100 point game

like i just wish

that show only watchers could know what Baelish is like in the books

because he’s literally so genial and un-assuming that the only people who suspect he’s up to anything are Tyrion, Varys and Sansa. Everyone else just thinks oh littlefinger. That guy. Yeah he’s good at math and accounts and shit and he’s a bit of a cheeky asshole but nah he’s good man he’s good. He just sits in the corner making one liners and wearing gaudy clothes, what a card.

he didn’t bankrupt the crown through bad book keeping skills, as a lot of show watchers seem to think. that shit was on purpose. He set that house of cards up so that the moment he left it fell to shit. which it did.

And even When everythings falling to shit when he’s already hightailed it to the vale, back in Kings landing Cersei wishes he was back . Would welcome him back to the small council with open arms. Jamie even thinks he would make a good hand lmao.

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am i the only one with the HP pet peeve where fanfic writers always write Quidditch matches as ending once the Seeker's caught the Snitch? All the Snitch does is give the Seeker's team 100 points, the game still goes on until the time is up!

i’m afraid that’s simply not true - “game of Quidditch only ends when the Snitch is caught, so it can go on for ages” - taken right from Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

sorry bud!

Beauty in the Youth 💐

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im not nearly knowledgable enough about the kirby series but/// everything is tiny and adorable/// i love it

j o i n  t h e  p o y o

so i saw this post and was inspired to make one based on my limited experience as lúcio

I’m formulating a…slightly batshit and highly unlikely theory about Jaqen H’ghar and like…I gotta share.

The facts are these:

Jaqen H’ghar is from Lorath. He tells us this in A Clash of Kings, Arya II. Here’s what A World of Ice and Fire has to say about Lorathi speech patterns:

Accordingly, the Boash'i put aside even their own names, and spoke of themselves as “a man” or “a woman” rather than say “I” or “me” or “mine.” Though the cult of the Blind God withered and died out more than a thousand years ago, certain of these habits of speech endure even now in Lorath, where men and women of the noble classes regard it as inutterably vulgar to speak of one’s self directly. 

So, what’s that mean for Jaqen, or the Face of Jaqen? Well, either he’s a commoner from Lorath from a very very long time ago, or he’s a Lorathi nobleman. The nobleman kind of makes sense–a Faceless Man was sent to King’s Landing for reasons unknown, perhaps a nobleman of any sort was seen as a good choice. 

Before I move on, I want to point out an interesting parallel though:

These new Lorathi were worshippers of Boash, the Blind God. Rejecting all other deities, the followers of Boash ate no flesh, drank no wine, and walked barefoot through the world, clad only in hair shirts and hides. Their eunuch priests wore eyeless hoods in honor of their god; only in darkness, they believed, would their third eye open, allowing them to see the “higher truths” of creation that lay concealed behind the world’s illusions. The worshippers of Boash believed that all life was sacred and eternal; that men and women were equal; that lords and peasants, rich and poor, slave and master, man and beast were all alike, all equally worthy, all creatures of god.  An essential part of their doctrine was an extreme abnegation of self; only by freeing themselves of human vanity could men hope to become one with the godhood.

that….that sounds sort of familiar, right? Where have I heard this before?

“You should. Stay, and the Many-Faced God will take your ears, your nose, your tongue. He will take your sad grey eyes that have seen so much. He will take your hands, your feet, your arms and legs, your private parts. He will take your hopes and dreams, your loves and hates. Those who enter His service must give up all that makes them who they are. Can you do that?” He cupped her chin and gazed deep into her eyes, so deep it made her shiver. “No,” he said, “I do not think you can.” A Feast for Crows, Arya II


Probably not important.

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  • Morrigan: I see the stories they tell of Grey Warden endurance are not exaggerated.
  • Warden: You're just saying that.
  • Morrigan: Not at all. Legends abound regarding such figures as Garahel, sordid though they may be. The unanswered question, of course, is whether the endurance exists because of the taint within you or because the Grey Wardens are by nature so very... healthy. I enjoy the thought that 'tis a little of both. Natural prowess driven by a darker side.
60. March

A/N: Hi so it’s March 31st so I’m still within the right timing! And you know, since it’s March and that Malfoy Manor/Shell Cottage happened in March, I cannot, for the life of me, not write it. I am fully aware I have a Malfoy Manor/Shell Cottage problem so no needs for an intervention or anything. I hope you’ll still like it! I’m not fully satisfied with it but my eyes are getting sore from looking at it too much…

They all quietly return to the cottage after Dobby’s burial.

Hermione can’t think properly, can’t process everything that happened and brought them to this moment.

They came so close to losing it all.

Dobby’s death, as heroic as it was, makes the war all too real. She can still hear Ron’s screams of anguish, her body still trembles and burns.

Before entering the small house, she turns to look at the sea. She watches the waves crash on the sand, the seagulls fly free above them and yet, it’s Ron’s hand low on her back warm and soothing, that grounds her the most.

She’s in pain, emotionally and physically. And so so tired of running. There’s been this sword of Damocles above their heads for years. She’s all too aware of it. It almost slit her throat earlier today, but killed Dobby instead.

She wants everything to stop, just for a minute, so she can catch her breath.

But, nothing will stop and no matter how torn apart she feels, the world will keep on spinning.

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( Thing i would love to write right now: Cailan at the Winter Palace )

JAEHYUN | Hogwarts Students ᗏ

 since Jaehyun came to Hogwarts he was the most popular guy, he is handsome, one of the best - if not THE best - quidditch player on team, good at potions, actually good with everything.

 he is the most PROUD Gryffindor that you will see in your life, and as a Gryffindor boy he loooves to tease Slytherins’. 

 one day at the potion class he got a brilliant idea… make a polyjuice potion and put it in someone’s juice! so classic. he prepared it after class and start looking for a target… Doyoung? No, too salty… Yuta? Better no… Hmm… Ten? Perfect!!

 he arrived at Ten’s side and start talking to him, a nice guy, so smiley, so innocent… and without Ten notice he drop the potion in his pumpkin juice.

 some seconds later Ten become TALL, and won a BIG BEARD… he become Hagrid! Gryffindors - and fell people of Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw - start laugh so hard!!! - pooooor Ten! sweetie you don’t deserve this people, come here i’ll protect you -

 Ten was so upset, his bright smile disappeared and large tears start to appear… Jaehyun become gray, he didn’t think that it will hurt someone’s fear this much.

 that year - because of it - Gryffindor lost 100 points and lost the Game. and Jaehyun… well, he caught a HUGE detention, and never made this again… oh Ten is fine, and bright again.

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Recognizing Racist implications/undertones in your media does not making you an anti

It pisses me off when white/non-black POC act as if they can/should have a legitimate opinion of black culture or what constitutes as racist especially in media. Like sorry hons but all you should ever say on the subject is, “wow that didn’t even occur to me seeing as how I don’t and never will share your experience being a non black person. Let me know how I can help so that I do not exacerbate the problem.”

Like seriously I understand wanting to enjoy your shows guilt free so whenever the question of racist undertones/messages/implications come up you feel as if the only course of action is to quit the show. Or you feel that if you continue consuming a piece of media despite being aware of it’s sociopolitical issues you are also a part of the problem. That leaves you with an uncomfortable feeling in your stomach and no one likes that so instead you pretend the problem doesn’t exist.

NEWS FLASH!! Acting as if a problem doesn’t exist, refusing to be critical of your media is actually worse, makes the problem worse because you are willfully choosing ignorance. And no amount of “critical thinking” degrees or “black friends” or “I’ve lived in/read about this culturally diverse neighborhood all my life so I know what I am talking about” actually gives you the authority to speak over black people or on black issues with any level of legitimacy. These are weak credentials to an already weak argument. 

And being a non-black POC does not automatically excuse you from contributing to the anti-black (especially dark skinned) sentiments whether you are actively making those statements or whether you fail to notice and then refuse to acknowledge those implications in your media. 

  • Jason rothenberg: Hey GUYs!!! The 100 is like the most diverse, liberal, progressive, social justice,equal race , equality, i eat equality for breakfast, i love democracy, i love black people, i love gays the 100 loves the gays the love love love one love love!
  • Jason rothenberg: also this postapocalyptic era is super progressive there’s like three whole gay people aND I have LOTS of like color and like lots of language!1 hey check out these savages over here (weird they’re all poc?? what??? ) omg look over here to ur left and you’ll see our white saviors!!! Omg also if you forgot this poc existed let me kill him or make sure you hate him next episode even though his actions make no sense! Thanks guys one race the human race!! I’m outtie!!

jasper jordan appreciation week | day two  favourite quote (02x11) 

Age of Sigmar Skirmish - List of Suitable Starting HEROES

Looking through the rules on warband construction for Age of Sigmar Skirmish it appears that you must have a model with the HERO keyword in your warband. Unfortunately the army lists at the back of the book don’t list which models match this requirement. Fortunately I’m stuck in the house today so have gone through the warscrolls and extracted the details of which models are OK to represent your warband leader. It might be an idea to mark these in your rulebook.

Note that while everyone tends to think in terms of “Skaven warband”, “Empire warband”, the factions in AoS are actually Chaos, Death, Destruction, and Order. So don’t worry about the lack of leadership options for your particular sub-faction, it appears that the game is designed around polyglot warbands where you may have an elf leader, some human followers, and a lone skink just to use up the last awkward Reknown point. This explains why some sub-factions have no suitable starting leader type.

Entries marked (*) are too expensive for warband leaders in the campaign game (at least, at first). This is because you start with 25 Reknown and must have at last three models - ergo any HERO that costs more than 23 points simply won’t fit. They will be OK in 50 or 100 point “matched” games though.

Starting warbands may look very small but it looks as if the campaign game is really a small-scale escalation campaign. Mathematically after game 1 you will have at least 6 extra reknown (which gives you 2 or 3 new grunts) and if really lucky as many as 16. All your casualties recover as well. I believe it’s best to think at first in terms of your HERO being “you” and your followers just being whatever cheap rubbish was needed to make it up to 25 Reknown.


BRAYHERDS - Great Bray-Shaman
CLANS ESHIN - Deathrunner (*)
CLANS SKYRE - Warlock Engineer
CLANS VERMINUS - Skaven Warlord
DAEMONS OF KHORNE - Herald of Khorne, Blood Throne (*)
DAEMONS OF NURGLE - Herald of Nurgle
DAEMONS OF TZEENTCH - Herald of Tzeentch (*), The Changeling (*),
EVERCHOSEN - Gaunt Summoner of Tzeentch (*) (see Note 1)
HOSTS OF SLAANESH - Herald of Slaanesh, Herald of Slaanesh on Seeker Chariot, Exalted Seeker Chariot (*)
KHORNE BLOODBOUND - Aspiring Deathbringer, Aspiring Deathbringer with Goreaxe & Skullhammer, Bloodsecrator (*), Bloodstoker, Exalted Deathbringer, Exalted Deathbringer with Impaling Spear, Mighty Lord of Khorne (*), Skullgrinder, Slaughterpriest, Slaughterpriest with Hackblade & Wrath-Hammer
MASTERCLAN - Grey Seer (*)
NURGLE ROTBRINGERS - Gutrot Spume (*), Lord of Plagues
SLAVES TO DARKNESS - Darkoath Chieftain, Lord of Chaos
TZEENTCH ARCANITES - Gaunt Summoner and Chaos Familiars (*), Gaunt Summoner (see Note 1), Magister (*), Tzaangor Shaman (*),  

Note 1 - There are three different names for the Gaunt Summoner here. I assume the cheaper one is fielded without the Chaos Familiars.


DEATHMAGES - Necromancer
DEATHRATTLE - Wight King with Baleful Tomb Blade (*)
FLESH-EATER COURTS - Abhorrant Ghoul King (*), Crypt Ghast Courtier, Crypt Haunter Courtier (*), Crypt Infernal Courtier (*),
NIGHTHAUNT - Cairn Wraith, Tomb Banshee


BONESPLITTERZ - Savage Big Boss (*)
GITMOB GROTS - Grot Shaman
IRONJAWZ - Orruk Megaboss (*), Orruk Warchanter, Orruk Weirdnob Shaman (*)

Yes, this means that the only permissable starting HERO for Destruction is either the Grot Shaman or Orruk Warchanter. It also makes the “Ironjawz Weirdnob Warband” that GW sell illegal as a starting warband in AoS Skirmish as the Weirdnob is too expensive to fit into a 25 Reknown warband. Tut tut tut.


ELDRITCH COUNCIL - Archmage (*), Loremaster
FREE PEOPLES - Freeguild General
DISPOSSESSED - Runelord, Unforged, Warden King (*)
FYRESLAYERS - Auric Runefather (note 2), Auric Runemaster, Auric Runesmiter (note 2), Auric Runeson (note 2), Battlesmith, Doomseeker, Grimwrath Berzerker
IRONWELD ARSENAL - Cogsmith, Gunmaster,
KHARADON OVERSEERS - Aether-Khemist, Aetheric Navigator, Arkanaut Admiral (*), Endrinmaster
SCOURGE PRIVATEERS - Black Ark Fleetmaster
SERAPHON - Saurus Oldblood (*), Skink Starpriest
ORDER DRACONIS - Dragon Prince (note 3)
PHOENIX TEMPLE - Anointed (note 4)
SYLVANETH - Branchwych
WANDERERS - Nomad Prince
STORMCAST ETERNALS -  Knight-Azyros, Knight-Heraldor (*), Knight-Questor, Knight-Venator (*), Knight-Vexillor (*), Lord-Castellant, Lord-Celestant, Lord-Relictor, Lord-Veritant (*)

Note 2 - There are no warscrolls for the dismounted version of these on the GW website. I assume they will have the HERO keyword as the mounted versions do.
Note 3 - No warscroll for Dragon Prince on GW website. I assume it is the same as the “High Elf Prince” entry in the High Elves pdf.
Note 4 - No warscroll for Anointed on GW website. I assume it is the same as the “Anointed of Asuryan” entry in the High Elves pdf.

I thought of another of the many, many reasons why I find the ‘homestuck kid permadies heroically at the end’ theories distasteful

basically it seems like taking all these kids with canonical serious self-worth issues and going 'yeah, you’re right to think that you’re worth more dead than alive’

Imagine Les Amis & co. going bowling

  • Enjolras gets like 4 splits in a row and is so close to breaking 100 and sulkd for a while.  
  • Grantaire is great at bowling, like he gets over 100 points every single game (except when he lets Enjolras win so that he’ll stop pouting).  
  • Bousset keeps getting gutter balls until the last frame where he trips and almost falls over while walking up to the lane and ends up getting a strike.
  • Bahorel would use the heaviest bowling ball he could find just for the hell of it. Someone else would try to use it and end up geting it stuck in the middle of the lane (I’m guessing Marius or Bousset).
  • Feuilly and Bahorel are determined to win against the other (Feuilly wins by 5 points. Bahorel calls for a rematch and loses again, this time by 3 points).
  • Combeferre has great technique and is really good at knocking down single pins in the corners.
  • Eponine and Grantaire are on a team and they dominate every time. 

(This doesn’t include everyone but that’s all I’ve got for now)