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When your explaining your favorite book/ tv series to your friend:

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books meme: [2/9] nine otps

ty blackthorn and kit herondale (the dark artifices)

“Just words I like,” he said. “If I say them to myself, it makes my mind—quieter. Does it bother you?”

“No!” Kit said quickly. “I was just curious what words you liked.”

Ty bit his lip. For a moment, Kit thought he wasn’t going to say anything at all. “It’s not the meaning, just the sound,” he said. “Glass, twin, apple, whisper, stars, crystal, shadow, lilt.” He glanced away from Kit, a shivering figure in his too-large hoodie, his black hair absorbing moonlight, giving none of it back.

“Whisper would be one of mine, too,” said Kit. He took a step toward Ty, touched his shoulder gently. “Cloud, secret, highway, hurricane, mirror, castle, thorns.”

“Blackthorns,” said Ty, with a dazzling smile, and Kit knew, in that instant, that whatever he’d been telling himself about running away for the past few days had been a lie. He wasn’t leaving the Shadowhunters. He wasn’t going anywhere. Because where the Blackthorns were, was his home now.


TDA: Video Game Edit

Based off the world of Cassandra Clare, choose a character to navigate through this thrilling game of Shadowhunters, Demons and Downworlders. Play as Emma; the warrior, or Kit; The Wanderer. Explore locations like The City Of Glass to the enchanting world of Fae. Choose your battles, your friends, your enemies, and your lovers. Find your characters destiny. 


Fanart: @ducere

Fic: Shadow Boxer