100 to 5000

the signs

aries: gay

taurus: fucking weird 

gemini: y'all need to shut up

cancer: express your feelings you twit

leo: just like .. quit fucking around… 

virgo: idk who any of y'all are cause u all hide everything about yourself???? who are u!!!

libra: soft

scorpio: ???????????

sagitarrius: The Best Sign The Best At Everything

capricorn: just like chill…..relax… nap… 

aquarius: good at telling stories 

pisces: you’re not THAT cool quit acting like you’re the coolest person ever because you did like one cool thing 2 years ago

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe: A Summary
  • Lucy: there's a magical world inside of this closet
  • Edmund: don't believe her
  • Peter: I don't believe you
  • Aslan: believe her
  • Susan: Jesus Christ, a talking lion
  • Aslan: you are correct in multiple ways