100 watt smile

Headcanon #3

Hinata hides his feelings behind his bouncy exterior. (Unless they have to do with volleyball and the whole team is feeling it). If he’s been having a bad day or just feels off, he’ll still plaster on his 100-watt smile and act like he’s happy. It used to be only Natsu could see when he was just faking, but as he got closer to the team, Suga could notice too, even though he wasn’t sure how to deal with it. He’d try, but nothing Suga did made Hinata feel any better. So, Suga taught Kageyama how to see when Hinata wasn’t feeling himself and, not to anyone’s surprise, the setter was able to cheer the tiny middle blocker up. 

EXO reaction when they confess to you but you have already been confessed to

Dude…I had this happen to me before when I was in high school….It was torture because I didn’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings. So, I turned them both down. They never talked to me again after that.  ~ 사랑해 <3 Chas

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Yeol: *Crestfallen face immediately* “D-did you accept their love back?”

You: “No, I haven’t. I said that I would wait a little bit before I accept anything.”

Yeol: *A little bit better but still feels uneasy* 

You: “But don’t worry. I’m actually glad you confessed to me before I done anything. I was…kind of waiting for you to confess anyways.”

Yeol: *Blushes like the cutie he is and shows you his 100 watt smile* “Well, I’m just a lucky guy today.”


*You didn’t know what to do and Yifan sensed that. He sighed and patted your head*

Fan: “You don’t have to give me an answer. I’ll respect your decision in the end.”

*Swoons over him because ‘Wow. He respects me so much.’ and like after a day or two it’s Yifan you choose anyways*


*As soon as you told him that another person confessed their love to you, Sehun turned into cute mode. Doing everything he can to make you go his way instead of the other person’s. Doing nice things for you by being a gentleman and taking you out whenever he can*


Tao: “But you’ve liked me longer.”

You: “How do you know that?”

Tao: “You’re best friend told me.”

*You plan to kill your best friend and also plan on how to let the other person down without hurting them too much*


*Mentions that you’ve already been confessed to and that you were planning on considering their feelings.*

Nini: “So, I take it that you’ll be with them instead huh.”

You: “I’ve known them for awhile and they’ve been there for me for a long time. I hope you understand.”

Nini: “What if I could change your mind?” *Desperate to be with you because you’re the only one who makes him happy and he doesn’t want to lose you at all*

You: I-I don’t know Jonginnie.”

Nini: “Give me two weeks and I can change your mind.”

*Takes you on cute dates and does his best to succeed. Which he does because Jongin will not give up!*


Minnie: “But you can’t accept the other person’s love. I loved you for so long and I finally got the courage to tell you. You just can’t. I can’t lose you.”

You: “You won’t lose me. I just. I don’t know. I like the other one too.”

Minnie: “I’ll give you time. But please. I love you.”

*You obviously get with Minnie cause he is such a sweetheart and lovable guy that you can never stay away from*


Baek: “You know I kind of like you.” *He scratched the back of his head and his cheeks were tinted a pretty shade of red.*

You: *You remembered the other day that your co-worker also confessed to you too and now Baekhyun, your long time crush just confessed and you didn’t want to hurt your co-worker’s feelings*

Baek: *You watched as he gave a nervous chuckle* “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t-”

You: “It’s okay! It’s just, I was already confessed to a couple of days ago. I mean, I like you too. For awhile now. But I don’t want to hurt my co-worker’s feelings too. Just give me some time to think okay. I promise.”


*Summon a very rare and non cocky Luhan. Sticks to you like glue. Does everything in his power to try and win your love over because he loved you for a really long time and he is not going to let you go to a guy who doesn’t know you as well as he does.*


*Tells the other members about his situation and they all try and get you to accept his confession instead of the other one*

Dae: “Just don’t do anything stupid guys. I really love her and I don’t want to lose her because of all of your stupid actions.”

Members: “Don’t worry! We got this!”


*Took the news pretty hard and haven’t spoken to you in awhile because he was trying to figure out how he can make your feelings go his way but still wants you to make your own decision. But in the end he starts to show his love for you which makes you end up with very strong feelings for him* 


*Being the sweet angel he is, he gives you time to think about your decision. BUT not without a little fight. It would be the little actions, like calling you every night just to tell you goodnight*

Xing: “Goodnight. I hope you have a good sleep and I’ll call you in the morning.”


*He was determined that you would say yes after he just confessed his love for you. Nothing could bring his confidence down. Not even the fact that another person has confessed to you. His members even said that they heard that you liked him back.*

You: “You’re not going to take no for an answer are you?” *You smiled as he shook his head no. You were actually glad that Junmyeon confessed to you before you gave the other an answer. So, Junmyeon gave you a huge hug as you told him that you accept him. Now, you have to come up with a way to let the other down without hurting him too much.*

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do you ever just have to pause a dan and phil video and take a deep breath and hold your head in your hands because the immense feeling of love for them is just too overwhelming and it just hits you like a shitload of bricks in the heart and your gut is panging horribly and IT ACTUALLY HURTS and your throat clenches and your vision blurs and you just want to sob because they mean everything to you and you just realise how much you love them and its not necessarily the shipping but just the fact that they ARE SO FUCKING LUCKY TO HAVE EACH OTHER like damn I want a friendship like that when I’m older because I want a best friend who is the brightest star in my world and brings a 100 watt smile to my face whenever I look at them and that’s literally dan and phil because come on even if phan isn’t real you cannot deny that dan and phil love each other very very much and are very very dependent on each other and idk I’m really unstable because of this and I think I might have an aneurism if I don’t sort out my feels soon

I’m peeing and I hear my dogs go nuts. Usually they stop as soon as the trigger passersby… pass by, but not this time. And I am peeing forEVER getting more and more tense.
Rush outside, tell them to go in and stop bringing shame on the family and I hear this man,
“There’s a big dog AND a little dog, but the big dog sounds worst.”
Okay then.
Leaned over the gate, smiled 100 watts, said in my best Tami Taylor,
“Haaaaaa aaaaaaay! You know, it’s just such a good thing you kept standing there, otherwise they might have quieted down and gone away!”
He glared at me.
“Uh huh. You all have a great day!”
Then to Liam, “I know. It’s all right, men are a huge trigger and I am just so sorry they don’t have the brains god gave a flea to keep on moving. You bite them good, you hear?”

This is MY HOUSE. I am not suffering any manufactured complaints or any psychotic stalking or any push outs for more money or any more FUCKING THREATS. If you stand in front of my house I will be watching you and if you do ANYTHING threatening, count my dogs, comment on whether I live alone, or just stand there without moving, watching, for over 20 minutes, I will get you. I have had ENOUGH.