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12/1/17 | {26/100 days of productivity} 3 days till mocks :^/// I have to study for three exams that I didn’t know were going to be on monday, I’m busy all day tomorrow and Saturday, and I’m out Sunday too; plus I have 3 pieces of homework help me

Ikora Rey on Fireteams

“A Guardian, alone, equipped with nothing but their weapons and wits, is dangerous to the Darkness. But give a Guardian a fireteam, a family to call their own, they can clear Ketches in a day. You fight now not only to live another day, but to see them back at the Tower. And with all your victories, your accomplishments, your pushes against the darkness…you feel as strong as an army of Titans. But all it takes is one Vandal to reach a Ghost before you can to realize that the wilderness, no matter how hard you try to tame it, teach it that you have fangs just as sharp, you cannot fight back without losing someone.”