100 revisited

if Winter ever chose to take a human form
walking beside me like just another mortal soul, 
i think, my dear, 
the Girl would look just like you.

walking beside me like just another mortal soul, 
with ice-frosted irises and snowcaps atop greying hair, 
the girl would look just like you 
in another world. while you are still here

with ice-frosted irises and snowcaps atop greying hair,
she does not walk alone under the stars.
In another world, while you are still here,
this is the way the story should end. 

She does not walk alone under the stars. 
i think, my dear, 
this is the way the story should end, 
if Winter ever chose to take a human form.

—  but Winter is not here and neither are you ( j.p. )
#094: Mega Gengar

It hides in shadows. It is said that if Gengar is hiding, it cools the area by nearly 10 degrees Fahrenheit.

Last Week, there was an entry on Gengar where we analyzed why Gengar lowers the temperature of the room. To which solkatspacekitties replied:

Well, let’s figure out what happens when you give Gengar a hug. Following the same process as before, and assuming the only heat transfer is between you and Gengar (no heat lost to the air),

Solving for Tf this time,

We now have all the information we need to find what your temperature will be after you give Gengar a hug. Using the following values:

m(G) = 40500 g (taken directly from pokedex)
c(G) = 3.5 J/gC (same assumption we made before)
T(i,G) = -96.8 C (found in last post)
m(y) = 62000 g (average mass of a human)
c(y) = 3.5 J/gC (specific heat of human)
T(i, y)= 37 C (average human body temperature)

If you hug Gengar, your body temperature will drop to -16 degrees Celsius, or 3.2 degrees Fahrenheit. You would die.

I think its safe to assume that Gengar uses a lot of energy, more than he can get from eating or breathing like we do. Therefore, Gengar uses heat transfer like this to survive.

That means no hugs. :( 

“Dr. Watson, are you married?”

“I was.”

“What happened?” (a great fucking question, guard man! guard man named david!!!)

"She died.”

“What would you give to get her back? I mean if you could, if it was possible? What would you do to save her?”


look there is 100% a secret fourth episode and we are 100% going to be revisiting HOW. MARY. DIED.

Fic Tennis, Round 1 [4/?]

Bellamy Blake / Clarke Griffin. Modern AU. Clarke’s car keeps breaking down, and Bellamy’s the one to fix it. [Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3]
This fic tennis match is brought to you by myself and enoughtotemptme. If you want to get off this roller coaster at any point, you can blacklist the tag “fic tennis”.


I didn’t want to offend the neighbors, he replies.

She isn’t sure if he’s being serious, or if he’s teasing. Offend the neighbors? Really?

His reply takes longer this time. Mrs. Kane seemed like a nice lady. Clarke is in the middle of formulating a reply when a second message pops up. I didn’t want her to hit me with her handbag or something.

Clarke laughs, because Mrs. Kane probably would have, if she’d thought she needed to. She settles in with her book and her tea, and gets so caught up in her book that she doesn’t go to sleep until almost two in the morning.

Bellamy’s not at the shop when Clarke picks up her car, and Raven’s feet are sticking out from under a dark green minivan. She doesn’t stop working, just waves her foot at Clarke and promises to see her later.

Bellamy’s not at the shop two days later when Clarke drops off the jacket Raven left at her house, either, and Raven just shrugs when Clarke asks and says he’s out making a house call. Clarke texts him a thank-you for fixing her car, and he just tells her it was his pleasure. They don’t exchange any messages for a few days; Bellamy’s next message is just to see how her car’s holding up, and when she tells him it’s still running, he just says Good with a smiley face and that’s the end of the conversation for another week.

Her mother insists on her attendance at the Jahas’ annual Earth Day dinner party, even though she’s been so busy at work she’d rather go home and sleep like the dead. But she gets dressed up and loads up on coffee and drives the fifteen miles out of town to the ranch anyway, and she has fun hanging out with Wells and Mel and her old high school friends.