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Hey do you guys remember that time when Zuko took lightning for Katara and then the two never talked again and weren’t even friends

I find it incredible that clexughs can say any rude shit they want and call people names (ex. Calling Bellamy balloon condom and us blorkes) but the second bellarkers try to stand up for something (ex. Clarke being in a m/f relationship does not make her any less bi) or try and come together and support each other, we instantly become “lesbophobic, biphobic whiny cunts who eat privilege for breakfast and shit on any one who is actually trying to make a difference for minorities”

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I honestly feel so cheating on that we never got to see Wells Jaha develop on the ground and becoming a hardened, seasoned ‘Grounder’. Imagine Wells being the one who leads the captured 48, not Jasper. Wells would have believed Clarke. He would have been the first to be suspicious of Mount Weather. Imagine Wells struggling to keep his innocence and pure nature as he sees his friends being drained and slaughtered around him. Or Imagine Wells standing up to his father, and making him see reason because Wells was always good at just /talking/ to people. Imagine Wells convincing the council diplomatically. Or Wells being there for Clarke when the Finn debacle happens, making sure she doesn’t feel guilty, being there to provide council when Lexa enters her life and makes her head spin. Or to learn how to fight with the Grounders and about all the plants earth provides from them.

Wells deserved to live, he deserved to fight for life and his friends and build a new life on Earth.

Wells deserved so much better.

The French Presidential Debate

It took two days, but I finally finished watching all 3+ hours of the French presidential debate. I didn’t understand 100%, sometimes because they spoke too quickly, and sometimes because I wasn’t familiar with the topic. Anyway, here is how I would categorize each candidate if this were a family dinner instead of a presidential debate [tag yourself in the comments].

{If you want to watch the debate, the URL is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VYXhy7Om0gs}

FRANÇOIS FILLON: “everyone’s dad” He’s conservative and doesn’t smile a lot. Kind of grumpy, has enough money to talk a big game, but his ego is easily damaged if you bring up anything that embarrasses him, at which point he will sit quietly and wait for the subject of conversation to change. (Fillon is embroiled in scandal because he used government funds to hire his wife to be his “secretary,” and she didn’t actually do anything but go to Shakespeare classes and sit around her chateau all day.)

BENOÎT HAMON: “your weird cousin” He has one idea that he talks about all the time (universal basic income), and everyone just looks at him like he’s crazy and terribly naive. No one is sure why he is here, but he seems to be enjoying himself. Always good-natured, polite, content with staying quiet and out of the fray, super cuddly. Looks smart when he puts on his glasses but isn’t smart enough to keep them on for very long.

MARINE LE PEN: “your racist aunt who only drinks Moscato” Always complaining, shows up to dinner with a weird chart comparing herself to her neighbors. Ex-chainsmoker, so her voice is really raspy. Beady eyes. Thinks she’s good friends with the gay owner of the only beauty salon in town even though she doesn’t think he should be allowed to get married. Always complaining, hates Muslims and immigrants; her friends stopped inviting her to their tipsy Picasso parties because last time she screamed at one of them when they accidentally spilled paint on her bedazzled jeans.

EMMANUEL MACRON: “your boyfriend” Soooooo cute, piercing blue eyes, tiny little baby teeth. You want to stare at his face until you die, but instead you invite him to meet your fam. He wants to make a good impression. When they start talking politics, he looks really uncomfortable and isn’t sure what to say. He tries to steer a middle course, but the racist aunt sees through him, and they get into a bit of a shouting match. He’s embarrassed because he just met these people ten minutes ago, so he tries to smile and charm everyone into liking him again but ends up rambling on and on about nothing. He’s soooo cute, but after this dinner you start to question if he’s really “the one.” [No big deal when it doesn’t work out between you two because he ends up going back to his home town and marrying his former high school drama teacher, who is 12 years his senior. He’d always had a thing for her. FYI: That’s literally what happened.]

JEAN-LUC MÉLENCHON: “your cranky uncle, who is a professor” He’s really overbearing, which is probably why his son, “your weird cousin [Benoît Hamon],” is so quiet all the time. Professor Uncle is wily AF, and he isn’t going to put up with any bullshit from you OR the French oligarchy. He isn’t on speaking terms with his sister [the racist aunt], so they mostly just ignore each other, and he and your dad don’t really get along either. In fact, no one is sure why he is there– he’s kind of underdressed for this party, and no one invited him. He just showed up so he could scold everyone for not living up to his high ideals. [My favorite; others have referred to him as the “bulldog”]


After Bastille day, young Muslims and Arabs fear for their futures in France

During Bastille Day celebrations, Mohammed Lahouaiej Bouhlel drove a truck — filled with firearms and explosives — down a promenade in Nice, France, killing 84 and injuring 100 people. Mic spoke to several French Muslims about their initial reactions to the attack in Nice and their concerns about their future in France. In addition to Sira, they shared their harrowing stories.


why is this so funny god