100 unrelated romances

100 Unrelated Romances - Dance [3]

Not terribly fond of this one… But here I try my hand at some more fluff. And I couldn’t resist putting in some sort of questionable situation at the end… /eyebrowwiggle

Once again. Prompt is courtesy of whsbandgeek.

And Hannah I may or may not have added a line at the end with the intention of making you melt

And it may or may not do so


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100 Unrelated Romances - Lollipop [9]

Here. Have unoriginal plotless one-sided sexual frustration.

Whsbandgeek gave me the prompt.


9. Lollipop

There had been a time when Logan and Julian didn’t belong together.

Of course, when they told their close friends now, it would be impossible to believe that the two had been apart and hadn’t hated it, however brief the time period had been. After all, three years of ignorance was nothing compared to twenty-five years of married bliss.

But yes, once upon a time, when they’d been merely best friends and not lovers, things had been quite different.

Julian, for one, never believed that he had a future with Logan.

And Logan had no idea that Julian was anything but straight as an arrow.

Obviously, there were some communication issues, because Julian was very much not straight, and Logan was very much not un-attracted to his best friend.

But neither of them had any inkling that their idea of reality might not be so realistic after all.

Sometimes, this could cause problems on Logan’s end of things.

Especially when Julian began sucking those lollipops of his.

Logan didn’t know when it started. He just suddenly became aware of the actor’s infuriating habit of eating them wherever he was – in class, while studying, right after lunch… He seemed to always have one tucked in his pocket. And the teachers never yelled at him either, because he was Julian Larson the actor, and he could do whatever the hell he wanted to.

And it wasn’t just how many lollipops he ate… It was how he ate them.

One day, Logan was sitting in the commons, minding his own business and making some notes for an essay, when Julian walked in with a book and sat across from Logan.

And what do you know? He was licking a lollipop.

“What’s up?” Julian said casually between licks.

“Nothing much, just… working on Murdoch’s essay,” Logan replied smoothly, though for some reason he found he couldn’t take his eyes off of Julian. And who could blame him? The other boy’s tongue swirled tantalizingly slowly around the red candy, and sometimes he would push it slowly into his mouth and suck it as he pulled it out again.

Hoping behind hope that he wasn’t blushing – what the hell is wrong with you, Logan, you never blush – he turned his attention back to his notes. He found it incredibly difficult to concentrate now, since all he wanted to do was pull that lollipop out of Julian’s mouth and replace it with his own tongue –

Straight straight straight straight straight, Logan thought over and over again. He’s straight.

Someday he’d have to find it in himself to find Julian’s stash of lollipops and throw them away once and for all.

But for now… There was no need to do that now, now was there?