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Most of my ships are one person of questionable character and one that is WAYYY too good for them. Pretty sure that says something about me but I can’t decide what.

does it bother anyone else when people say the shield should reunite? & when I say they shouldn’t reunite, I don’t mean they should do it later, I mean they shouldn’t ever.


                                        the almost kiss and 
                                                    the almost “i love you”


my favorite relationship trope is where person A is literally an asshole to everyone but person B scoops up their little bitter ass with their angelic personality and person A becomes a love struck fool

Seth Rollins - Prompt #80 Part 2

Prompt: Part 1 
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 Warnings: Swearing
Words: 1100+
I’m sorry that this took so long to upload. A lot of people said they loved part 1 so I was really put off from writing part 2 in case it was shit. (Probably still is shit but oh well)
y/h/t - your home town

You watched Seth walk away. His hands rubbed his face as he walked away. You couldn’t blame his reaction, it was a lot to take in, the fact that he has a son. This was how you expected him to react. How else would someone react if their ex-fiance showed up nearly a year and a half later with a child? 

“Should someone go after him?” Maryse asked 

“No” you said readjusting y/s/n on your hip “He needs time to think things over. He needs space” 

“He won’t do anything stupid will he?” she asked 

“I don’t think so” You shrugged. The four of you made your way back to the locker room. This really wasn’t how you wanted Seth to find out. You wanted to plan it out and have it be on your terms. 

“On the plus side your return was great” Mike said trying to lighten the mood 

“It did feel great to be out there again” You grinned as you packed up all of your son’s toys. “I’m gonna head out now” 

“I’ll come with you, I’m not needed anymore” Maryse said as you went to place the blanket over the baby carrier 

“I guess I don’t need to hide him anymore” you sighed. You and Maryse headed back to the hotel. You got some weird looks when everyone backstage saw you with a baby. Once back at the hotel you and Maryse ordered room service and watched the rest of the show together.

You groaned as you heard a knock at your hotel room door. You glanced at the clock and saw that it was 3 am That made you groan again knowing y/s/n would be up again in a couple of hours. There was another knock, this time a bit louder. You got up quickly to answer the door. You really didn’t need y/s/n waking up. 

“Seth” you were shocked to see him standing there 

“I haven’t been drinking I promise” he said. You couldn’t help but laugh. Before you started dating Seth showed up to your drunk with a very angry Cesero who had been dealing with drunk Seth all night. 

“That’s good to know” you smiled. After a beat of silence you looked down “I’m guessing you have a lot of questions” 

“Yeah” he ran his hand through his hair “quite a few actually” 

“Come in” You said opening the door further. You took a deep breath and accepted the fact that you weren’t getting anymore sleep tonight. You closed the door behind Seth and quickly made your way around the room to pick up all the mess. “Sorry it’s so messy” 

“I guess life would be messy with a baby” Seth mumbled. 

“So what do you want to know? I’ll answer anything honestly” 

“Anything? 100% honesty?” 

“100% Seth” you nodded, you saw him take a deep breath and you rolled your eyes “If you are seriously going to ask me if he is yours I will slap you” 

“Why is that so bad for me to ask?” 

“If i recall Seth I was the one who was loyal in our relationship. You cheated not me” 

“I know. I’m sorry” he sighed and sat on the couch “When did you find out?” 

“The day before I found out about you. Two days before you came home from that overseas tour.  I hurt my knee remember? Had to go to hospital found out I was 9 weeks long” 

“9 weeks?!” He exclaimed 

“Yeah. I have no idea how I didn’t know. The doctor said stress and busy schedules mean some woman do realise for a while” You shrugged 

“How was the pregnancy and birth?” Seth asked 

“It was okay. Morning sickness but that was all normal. The birth…it was a good birth, just painful. He was a little smaller than normal. 18 inches 5 and a half pounds” 

“Is that bad? Was that bad?” Seth asked. You could see the panic in his eyes. You smiled and placed a hand Seth’s shoulder. 

“He was at the bottom of the average range but still in the range” You said. Seth’s shoulders dropped as he breathed a sigh of relief. 

“Were you alone?” 

“No. Mum couldn’t make it out from y/h/t but Renee and Maryse came out to Florida” you smiled “They’ve been amazing not only the past 6 months but my whole pregnancy. They were there for me” 

“I would have been there” Seth said looking you straight in the eye “If you had told me, I would have been there….why didn’t you tell me?” 

“I was mad” you said fiddling with your fingers. This was going to be the first time the two of you talked about this. Back when it happened you were mad and upset. You ignored his calls and texts and since you were injured and he was still on the road, it was very easy to move on. Well, it wasn’t easy, actually it was the hardest thing you’ve gone through but it was easy to stay away from Seth. “I was mad and upset. My world was falling around me. I felt betrayed” 

“I know and I’m so sorry I-” 

“So my anger made me not want to tell you and then after I thought maybe you wouldn’t want him and then I just kept talking myself out of telling you” 

“How many people knew about him? That you were pregnant?” 

“Renee, Dean, Maryse and Mike plus Carrano, Steph and Vince. Probably Hunter too” You said 

“I just don’t get why you didn’t tell me?! You knew how sorry I was! I told you I still loved you!” He exclaimed 

“Lower your voice” you hissed “I don’t need y/s/n waking up any earlier than he normally would. Seth, I was hurt. You hurt me and he…he was mine, my little boy and I couldn’t let him get hurt so I kept him from you…Dean said I should but I just couldn’t” 

“You thought I would hurt him?” 

“I don’t know!” you exclaimed, “I don’t know!” 

“Lower your voice…you don’t need y/s/n waking up” Seth whispered. 

“Do you want to see him?” You asked looking up at Seth 

“See him?” 

“I mean he’s asleep now, it’s when he’s most peaceful” 

“Uh…yeah if I can” He nodded. You smiled and took his hand and pulled him into the bedroom. y/s/n laid peacefully, sucking on his pacifier with one leg outside of the blanket. You looked up at Seth. He was taken by your son, his son. In the darkness of the room you swear you saw some tears in his eyes. 

“He sleeps like you” Seth whispered

“He has your eyes” you said “overachiever like you too. He rolled over fast than normal, he’s trying to crawl now” 

“That’s my little boy” Seth grinned “I want to be a part of his life” 


“y/n please. This is what I want. I want him” 

“Small steps Seth, baby steps” 

“But I can be?” 

“Yeah…sure” you nodded 

“Thank you y/n. I won’t let you done. I promise” he smiled rubbing a finger along y/s/n’s cheek. 

This is fucking shit