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He love, hope your day is going well today! I have a little imagine or headcannon idea! How do the boys (or more specifically Raph and Donnie) react when they're cuddling or waking up next to their new s/o and discover their s/o's tattoo, which is normally out of sight.


~shocked at first because he never thought that his s/o would have a tattoo

~Depending on the tattoo he would actually really like it

~Thinks that hit makes his s/o look 100 times more hotter

~would probably go get a matching tattoo with you later

~Would ask when you got it and why 

~Raph would probably like tattoos that have a deeper meaning to them or symbolic to something important or memorable 

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~like rap he would be very shocked at first

~isn’t really to fond of tattoos himself but that depends on the tattoo honestly

~he’s find it very badass of you to get one

~wouldn’t be too bugged about it though he really wants to get one now

~like raph he would probably get matching tattoos with you

~prefers small and simple tattoos rather than the big or sleeve ones

~he would be very interested about it and start throwing questions at you

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damn.. the glo up

1. scribbled after first reading of the Mogami arc
2. first mp100 fan art on tumbl :“)
3. most recent finished Mogami draw 👌🏻✨

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Idk how u do it but pap looks 100 times hotter in ur latest comic :B

WHA?? Oh well xD I guess it’s the color >\\> hahah thank you anyway xD

The Story (chapter 1 pt. 1)

Length: 2,517 Words

I really hope you guys like this first chapter. This series will be loosely based on the HYYH series, or at least my little twist and interpretation of it. I hope you guys like the next chapters to come <3

-Admin Kat


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Our story, our first story, is one of dreams. I struggled to write this. Remembering the mental torment of my friends. For no one knows true hell until they have risen to heaven, only to be yanked back to the burning cold abyss.

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It boggles my mind that people use this pic of Sylv to show ‘young’ Sylvester McCoy.

and they don’t use this one:

Also they use it to say 'Hey, Sylv is hot’. 

Excuse me

have you seen

All this other pics

Where he looks

100% times hotter?

Also Big Jim and the Figaro Club

This has been a public service to show the beautifulness of Sylvester McCoy. Thanks for your attention.

Marianne and Bog King (short story)

Bog King and Marianne
Short story


The sound of metal clashing filled the trunk of the tree as the Bog King and Marianne began their sparring match. Marianne shifted her feet to the right, narrowly dodging a hit from the Bog King’s staff. She counter with her blade slapping his staff to the side as she closed the gap in between them, ready to jab him in the stomach with the hilt of her sword. He flew up before she could deliver her blow and distance himself as he landed in front of her, twirling his staff like a baton before letting out a grin towards her.

“You gotta try harder than that, love!” He laughed. Marianne let out a small smirk as she placed the sword above her head.

“Oh you know I will!” She charged in delivering quick strikes hitting the pole of his staff, he swiftly threw her off from her assault and by then the both of them were starting to get winded.
The Bog King leaned on his staff for support, before straightening out his back hearing his scales shudder and crack.

“Perhaps…. we could take a break?” He asked slightly panting. Marianne let out a soft groan, straightening out her back as she put down her sword.

“Yeah, a break sounds good.” She replied, wiping the sweat off her forehead.
They both walked to a large table in the middle of the Bog King’s new throne room, since the other was destroyed, but instead of one, there was two. The other for Marianne whenever she came to visit the dark forest.
Their hands both reached out to the water pitcher only for their fingers to brush up against each other. They both retracted their hands away in surprise, both letting out small blushes and muttering apologies.

The Bog King shifted his hands in front of him in nervousness as he spoke, “S-sorry, um…um Y-you first! Like the saying goes, L-ladies first!” He stammered.

“N-no!” Replied Marianne fiddling with her hair. “Y-you can g-go first, really, it’s fine! You must be really thirsty so…”

“I must insist, you can drink first, it’s fine.” He said softly moving the pitcher towards her. She looked up at him, letting out a small smile, even after months of being together as a couple they were still struggling to overcome the awkwardness between them, more of Bog King than of her. She picked up her cup and served herself. She placed the pitcher in the palm of her hand before presenting it to him.

“May I serve you, my King?” She asked jokingly with a girlish high pitch voice. He laughed slightly and cleared his throat playing along as he let out his reply in a deep voice.

“You may….Princess.” He said putting out his cup before they both began to laugh. Marianne served him and placed the pitcher down before taking a drink.
She glanced back at the Bog King who had a large smile across his face as he sip at his drink. Even with the awkwardness they still manage to always have fun with each other but if they try anything intimate-Marianne face immediately flushed- anything remotely intimate like holding hands, hugging or even kissing was always a struggle. They took it slow with holding hands without the other sweating up a storm, and hugging took a month to get down as they both tense up when coming into an embrace and kissing-they never kissed, the only time they kissed was when they admitted their feelings towards each other. She place the cup down on the table in thought.

“Bog?” She called, making him immediately turned towards her as he took another sip of water. “….I want you to kiss me.”
His eyes widened and immediately spitted out his water with a coughing fit taking over. She put out her hands in concern only for him to take a step back away from her.

“I-I…w-what?! What did you-” he let out another cough. “Say?!”
She rolled her eyes at him.

“Oh come on, what’s the big deal? Don’t you want to kiss me?” She asked placing her hands to her hips. He let out a blush as he looked off to the side.

“I-Uh…y-yes?” He gulped, suddenly feeling that the room became 100 times hotter. She took a step towards him as she twiddle with her fingers.

“So…would you?”

“I-I…."he wanted to come up with an excuse, like he got a cold, or that the mood wasn’t right but when he stared into her maple-colored eyes. He knew he was a goner.
"I suppose…w-we could.”

“G-great.” She smiled, and then tap her chin in thought. “Um….I think couples hug each other when they kiss…”

“O-oh! O-of course.” He slowly took a step towards her, slowly wrapping his long arms around her waist. “Like this?”

“Y-yeah, that’s right…” She said looking down in embarrassment as she wrapped her arms around his neck, but with him being so tall, she had to stand on her tip-toes to barely place her hands on his neck. He immediately felt shivers run down his spine but knew that their position was not right.

“Maybe if you lean against the table?” He asked almost not sure for himself as he moved Marianne towards the table. She was immediately reclined enough to wrap her arms around his neck, their faces now inches away from each other.

“G-good?” He asked.

“Yeah, I’m good…you?”

“Yeah…I’m good.”

They both looked away wondering what to do next, Marianne looked back at him with her eyes lower.

“I think you have to kiss me…”

“Oh!…r-right, okay.” He let out a breath, readying himself. “Okay, I’m going to do it…o-Kay…” He felt a playful slap on his cheek making him look down at her.

“Hey, just relax…” She said softly. “It’s just you and me, you don’t need to feel so nervous, all right?”

He let out a small smile. “I know, I know…” With a deep breath, he leaned in. Their lips brushed against one another in a chaste kiss, while her lips were soft, The Bog King’s lips were rough and felt as if she was kissing bark but she felt butterflies for him being able to kiss her. They both pulled away, a blush apparent on each of their faces. Before Marianne got the chance to pull away, he pressed his lips against hers feverishly. She placed her hands on his shoulders trying to pull him away but felt his arms tighten around her small torso as he deepened the kiss. Her face turned red as his hands began to stroke her delicate wings while hungrily kissing her. She felt a deep rumble in his throat, almost like a growl. She sunk back, her legs turning into jelly from his passionate kiss that before she can kiss him back, he pulled away.
She blinked in surprise, putting her fingers over her swollen lips. She saw his eyes widen in shock and in embarrassment of what he done.
She put her hand out towards him.

“Bog I-!”

“I need to go!” He suddenly shouted out, his face red and flew off like a bullet heading out through the open roof of the tree.

“But wait! I…..” But he was soon gone in a flash. “I…actually enjoyed that…” She admitted. She let out a sigh, her hands as leverage as she leaned against the table. She looked up hearing pitter patter coming from around the corner and saw his mother, Griselda.

“Hello dear!” She waved happily as she walked up to her. “Where is that no good son of mine? How dare he leaves his pretty girl here? You poor thing.” She said taking her hand and patting it slightly in comfort.

“You just missed him…he took off when we..uh kissed.” She shrugged letting out a strain smile. Griselda let out a loud squeal of delight making Marianne cringe.

“Oh finally! How was it?! Come on you can tell me, a women can keep a secret even if it involves her son…” She winked nudging her slightly.

“Well-….at first he gave me a small peck and then suddenly he..” She stroked her hair, her embarrassment returning. “He umm…well I liked his approach it was just Uh…how do I put this?”

“Ah! Say no more! "You gave him an inch and he went for a mile?”“ She asked with her brow raised. Marianne nodded.

"Oh his father was the same thing! He acts so much like his father, when we were dating he was so nervous and stuttery but when it came to kissing…” She let out a grin.“ Suddenly, bam! It’s like he became a whole ‘nother man, but that what made him a great kisser, not to mention a lover.”

“So…it’s normal that he suddenly kissed me and…” She pointed towards the sky light.

“Oh yes! You know that males have "hormones” and when they kiss someone they like, they tend to…take it too far, way far, so to avoid that, they need some fresh air away from us.“

"Oh….oh! I get it, umm thanks Griselda.”

“Don’t worry about it and call me mother, because I like you.”
I guess I couldent help myself ^_^
I hope you guys enjoy it.