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[ ends november 1st 2016 ]

Trans Mettaton = 100% canon


Trans JEWISH Mettaton = 5000% canon

Mettaton is similar in spelling, cadence, and syllable to “METATRON”, the Kabbalistic angel that sits at the right hand of god in Jewish mysticism. This particular entity is often referred to as the “recording angel”. One of the possible representations of Metatron in Hebrew, when transliterated from ancient Greek is “MTT” (מטט).

Fic author rec: cywscross

@cywscross is amazing and I love her??? Also, coincidentally, I think it’s her birthday??? Happy birthday cross!!!

First of all, as an author, cross is a really wonderful person who interacts with her readers and her fandom and recs other people’s work and gives gifts of fic and handles drama (like plagiarism wtf why) like a boss and I might have a littttle bit of a crush on her brain

SECOND OF ALL, holy shit, cross is talented. If you’re a sinner like me and ship Stiles and Peter from Teen Wolf, then you’ve probably already read her stuff, but if you haven’t, or if you’re morbidly curious about this dubious ship, here are some recs:

Steter Drabbles – what it says on the tin. 100-5000 words each. They’re all great. In particular I like the one where the ghost of Laura Hale haunts Stiles because Laura’s hilarious. The 7-part Venom Ridge ficlet-series is also wonderful. In that one Stiles is so powerful but terribly lonely it hurts, and then of course it becomes hurt/comfort.

 Love in Post-Its – rated T, 4.5k, complete – it was a gift for me (!!!) and it’s so fluffy it hurts <3333 omg

1001 Reasons Why I Love You – By Stiles Stilinski

on_the_stiles_watch – WIP but oh my god it’s so funny and great! It’s a social media fic

In which the first thing Stiles did back when the supernatural first invaded his life was – subtly – tweet about it. It becomes a thing. Months later, Peter stumbles across the feed and quickly comes to realize something most people haven’t quite picked up on – Stiles has grown his very own ever-expanding international supernatural spy network.

i am addicted to death (so remind me what it’s like to live) – rated T, 18k, ½ chapters posted so it’s still a WIP, but there’s still a satisfying sense of completion at the end of chapter 1 – stiles feels so unbearably old in this fic and you really need to heed the warnings, but stiles’ pov is written beautifully and even though you ache for him, the ending gives you so much hope

Stiles is sixteen years old. He has already died seventy-eight times.

Love Thy Neighbour – rated T, 22k, complete – super sweet and has a nice down to earth feeling about it; appropriately tagged “domestic fluff”

In which Stiles is an emancipated minor, and – after Peter Hale comes back from the dead – gains a zombie werewolf for a neighbour.

ALSO, bonus Harry Potter fic rec!

Dead Man Walking – rated T, 57k, WIP – Regulus is such a cool character and his kinda second-godfather-relationship with Harry is so great and I really hope inspiration strikes soon because this is soooo gooood. Love Kreacher in it, too!

Kreacher goes back to save his master, and Regulus survives but his near-death-by-Inferi puts him into a coma for the next sixteen years. When he wakes, well, the world is not so different. Voldemort is still at large, and the Ministry is still inept. His brother’s got a godson now though, so it’s only natural for Regulus to keep an eye on young Harry as well.

I’m rewatching all of X-Men: Evolution (yes at 4 AM don’t judge) and I have a few points

  1. There needs to be 100% more Nightcrawler
  2. also 5000% more Toad
  3. Toad is trans js
  4. also he did nothing wrong and i love him 
  5. until wanda shows up ok nm he’s real skeezy at that point
  6. rogue is still really hot i partly blame her for my goth phase
  7. This show is worse than i remember but i still love it yum yum like junk food for the soul lol

Audi 5000. The C2 and C3 series Audi 100s were badged as 5000s in the US because they were fitted exclusively with 5 cylinder engines (in Europe and elsewhere they used 4 and 5 cylinders). During model years 1983–1987, Audi’s U.S. sales fell after a series of recalls of Audi 5000 models associated with reported incidents of sudden unintended acceleration linked to six deaths and 700 accidents. The 5000 was rebadged as the Audi 100 and 200 in 1989 in line with European naming conventions