100 waters

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5 things you’ll find in my bag

Wallet, gum, pens, chapstick, and hand sanitizer 

5 things in my room

like 100 pillows, crackers, water, candles, and books

5 things i’ve always wanted to do in my life

Go to a habs game, dye my hair, travel to Europe, see lady gaga in concert, and meet harry

5 things that im currently into

Baking, orange is the new black, ive been trying out new outfits lol, vgetarian recipes, and perfume

5 things on my to-do list

Finish an essay, clean my room, plan trips for the summer, look for a gift for my friend, and organize my school work

5 thing you may not know about me

I hate the texture of strawberries, im canadian (i feel like no one knows), i’ve been listening to shania twain since i came out of the womb, im named after golf clubs, and i’m a freshman in highschool lol

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This is one of the best aquatic turtle enclosures I have ever seen. While it seems over the top, everything present is necessary for happy, healthy turtles. At least 100 gallons of water, filter, heater, basking lamp, UV light, haul out area, and dry land. If all aquatic turtles were kept this way I’d never see any because they would rarely get sick.

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things that just made my night:

  • genuine emotion from dennis???
  • also from dennis: the fucking jedi mind trick shit. glenn shut the fuck up
  • a $mall $cammer. she will do well and i am proud of her
  • dee with the funniest shit literally the whole time she and mac were in the slide
  • “charlie sucked on ‘em”
  • thhe scene where dennis Realizes. sunny is my favorite crime drama
  • the SINGLE WATER BOTTLE i hate charlie kelly

A couple weeks ago my mom got one of these decorations for my 5 gal tank for my little betta girl(it was originally for my 36 gal but didn’t fit with the decor.)
A couple days after putting it in, I noticed my girl getting very lethargic, not moving and not being her feisty little self at all. I took it out and changed the water and it seemed to help her a little but the damage was done.
Soon she was again lethargic and at the bottom and as a last ditch effort I did a 100% water change but it was too late and my opal had past.
With advice from others I had to boil my other decorations, bleach my tank and replace the gravel to make my tank safe again
These decorations are just dangerous and killed two of my babies. Be careful if you see these at Walmart, I couldn’t even find them in the fish section on the Walmart website.

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they even each other out even in hygiene

I wish Lexa would’ve at least lived long enough to get the handmaidens to convince Clarke to let them scrub her down with some brillo pads and bleach. Clarke’s cleanliness was the tradition Lexa needed to change, not Just Drein Just Daun

The true tragedy of Lexa dying is she never got to see Clarke clean. Can you imagine if she would’ve seen Clarke like she looked in the pilot or the flashbacks??? Lexa would’ve keeled over.  


Here is some artwork i made for @foomatic for her two videos: “Leksa Kom Trikru” and “Muddy Waters”. These are my 2 all time favorite lexa/clexa fan videos. Thought I’d share with you all the edits I made for her and her spectacular videos: