100 tv female characters


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↳ Daisy Johnson

I was given a gift, and I use it to stop bad people from doing bad things.


100+ Favorite Star Wars Characters

33. Luminara Unduli; Jedi Master (female Mirialan) 

“It’s not that I gave up, Skywalker—but unlike you, when the time comes, I am prepared to let my student go. Can you say the same?”- Luminara Unduli to Anakin Skywalker

Appearances: Attack of the Clones, The Clone Wars (11 episodes), Revenge of the Sith, Rebels (1 episode, corpse only) 

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Over to you, Shawna … 

First and foremost, I love the female characters on The 100 – all of them. Showrunner Jason Rothenberg and all of the writers from both seasons have put in an incredible amount of time and effort making these women as real, dynamic and 3-dimensional as any male character. They aren’t all the same, as so many women characters on other shows have been, and they aren’t all stereotypes, another pitfall of shows. They may start with qualities you’ve seen before, but the development and growth of each character has been organic and complex. 

Clarke - the natural-born leader, who started as tentative and reluctant and grew to be determined and deliberate, but who still makes mistakes. 

Raven - the genius, but not in a “I have to wear glasses to show I’m the smart one” way. She’s gutsy, driven and stubborn. 

Octavia - the girl who was hidden away her entire life until she got to Earth, the first time she’s been truly free and able to make her own decisions, whether they are good or bad. She’s growing into a warrior, a fierce one at that and is finding her identity. 

Abby - tough, strong, a doctor, a mother, a leader. She shows how hard it is to juggle all of those roles, and the difficulty in pushing aside one role to focus on another. 

Anya, Lexa, Indra - leaders, warriors, treated as equally as any man, because they have earned their place in a society where gender is irrelevant to the ability to survive and lead. 

Even Maya, the girl in the mountain, who has lived her entire life underground, she slowly learns what her people have been doing and the horror of it changes her, provokes her to action.

I am proud to have worked on a show that has presented the reality we want to see, where it doesn’t matter what gender, what age, what race, what class, what sexuality you are – all that matters is that you can do your job and do it well. That’s equality.


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Pretty 20-something white female detective/government agent

Brunette, because she’s deep and different than all the other girls who are blonde supermodels

Partner is 30-something white male

Who’s blonde, because of DUALITY

And he’s a rebel and doesn’t follow rules and instead of that having gross consequences in an investigation, it always ends up being what solves the case

Female agent/detective/investigator follows all rules and keeps her male partner in line

Even though he never listens to her, because he’s a REBEL and doesn’t follow “their rules”

He’s so misunderstood, because he watched someone die once, so now he broods and drinks

And is a grossly irresponsible member of his agency, but he never gets fired because HE’S A REBEL

His partner has a lot of flaws too

Not physical flaws


But her flaws are psychological, because her dad left when she was young

And she never got over it.

She has daddy issues.

So it makes her drawn to her partner

Because he’s a man, and her dad was a man

And even though she’s strong and tough and carries a gun

All she is inside is a little girl who wants a man’s validation in life


Their supervisor is a stern African American man/women


*only black person in cast


A huge thing that i love about the 100 is that basically all of the main characters are strong, independent females who are complex and detailed characters and the two leaders are a bi girl and a lesbian warrior who get treated as strong individuals and celebrated as a couple by the writers. You don’t see that much on TV and its amazing that someone has finally done it.