to show clary and izzy he’s moved on.
  • simon feels a little bad about stringing jace along, at first, until jace shows up at his door on the day of the wedding with a sloppily tied bowtie and a 100-watt smile, and simon realizes that he wants this, too
  • it’s a beautiful wedding. luke and jocelyn give really nice toasts and no one mentions the fact that maryse and robert didn’t make the trip from idris
  • after clary and izzy have been pronounced wife and wife, they all dance for hours. simon lets jace lead; it seems like what captain america would want.
  • (”does this make me peggy carter?” “who the fuck is that?”)
Honeymoon Night | WinWin

Group: Nct
Member: WinWin/Sicheng
Genre:smut, marriage, first-time, mutal masturbation, kissing,
Requested: Yes
A/n: I really edited this so I hope you noticed. I’m human so I do make mistake I do make mistakes. This osn’t super smutty it’s more of a awkward first time lovers. I normally write super smutty but it was nice showing more emotional side to it.

Closing your eyes you recalled the last 4 hours. It was stressful time planning a whole wedding. It was all worth it for one of the best days of your life.

You’ll always remember taking those steps walking down the aisle looking at Sicheng beaming smile.

Realizing that you may be the luckiest person alive at be marrying Dong Sicheng. He was a perfect human in your opinion.
A great boyfriend that you were lucky enough to snag. He was affectionate, kind and also understood you.

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Steve Harrington x Chubby!Reader

Notes: Deep within the Steve Harrington tag I discovered @dicckgrayson ‘s list of HC for a chubby!reader and I was in love. This was born and I think I have one more idea for Stevie. Be on the lookout for more Steve Harrington in the future! Enjoy my loves!

Word Count: 1296

Warnings: Insecurities. The sex. Cute Steve okay??

Disclaimer: I do not own the gif, or Steve Harrington, so if you own either let me know and I’ll give you full credit!

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Ok but why does Waverly say Nicole's voicemail was sweet? How do you say "your sister, boss and dumbass boyfriend are in a hostage situation," in a way that is sweet (and, let's be honest, probably flirty).

Nicole walked away from Dolls, nervously twirling his cell phone in her hand.

It was just a simple call.

No big deal.

All she had to do was tell her crush that her sister, boss, and no-good boyfriend were being held hostage by three lunatics.

Easy peasy.

She took a deep breath, activated the phone’s touchscreen and selected Waverly’s number from Dolls’ contact list.

“Keep it short. Sweet. Professional,” Nicole muttered to herself. It was just Waverly. Kind, adorable Waverly with the 100-watt smile that made Nicole feel like she was floating up into the clouds. “Nothin’ to it.”

She thought of her mom, who could put anyone at ease while delivering bad news with nothing more than a smile and a well-chosen anecdote. If she could do it, so could Nicole. Nodding, she placed the phone to her ear and listened to it ring and ring and ring. Her nerves started to get the best of her the longer Waverly didn’t pick up and she grimaced when the call went to voicemail.


You have three new messages. To listen to your new messages, press 1.

Hey babe. I’m gonna be late to dinner. Gotta run to the surplus store with Shorty to get a clamp for my tow hook. But when I’m done, I’ve got another tow hook that could definitely use some clamping. Get it? Clamp–

Deleted. Next message.  

Hi Waverly. It’s Nicole. Um, Officer Haught. So, you’re probably wondering how I got your number. Well, Deputy Marshall Dolls gave me his phone because… [clears throat] Did you know the Energizer Bunny got arrested? Yeah, he was charged with a battery. [Nervous chuckle, a pause, then something that sounds suspiciously like a hand smacking a forehead] I’m sorry. That was a terrible joke, wasn’t it? It was. My, uh, my mama always told me to break bad news with a joke. You know, get one last laugh in before you possibly ruin someone’s day. And, well, that seems like horrible advice right now. Or maybe my execution just needs work and…  Shit, I’m rambling. Okay, so there’s no easy way to say this, so I’ll just say it. Maybe you’ll want to sit… or not… whichever you’re most comfortable with…but, uh, Wynonna’s in a hostage situation at the surplus store. With Shorty. And, um, Champ. And I know that’s alarming!  I’d tell you not to worry, but you’d probably worry anyway. Hell, I would. But I want you to know that the Sheriff and the Deputy Marshall are here and we’re all gonna do everything we can to bring them home safely. Which is probably small comfort at this point, I know, but everything’s gonna be just fine. I promise. If you need to reach me, I’m at 555-0145. Bye.

This message will be saved for 30 days. Next message:

Baby girl, it’s me. Just wanted to let you know I’m safe. But I’ve got some…some news you’re not gonna like. [Sniffles.] Meet me at… at Shorty’s. Gus needs to be there too.

Waverly disconnected the voicemail, stomach queasy both from worry and relief as she processed what she’d just heard. Wynonna, thankfully, was fine. But what about Shorty and Champ? What if something happened to the officers who tried to rescue them? To Nicole?

She stared at her phone for several seconds, debating over who to call back first. Her thumb hovered over the redial button of the number Nicole had used to call her. And as much as she wanted to press down, she knew it wasn’t Nicole she had to contact.

Fingers numb, Waverly dialed Wynonna’s number instead and anxiously waited for her sister to pick up, heart beating just a little bit faster as thoughts of a particular deputy nevertheless kept going and going and going through her mind.

Headcanon #3

Hinata hides his feelings behind his bouncy exterior. (Unless they have to do with volleyball and the whole team is feeling it). If he’s been having a bad day or just feels off, he’ll still plaster on his 100-watt smile and act like he’s happy. It used to be only Natsu could see when he was just faking, but as he got closer to the team, Suga could notice too, even though he wasn’t sure how to deal with it. He’d try, but nothing Suga did made Hinata feel any better. So, Suga taught Kageyama how to see when Hinata wasn’t feeling himself and, not to anyone’s surprise, the setter was able to cheer the tiny middle blocker up. 

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20) things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear 

The last of Victor’s things were finally stored away. He flopped down onto his bed, and enjoyed the thrum of accomplishment. It took him about ten seconds to become bored. He whistled for Makkachin making the dog nip at his legs. “Should we go find Yuuri? Huh? Go find Yuuri, Makkachin!” The dog barked before clambering down towards the hallway. 

Victor followed after, his back creaking a little from practice, and watched his dog’s tail disappear into Yuuri’s room. The door was left open a poodle sized crack, and Victor’s hand stilled on the knob when he heard his name.

“-Victor is.” It was Yuuri’s voice, and he sounded…upset? 

“I don’t know how he is because I don’t live with him, but I know how he is according to you. I’m pretty sure you could pants him, and he would smile that 100 watt smile and thank you for it.” It took Victor a second to place the voice. It was Phichit Chulanont, Yuuri’s old friend and Celestino’s skater. He knew they skyped sometimes, but it was rare for Yuuri to do it while Victor was still up. The time difference was killer. “Have you thought about, I don’t know, asking him?” 

The gasp that got made Phichit snort. “We have a good thing going. I don’t want to ruin it because I-…well y’know.” 

“Have looked up to him since you were a child? Yuuri, every skater of our generation has a thing for Victor. Whether it be because of that stupidly beautiful face, or the way he’s literal genius on ice. Just talk to him, and stop avoiding him. He’s going to think you hate him.” 

The rest of Yuuri’s words were muffled. Victor pulled away from the door frowning. He went back to his own room and collapsed on the bed. “Maybe it’s time we paid a visit to the beach…” 

Samwell Men’s Hockey Charity Calender

Jack chuckles to himself when he grabs the package from the front desk, even with the evidence here in his hands he couldn’t believe it. Jack had refused Ransom and Holster’s demand for the two years he was captain, but it looks like they finally got what they wanted. He waited until he was settled on his couch with a hot mug of tea before tearing into the packaging.

He let out a sharp bark of laughter as he was greeted by image of Ransom and Holster back to back and completely nude with only the blocky text reading “Samwell Men’s Hockey 2016″ preventing them from baring it all. He shakes his head fondly and braces himself for the rest of the calendar.

Nursey is February, shooting a smirk at the camera laying across some plush red surface.He only has a sheet draped artfully over his waist and Jack can’t help but chuckle at the miniature bow and arrow he’s holding and the small white wings he’s wearing.

He nearly chokes on his tea when he turns to March to find Shitty. There’s a flower crown on his head and even tiny blooms in his mustache, but what draws Jack’s attention most is the scrap of cloth (good god is it a thong?) he’s trying to pass off as underwear that says “Kiss me I’m Irish” in fancy cursive.

April and May are Ransom and Holster respectively and Jack rolls his eyes and flips through them quickly, he’d already seen more of them than he wanted to.

He full on laughs out loud when he finds Chowder’s face beaming up at him from June. The  beach scene in the background is obviously fake, but the kid has his normal 100 watt smile aimed directly at the camera like he’s completely unaware that the only thing covering him is the giant inflatable shark he’s holding.

Bitty is July. Jack knew that Bitty was going to be in this, but nothing could have prepared him for this. For Bitty in the tiniest pair of American flag shorts he’d ever seen in his life holding an apple pie and looking coquettishly over his shoulder and at the camera. And oh god does he recognize that look. His face feels hot all of a sudden and holy shit that’s his boyfriend, and there are other people that are going to see this. Crisse his mother ordered a copy!

just a quick thing cuz lets be honest rans and holtz would. Feel free to expand on this :)

Blank: Cupcakes for Two

It was feelsnotfeelings‘s birthday like a week ago and I’m just now writing this because we don’t have school today. Happy birthday, Mia! (Update: This took longer than I thought.. I’m sorry!)

Mute!Dean makes cupcakes for his baby brother’s birthday.

The sound of something heavy being dragged around the kitchen finally managed to distract Bobby from the small pile of books and articles strewn over the surface of his desk. Groaning softly, he got up from his chair and walked over to the door of his study, grunting slightly as the bones popped in his back. Walking out into the hall, he realized the house was absent of all of the usual noise that came with the Winchesters’ stay: Sam’s happy squeals as Dean tickled him into the living room carpet, Sam lisping out a battle scene, green army men clenched in his chubby fist, or even the slip and slide of socked feet from Dean moving across the old hardwood floors. 

As Bobby passed the living room, he saw Sam’s small form slumped over the arm of the couch, cartoons blaring softly from the crappy TV. Rumpled t-shirt glued to the small of his back in the early May humidity, fingertips stained with the purple shadow of grape juice, face peaceful and calm in sleep, a slant contrast to the lively, bright, mischievous boy he was when he was awake. Bobby chuckled to himself. The kid was cute; he’d give him that. Rounding up on the kitchen, he blinked in the sudden light of the kitchen windows and stopped, watching the scene before him. 

Six-year-old Dean was crouched on top of an old wooden kitchen chair; carefully pouring a bottle of vanilla into a dented mixing bowl, tongue poking out in concentration. Around him, a pile of eggshell, cupping a pool of pierced yolk, an assorted collection of what looked like all of the spoons Bobby owned, oven mitts placed in a neat cross off to the side of the counter, and light layer of flour over the whole scene. Even his fat stuffed bee, plopped haphazardly on the counter, hadn’t been spared: a light dusting of while coating his yellow and black strips, matching the smudge across his right cheek. Bobby watched as the boy carefully placed the bottle back on the counter, and then glance up sharply. 

He froze. His body seemed to shift slightly towards his small collection of ingredients, as if trying to hide himself the bag of flour, small stacks of measuring cups, and the still open milk jug. Dean paled slightly, freckles standing out more starkly in the soft kitchen light. 

“S’alright, son. Don’t let me stop ya. Just wanted to watch.” Bobby smiled softly to appease the boy, who was starting to look like he was working himself into a panic. 

Dean shoulders slumped in relief. Clambering off the chair, he dragged something off the counter from behind Herman the bee, and shyly made his way over to where Bobby was standing, holding up an aging book.


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Moreeeeeee wolfstar

Other wolfstar headcannons I’ve come up with (people seemed to like be others so)

• Sirius complains about moony to James a lot
• the conversations are usually one-sided as James is also complaining about lily at the same time
• “I can’t help it Siri, her eyes are SO green!”
• “and his HAIR Jamie! HIS HAIR!”
• “and her hair is just so red and fluffy it looks so soft like…like touching a cloud! Yeah a cloud!”
• “and his eyes ugh prongs his eyes are like melting chocolate mixed with honey!”
• but when the conversation ends up on just one person- lily persay- things change
• “ugh Padfoot, lily is just simply too smart for me! That’s it! That must be why she doesn’t like me…”
• “oh shut it James she’s obviously pinning for you! What about me huh? Remus is totally straight! If he knew I was in love with him he’d run the other way!”
• “oh please Padfoot! Remus is about as straight as his hair!”
• (we all know Remus’ hair is v curly)
• once they start dating, Sirius is totally not shy about shouting these complaints out loud
• like in potions Remus and Peter sit across the isle from Sirius and James and a row up.
• one day while slughorn is going over the importance of stirring the proper direction for the proper amount of time, Sirius just raises his hand and goes “I’m sorry, professor, I can’t possibly pay attention to you because damn Remus looks good today”
• Remus face turns red and he just slaps his forehead with his hand and looks down at his desk
• slughorn ignored Sirius and just continues the lesson
• or in the great hall Sirius gets up to leave while Remus walks in and goes to sit down
• when Sirius sees him he’ll just grab his chest fall very dramatically and go
• “oh moony, moony I think I just fell for you”
• Remus just goes “that’s nice dear” and sits down with a book in hand and pours himself some tea.
• Remus however intends to make Sirius more flustered on the down-low so no one else knows why Sirius is suddenly turning very red and started stuttering
• like when Remus whispers something very inappropriate to Sirius while walking past him on the way back to his seat
• and then Sirius just so happens to be called on but he can’t answer because his face is very red and he’s just stuttering and mcgonnogall is just like “mr black are you having some sort of allergic reaction?”
• or when Sirius and Remus make eye contact from across a crowded common room and Remus does a dazzling 100 watt smile and winks
• suddenly Sirius black just swoons in the common room and no one suspects Remus who’s just quietly finishing a transfiguration essay.
• Sirius gets even though by walking around the dorm shirtless all. The. Time.
• Remus tries very hard to focus on his book but HES JUST WALKING AROUND EFFING SHIRTLESS
• James likes to contribute by going “hey Remus, whatcha blushing at”
• and after that Remus finds it much easier to focus on his book although he really doesn’t want to but his face is already the color of a tomato
• by accident, remus gets revenge though when one day his hair is in his face and he’s annoyed so he shaves the sides and leaves the top just enough to still be curly but to not get in his face and be pretty much has an undercut
• he walks into the common room like everything’s normal but Sirius actually like stops dead in his tracks and just stares at Remus everywhere he goes
• because Remus is just so. Effing. Hot.
• the same thing happens to Sirius but instead of cutting his hair, he tries a man-bun
• and Remus goes silent for five minutes when he’s supposed to be studying with lily
• when he finally regains the ability to speak he goes
• “lily I’ve just died and I need you to bury my body and hold a service”
• this was also much longer than originally intended
• but we all know Remus has an undercut and Sirius rocks a man-bun

BTS as boyfriends

Thank you to anon who requested! <3 Hope this is detailed enough! I know you said no gifs but I couldn’t help it. I was going to add some m or r rated gifs then I realised this was meant to be a ‘cute’ post. omg and I couldn’t find any good gifs for the last 3 so I was like i’ll just have gifs for the first three. But it was so unbalanced, I couldn’t even so yeah. Sorry about the gifs that don’t fit with the context! <3

Kim Namjoon

He’d be the clumsy one in the relationship. Like you guys be at a supermarket and he would manage to push the trolley into a shelf. Then you’d be flustered as everything comes tumbling down, down prices are down (Coles shoppers will get it xD) and he’d apologise over and over and over and try to put it up but knocks it down again. Okay that’s kinda exaggerating but you get the point. Anyhow, he’d give you lots of presents on any special event or just when he feels like it because he’s like that. I can imagine him holding a bunch of flowers behind him while you open the door and he’d be grinning sheepishly and you would say hi and everything then he’d just whip out that shit and you’d be surprised af. If you guys went to a theme park, he would go on the rollercoasters and scary rides with you if you insisted but I don’t think he would really enjoy it, but he’d put on a brave face for you cus anything for his babeh. Yeah, he really gives me the impression that he’d really do anything for you if you asked for it, even if he isn’t that comfortable with it. He’d try a lot in a relationship and he would do everything in his power to make it work even when you guys argue.

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Min Yoongi

This little shit would be the coldest but cutest boyfriend ever. Even though he is cold and full of sweg, like most 'cold’ people, he is all romantic and mushy inside. He’d like to snuggle on the coach and is more of a home person rather than someone who’d go outside regularly. But you’re fine with it (unless you’re a party person) and you guys would spend days just watching something on TV. He’d be the type to whinge when you ask him to watch a horror movie. But if you didn’t like horror movies too, you guys would settle for an action movie. Occasionally when either one of you feels brave enough and watch forces the other to watch a horror movie, you’d be clinging onto each other like there’s no tomorrow. He gives me the aura of definitely a laid back guy but he also would become jealous easily. He would ask you to make it up to him by spending the day with him or something like that. Generally, he gives me the impression of a quiet but fun and sometimes whiny boyfriend.

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Kim Seokjin

The. Best. Boyfriend. Opening your eyes, you shifted over to the left side of the bed in an attempt to snuggle with your boyfriend of a year and a bit, but your body met the coolness of the sheets leaving you startled, your eyes quickly opening. He would be downstairs making breakfast you concluded so you fell back into a light slumber. A little while later, a soft chuckle woke you up. Your eyes shot open to see your boyfriend taking out the dirty clothes from your bedroom. Sitting up and rubbing your eyes, you heard him say “Did you sleep well?” while pointing that 100 watt smile directly at you. You almost had to shield your eyes from the light that seemingly was radiating off his head in an harsh angelic glow. You’d go downstairs and the food would be ready and everything so you’d dig in. He would help a lot around the house but you guys would always rest at night and just snuggle in the dark, him whispering sweet nothings in your ear as you smile. I don’t see him as having a bad temper but everyone’s gotta let it out sometime. He’d love going to the arcade and whether you like it or not, you’d go with him. He’d win lots and lots of toys there and even though I can’t see him as someone who would be good at the grabbing toys game, you’d still have heaps of toys by the end of the day.

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Jung Hoseok

I can see him because gentlemanly like opening doors, helping you reach something and generally doing stuff you like. Dates with him would be the cutest things ever because he would shower you with not only presents, but food too. But even though he shows everyone his bright and cheerful side, you being his girlfriend or boyfriend would know there’s something darker going on. His happy image would be a façade when he’s having hard times. You would have to be there for comfort and support when he needs it. Of course, he would do the exact same for you and probably be better at it than you because he’s just such a happy person. He would be great at cheering you up. He’d be a passionate lover who goes for long term relationships and has a strong set of morals which he abides by. Mucking around would be inevitable in this relationship but these moments can suddenly turn and become sexier (lmao cant think of the word). To elaborate though, you guys would probably end up in the bedroom, or the table, or in the bathroom, sofa I think you get it. When you go on your first date, if you are the socially awkward type (like me. hi-5!) he would do most of the talking until you get comfortable with him. He’s just a happy person and if someone ever makes him sad, I will personally go and find the person and fuck them up with my fellow ARMYs. (see what I did there? Hahaha I’m so funny ha ha ah…..)

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Park Jimin

Like literally the cutest thing ever. He would be awkward at first but when you know him better, he would open up. Even though he has abs, he isn’t the type to be dominant but he could, not saying that people who have abs are dominant but they would typically be more confident with their body thus the dominancy; he probably can be dominant but he doesn’t give me that dominancy vibe so its probably existent but not too strong. Anyhow, when he takes you on a date, it’s gonna be all romantic and probably mushy. This includes taking you out to a super fancy restaurant or just a dinner prepared previously by him obviously. But it has to have a candle. It’s an essential. He’s such a romantic and I can’t stress that enough. I see Jimin as the teasing type. Like he would feed you food and you would be like ‘aaah’ and he’d just pop it in his mouth and grin at you. You’d be all “I hate it when you do that-” and he’d seal your words with a gentle kiss.

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Kim Taehyung

Dates with him be like crazy. Let’s just say, you would go laser tag, bowling and paint-ball. Can you imagine how that would turn out? Lots and lots and lots of giggling. Sometimes he would win. Sometimes you would win. Sometimes you’d call a truce. After, ice-cream sounds good right? He would get strawberry out of the typical ice cream flavours. You would get a chocolate. Or why not get a double scoop and share? He’d dab some on your nose and you would definitely pay him back. You both get into embarrassing situations together but you would just laugh it off, after apologising or whatnot obviously. He would hit you playfully on the shoulder sometimes. But if you were the one to initiate the hitting on shoulder, he would chase you around and you guys would end up in a heap on the ground, giggling the whole time. He’s just such a bubbly kid but he can definitely be dark and moody at times. If he ever is, a hug from you would bring a smile to his face and he would suggest some fun activity which you guys would run off to do. He’s just such a great person. The fun activity could be sitting by the ocean, legs dangling off the side, your head on his shoulder, a smile on his face as the sun waves goodbye.

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Jeon Jungkook

Sometimes you would feel a little intimidated by him because he is so good at everything but he would always be there and help you. He has the loveliest smile in the whole universe and you could spend the whole day looking at him. But if he catches you staring, he would probably blush and feel uncomfortable or he will smirk and there is no in between. He would be awkward at first and not know how to approach you. He doesn’t appear to be a man of many words so there’s going to be lots of calming silences. He would like late night walks when he is stressed and sometimes he would ask you to tag along. So you guys walk, hand in hand, in that comfortable silence listening to crickets chirp and the gentle tinkle of the moon beaming down. You got me. It would be magical. Everything you do with him would be magic because he is magic.

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Y’all magical too <3

Prompt: Imagine person A of your OTP is pregnant and having to put up with some kicks and squirms from the baby which are rather bothersome to A. B then sings to the baby which seems to calm it down or rather lull it to sleep.

Fourteen weeks, just fourteen weeks to go Laura told herself as she turned on to her side, her face bunching up as her son delivered another kick to her ribs.

“I’m very round now, Luca, you have more than enough room in there. Put away your football for a few hours”

Carmilla chuckled from the doorway, walking to Laura’s side of the bed, setting a cup down on the table.

“Chamomile Tea” She explained, sitting down.

“I love you” Laura sighed. “Our son is on his way to being grounded before he’s even here”

“Nice to see he has some of my qualities” Carmilla grinned, placing a hand where she could see his little feet moving around.

“Tell him it’s bedtime” The pregnant woman ordered, pulling herself up against the headboard before reaching for her tea. She took a sip, closing her eyes as loving hands roamed her ever-expanding stomach. 

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Body Heat

Dean x Reader fluff

A/N: This is literally something I just had to get out, since it was in my head all day. It’s from mobile so, sorry no gifs. I just wanted to share it with y'all. I’ll edit this and make it pretty once I go back on my computer. This is unedited and off the cuff, so please excuse any typos. xo

It was freezing. The Impala was parked a few blocks away, so as not to draw suspicion to yourselves, while staking out the house for your recent case. Dean, for once, had agreed for you to come with him instead of Sam. Ever since you had started tagging along with the Winchester brothers, your desire to impress Dean, to make him notice you, had intensified.

“We did good back there, right?” you asked him, rubbing your hands together to keep warm. You had neglected to bring a coat or your gloves with you, not realizing the temperature would drop so dramatically, so quickly.

“Yeah,” Dean answered, walking in step beside you. He turned his head in your direction, flashing his 100 watt smile; his white teeth gleaming in the dim light of the street lamps. The crinkles around his eyes were more apparent and your heart skipped a beat. “You did good, kid.”

Kid. Dean’s nickname for you. What was it going to take for him to realize that you were a smart, trained hunter, who could tussle with the best of them, same as the Winchesters? When was he going to realize that you were madly in love with him ; with everything about him?

“I’m not a kid yanno,” you said, stopping in the middle of the street, almost ready to throw a tantrum. “I’m a grown ass woman, and I’m pretty sure I could kick your ass, if I really wanted to.”

Dean stopped and turned toward you, a sly grin on his face, as if he’d just heard a joke. But, you weren’t joking. You were angry. Your boiling blood starting to warm you from within.

“Is that so?” Dean replied, sauntering towards you, his boots making hollow sounds on the empty street. “Prove it.” His teeth took his bottom lip between them, rolling over it once, before peeking his tongue out and running over it tortuously slow; his nervous tick that drove you absolutely bonkers.

“I’m not going to hit you, Dean,” you said sarcastically, rubbing your hands over your arms. “Let’s go to the car and go home. I’m freezing.”

You started to walk to the car, but a large, warm hand took hold of your arm. Dean pulled you close to him and your body crashed into his. The warmth from his skin radiated into you through his jacket. You were so close, his sweet breath tickled your nose. He smelled so good, of whiskey and leather. Your head was spinning.

“D-Dean…” you whispered, your eyes meeting his mossy green ones. “What are you doing?”

Dean unzipped his jacket and took your hands in his, guiding them inside the coat to wrap around his waist. Your fingers felt every muscle in his back, as they clasped together in place. He was warm, oh so warm, and so was your heart.

Dean reached up to brush a stray strand of hair out of your eyes, before putting both of his hands on your face. He looked into your eyes, searching for your approval, and when he saw no protest there he dipped his head down and met his gorgeous, plush lips to yours. You closed your eyes and kissed him back, pouring all of your love and emotions into the kiss you’d been dreaming of for months.

When Dean finally pulled away, his eyes were sparkling, yet clouded with love - or was it lust? You couldn’t tell, nor did you care. You just wanted his mouth back on yours.

“Wh-What was that for?” you stuttered. Looking into Dean’s eyes never failed to make you flustered before, let alone now.

“Well,” Dean answered, taking his hands and wrapping them around your waist now, pulling you as close as possible to him. “You said you were cold, so I decided to warm you up.”

EXO reaction when they confess to you but you have already been confessed to

Dude…I had this happen to me before when I was in high school….It was torture because I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. So, I turned them both down. They never talked to me again after that.  ~ 사랑해 <3 Chas

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


Yeol: *Crestfallen face immediately* “D-did you accept their love back?”

You: “No, I haven’t. I said that I would wait a little bit before I accept anything.”

Yeol: *A little bit better but still feels uneasy* 

You: “But don’t worry. I’m actually glad you confessed to me before I done anything. I was…kind of waiting for you to confess anyways.”

Yeol: *Blushes like the cutie he is and shows you his 100 watt smile* “Well, I’m just a lucky guy today.”


*You didn’t know what to do and Yifan sensed that. He sighed and patted your head*

Fan: “You don’t have to give me an answer. I’ll respect your decision in the end.”

*Swoons over him because ‘Wow. He respects me so much.’ and like after a day or two it’s Yifan you choose anyways*


*As soon as you told him that another person confessed their love to you, Sehun turned into cute mode. Doing everything he can to make you go his way instead of the other person’s. Doing nice things for you by being a gentleman and taking you out whenever he can*


Tao: “But you’ve liked me longer.”

You: “How do you know that?”

Tao: “You’re best friend told me.”

*You plan to kill your best friend and also plan on how to let the other person down without hurting them too much*


*Mentions that you’ve already been confessed to and that you were planning on considering their feelings.*

Nini: “So, I take it that you’ll be with them instead huh.”

You: “I’ve known them for awhile and they’ve been there for me for a long time. I hope you understand.”

Nini: “What if I could change your mind?” *Desperate to be with you because you’re the only one who makes him happy and he doesn’t want to lose you at all*

You: I-I don’t know Jonginnie.”

Nini: “Give me two weeks and I can change your mind.”

*Takes you on cute dates and does his best to succeed. Which he does because Jongin will not give up!*


Minnie: “But you can’t accept the other person’s love. I loved you for so long and I finally got the courage to tell you. You just can’t. I can’t lose you.”

You: “You won’t lose me. I just. I don’t know. I like the other one too.”

Minnie: “I’ll give you time. But please. I love you.”

*You obviously get with Minnie cause he is such a sweetheart and lovable guy that you can never stay away from*


Baek: “You know I kind of like you.” *He scratched the back of his head and his cheeks were tinted a pretty shade of red.*

You: *You remembered the other day that your co-worker also confessed to you too and now Baekhyun, your long time crush just confessed and you didn’t want to hurt your co-worker’s feelings*

Baek: *You watched as he gave a nervous chuckle* “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t-”

You: “It’s okay! It’s just, I was already confessed to a couple of days ago. I mean, I like you too. For awhile now. But I don’t want to hurt my co-worker’s feelings too. Just give me some time to think okay. I promise.”


*Summon a very rare and non cocky Luhan. Sticks to you like glue. Does everything in his power to try and win your love over because he loved you for a really long time and he is not going to let you go to a guy who doesn’t know you as well as he does.*


*Tells the other members about his situation and they all try and get you to accept his confession instead of the other one*

Dae: “Just don’t do anything stupid guys. I really love her and I don’t want to lose her because of all of your stupid actions.”

Members: “Don’t worry! We got this!”


*Took the news pretty hard and haven’t spoken to you in awhile because he was trying to figure out how he can make your feelings go his way but still wants you to make your own decision. But in the end he starts to show his love for you which makes you end up with very strong feelings for him* 


*Being the sweet angel he is, he gives you time to think about your decision. BUT not without a little fight. It would be the little actions, like calling you every night just to tell you goodnight*

Xing: “Goodnight. I hope you have a good sleep and I’ll call you in the morning.”


*He was determined that you would say yes after he just confessed his love for you. Nothing could bring his confidence down. Not even the fact that another person has confessed to you. His members even said that they heard that you liked him back.*

You: “You’re not going to take no for an answer are you?” *You smiled as he shook his head no. You were actually glad that Junmyeon confessed to you before you gave the other an answer. So, Junmyeon gave you a huge hug as you told him that you accept him. Now, you have to come up with a way to let the other down without hurting him too much.*

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How to win Matteo Balsano over

I both blame and thank @ac-ars for this fic, because she gave me the idea and really, it’s all her fault. This is for the squad! (Please don’t kill me when you finished reading.)

In this moment, Luna hated three things and she found it impossible to decide which one she blamed more for her current miserable situation. The universe for not giving her a rest at least once in her life, Nina for dragging her along into the school’s magazine team or herself for agreeing to do this.

By this, she meant talking to Matteo Balsano. Voluntarily, and writing an article about it afterwards. The topic all the other girls longed for: what a boy like Matteo looked for in a girl. Seriously, what did they even think? That passing a simple checklist would immediately get them into a relationship with him?

As if having a normal conversation with him wasn’t bad enough, where he was so full of himself and never stopped calling her chica delivery and sometimes he turned out to be not much of a chico fresa anymore and then his smile did weird things to her stomach. No, she had to endure what with no doubt would become the most embarrassing interview of her life.

After thinking this over for the fifth time now, Luna gathered the courage to walk into the Jam&Roller, knowing he’d be sitting there with Gastón. Interviewing him outside of school hopefully saved her from all those curious classmates – in case she managed to walk up to his table. Before she could change her mind one last time, however, he discovered her. Within seconds, his special smirk showed up. “Well, look at you, chica delivery! Are you stalking me again?” Was it too early to spill his milkshake over his shirt?

“Matteo, just so you know, I am not stalking you. In fact, I’d rather be drowning in a pool instead.” The grin faded while he clasped his hands in front of his chest, looking somewhat hurt. “Ouch, so harsh today, chica delivery. But still, you’re here. And I hate to disappoint you, but I’m about to be interviewed. That’s just how famous the king of the rink is. If you want, I can sign your notebook afterwards, though?”

Helpless, Luna glanced at Gastón, who in turn smiled and wiggled his eyebrows. “Actually”, Luna replied, “I am the unlucky one to interview you.” As soon as the words left her mouth, Gastón jumped up, patting Matteo’s arm: “Then I’ll leave you two alone. There’s this documentation about the moon I still need to watch. See you later!”

“A documentation about the moon?”, she repeated, sitting down opposite to Matteo. “Don’t listen to him, he’s in his funny mood again. But since you’re the reporter now… Tell me, what do my beloved fans want to know?”

Promptly, her cheeks turned bright red and returning his look became out of the question. Maybe the air conditioning stopped working? In any case, she was sure her body temperature sky-rocketed. “Hey, Luna.” Matteo brought her back to reality, softly touching her hand, “We don’t need to do this if you don’t want to.”

“I’m good”, she spilled out way too fast to be convincing. Him being nice out of a sudden just made it worse. This whole article was humiliating and she hated everyone and everything and… “Okay. I promise, you can ask me anything. I won’t laugh.”

Luna searched his eyes for a sign he didn’t mean it, a sign he was joking as usual. All she found was warmth and a depth in this brown she never noticed before.

“They want to know what you like in girls.” The words stumbled out of her mouth too quickly, so Matteo leaned forwards and tried to process the pieces he understood. Next thing, it clicked and his eyes widened in surprise. The corners of his lips twitched, indicating how hard he held back a laugh. “Wow, now I see why you’re so nervous. Seriously, that’s why you’re supposed to interview me?” Unsure how to react, Luna focused on the scratches on the table.

“Well, this is an interesting question… you know, I’ve been to Mexico once and there must be something in the air cause the girls are so short, but they’re kinda my type. Oh, and if they will deliver everything I want, I won’t be disappointed either. What else? I want to be swept off my feet when we meet for the first time.”

Of course he turned this into a huge joke. She felt too mad to be blinded by the 100-watt-smile he gave her. “Really, Matteo? I need to somehow form this into a decent article and I can’t when you don’t even try… Please.” With a look that rested on her for a little too long, he sighed. After a minute without an attempt to finally answer her question, she let out a single “What?”, loaded with frustration.

At once, he smiled again. “Shouldn’t you open your notebook to, like, take notes or something?” Without a comment, she took her pen and glimpsed in his direction. “Let’s get that over with.”

Matteo got closer, so the smell of his perfume lingered in her nose. Focus, Luna. “Alright. This might surprise you, but there’s not a lot to say. I want someone who is kind, who will be a best friend for me and who doesn’t always put her needs before others. I want to laugh with her and talk for hours. And I love it when she fights for what she wants.” For a moment, he got lost in his own thoughts, Luna figured. A little smile brightened up his face. “Skating too. I mean, it’s awesome to skate with someone you like.”

Did he wink at her? Or was she hallucinating? In no way could she tell, too busy with scribbling down his every word.

When she finished, and he remained silent, she lifted her head. “So, that’s it?” He nodded, still not letting his gaze leave her. “You know these answers are pretty vague, right?”

Another grin. Something must have been in his shake. “That’s not my problem. Anyway, I’m not interested in any of the girls who will read that article. Or boys. Wait, why are you packing your bag? Don’t you want to take some pictures of me?”

Luna paused for a second. Then it was her who giggled. “No need to. The girls already have way too many of you.” Seeing the way his jaw dropped, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter. For the first time around her, he was speechless. To be honest, it felt satisfying. “What? Still want to make a joke about how you have fans? Or how I’m the one stalking you?”

Nervous, he ran his fingers through his hair. “I think this might not have been a good idea.” “That makes us two”, Luna commented, grabbing her bag.

“Hey, you’re really already leaving?”, Matteo wanted to know. A hint of desperation filled his voice that Luna couldn’t quite understand. Hastily, he added, “I thought we could have a milkshake, it’d be on me, of course?”

“That’s nice and all, but I really want to get that article done. Thanks for letting me interview you though. See you in school, I guess?” With that, she left, not noticing the sadness darkening his expressions.

Only later, when she sat down at her desk and skimmed her notes, Luna wondered if she missed a crucial piece of information. If, after all, he said those things about Mexico and what sounded like their first meeting for a reason.

But in no parallel universe was he possibly describing her as everything he looked for in a girlfriend? Right?

do you ever just have to pause a dan and phil video and take a deep breath and hold your head in your hands because the immense feeling of love for them is just too overwhelming and it just hits you like a shitload of bricks in the heart and your gut is panging horribly and IT ACTUALLY HURTS and your throat clenches and your vision blurs and you just want to sob because they mean everything to you and you just realise how much you love them and its not necessarily the shipping but just the fact that they ARE SO FUCKING LUCKY TO HAVE EACH OTHER like damn I want a friendship like that when I’m older because I want a best friend who is the brightest star in my world and brings a 100 watt smile to my face whenever I look at them and that’s literally dan and phil because come on even if phan isn’t real you cannot deny that dan and phil love each other very very much and are very very dependent on each other and idk I’m really unstable because of this and I think I might have an aneurism if I don’t sort out my feels soon