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Hey do you guys remember that time when Zuko took lightning for Katara and then the two never talked again and weren’t even friends

Because They’re There.

Maybe the weirdness of humans isn’t in our squishiness or our resilience or our strange cultural quirks. Maybe the overriding ‘alienness’ of humans when compared to other species is our undying curiosity and drive to go further when we don’t need to. Other aliens explore and expand when it is required. There is no more space here so we must find more there. But humans will go out and explore an ocean just to see what’s there.

Zing (not their real name, but they were adapting to it as the only one the majority of their crewmates were able to pronounce) trudged into the communal area of the hive. Sub-Hive 9hXGsse was unimaginatively named and unimaginatively staffed and unimaginatively run. Often referred to as the loneliest system in space it was mainly manned and suited for outcasts of various species.

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And Under Your Breath (You Spoke of Innocence) by Lulatic

Fic can be read HERE.

Fluff, Slight Angst. Completed. Rated: G. Word Count: 2,200.

Pairings: Hanazawa Teruki/Kageyama “Mob” Shigeo.

Trigger Warnings: None.

Teru wondered just how much Mob noticed–if maybe he knew the impact he had on everything Teru was, on his thoughts, his life, his entire being.

Mob’s presence was all around him, it was interlaced in every thought, every hour of his life.

To anyone else, it would have been suffocating. But Teru would have gladly smothered himself in it.

Or; Mob asks questions, Teru searches for an answer he’ll (maybe) never find.

Part 2 of the We Were Just Kids Back Then Series.

Strawberry Lube and Blueberry Muffins

Summary: The one where Dan and Phil have sex for the first time and they are v cute.

Word Count: 4,000+

A/N: So from a canon timeline this seems pretty unorthodox but let’s just ignore that for now k great thanks<3

Warnings: Swearing, fluffy smut, age gap, you know the drill


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Practice was rough - Rap Monster (Smut)

You lay quietly on the brown leather sofa, watching ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ it wasn’t your preferred TV show but at this hour you had nothing better to do than watch it as you scrolled through your Facebook newsfeed, completely bored and gradually becoming needy. Unfortunately your boyfriend, Namjoon formally known as Rap Monster, was still at the BTS dance practice which usually ran for around 5 hours, you counted the time that ticked on, approximately 4 hours and 34 minutes had passed since practice started, he got a 2 minute break every 25-30 minutes, in which he would text you. However this text sounded almost angry, like he was in a bad mood with you, it read ‘make your way to the big hit building, use the pass I got you and come to the practice room as soon as we’re finished.’ It was so formal, no love hearts, kisses or smiley faces, very unusual for your boyfriend anyway, you decided to reply, formally too. ‘Okay Sir, see you in 25 minutes.’ You changed from your PJ’s into a navy blue cropped hoody, some black leggings, and black nike trainers. You threw your messy hair into a pony tail as you put on some light make up. After grabbing your bag with the pass, your phone and your purse in it you finally escaped your house jumping in your silver BMW before heading off to ‘Big Hit Entertainment’ You presumed that practice would run on a little late so the traffic you had been stuck in for 27 minutes didn’t bother you too much. You played some mellow, chill out music to stop the road rage, just as you exited the large line of traffic you received a text, figuring it wasn’t important you decided to ignore it. You where 20 minutes late but that wasn’t a big deal. “Hey Kyan” You spoke to the front desk worker, you had known him since you began dating Namjoon, “Hey Y/N, Rap Mon’s looking for you in the practice room” He spoke, like he had been ordered to do so. “Okay cool, see you later” You spoke happily, not having to show your pass. You walked up the flight of stairs to the practice room, expecting to see all of the boys chilling, but you walked into complete silence, “Hey Babe!” You spoke happily, smiling at your sweaty stunning boyfriend. “Where have you been?” He spoke, angry, at the fact you where so late, especially after he had been needy for around 2 hours now. “I-I was stuck in traffic” You spoke, now having a lump in your throat at how he was speaking to you. “You should have called me.” He spoke angrily. “I’m sorry” you said feeling bad about leaving him alone for that long, “If your sorry, make me forgive you” He said, his voice full of lust and sensuality. “Erm, Nam-” “What did I tell you to call me when I’m angry?” He spoke,his voice scary, yet so arousing. “Sorry, Sir” You spoke, beginning to feel a certain somewhere moisten. “Here.” He spoke pointing directly in front of him, you walked over to him and stood, head down like he usually made you when you made him upset. “Strip” he spoke, being 100% serious, “B-but the, the door..” you said nervous of someone walking in on you. “I warned everyone to stay away from the practice room, we’re safe.” At that, you began stripping, first slipping off your shoes, followed by your socks. You could tell he was getting impatient, so you began to speed up a little, removing your leggings and jumper leaving you in some black lace bra and panties. “Kneel” he said, the one word answer doing indescribable things to your abdomen. “Yes Sir” you said getting on your knees, knowing exactly what you where going to have to do. He began removing his red supreme belt and head band, pulling down his light blue jeans. he removed his timberland boots and navy supreme shirt until he was in nothing but his grey calvin klein boxers. He looked down at me, testing me. “Suck me” he said spoke, pulling on the hair of my pony tail. “Yes Sir” I said pulling his grey tented boxers down revealing his erect member, throbbing to be touched by you. You firstly put your small hands around it, stroking back and forth, earning a groan from him. You played with his balls as you licked the tip of his cock, tasting the saltiness of his pre-cum. “Stop teasing” he said as pushed your head down, causing you to choke slightly. You coughed slightly sending a small vibration down his length, earning another small moan. You began to go back and forth, swirling your tongue and hollowing your cheeks. When you could tell he was close you flattened your tongue and he rolled his curved hips into your small mouth. “Fuck Y/N, I’m cumming” he spoke as he release into your mouth, you swallowed up every last drop of the salty yet somehow sweet white taste that slid down your throat with ease. “Good girl, you can have your reward now.” He spoke as he lay you on the cold wooden floor, “Spread your legs for me baby” he spoke gripping your thighs lightly as he spread your legs to their fool potential. He removed kissed your wet core through your panties as you moaned slightly, the sensation slightly overwhelming. He pulled down your black lace panties to see your, tight wet core, roaring ready for him, he smirked at just how much he had effected you. “So wet for me already” he spoke, reaching up to your mouth “Your already so wet, you probably don’t need any help but open wide anyway" he spoke, making you suck on three of his fingers, lubrication certainly not needed due to the way he was making you feel. Without warning his first finger plunged into you, making you moan out his name as you threw your head back on the hard floor. When you began to loosen up he added another finger, before finally adding the third, slowly curling his fingers, hitting all the right spots, when he knew you where close he took his fingers out, licking up the juices, then all you saw was his blonde hair disappear in-between your legs, using his thick plump tongue to slide through your folds, finally bringing his thumb to your clit, rubbing a small circle, sending you over the edge. “Oh my god” you spoke rolling your eyes back, your whole body shaking and you released. You felt him lick up all of your juices and it felt unbelievably good. “Can you stand up for me baby girl?” he spoke, getting up and taking your hand. You stood up shakily as he caught you, “Jump” he spoke, you wrapped your legs around his torso, he picked you up and walked over to the non mirrored wall. He kissed up and down your neck leaving small purple bruises from your jawline to your breasts, the bra which he removed on the way to the wall was now on the floor as he stared up. “Your still on birth control right babe?” He whispered in your ear, all you could do was nod. “Nice and quiet for me baby, we might distract the recordings. He sunk into you slowly, allowing you time to adjust, before moving he lifted you up and down, you bit your lip, trying to suppress the moan that was dying to escape your mouth, still perched on the wall as his thrusts got deeper, fulfilling all the right needs. He placed his thick finger on your bright pink and thriving clit, sending you over the edge, he placed the same hand he had been teasing you with over your mouth, quieting your uncontrollable moan, courtesy of your orgasm. Feeling your warmth tighten around him caused him to fall over too, spilling into you and running down your thigh. “I’m sorry I was late” you spoke through deep breaths, “It’s okay, I like it a little rough after a hard practice, lets get you home.” He spoke kissing you, carrying you to your pile of clothing on the other side of the room, you thought about what had happened just seconds ago as you got ready, maybe a little rough practice can be good sometimes, you thought to yourself as you tied your thin shoe laces, you loved this boy, no matter how rough he could be.


why is this so funny god

I find it incredible that clexughs can say any rude shit they want and call people names (ex. Calling Bellamy balloon condom and us blorkes) but the second bellarkers try to stand up for something (ex. Clarke being in a m/f relationship does not make her any less bi) or try and come together and support each other, we instantly become “lesbophobic, biphobic whiny cunts who eat privilege for breakfast and shit on any one who is actually trying to make a difference for minorities”