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The Lost Delinquents Week:   Day 3: Connor and Myles

today I’m doubling up on delinquents, and if you aren’t sure why that is, it will become clear by the time you finish reading this. While I will be covering both of them, I will be talking about them separately. 


Connor makes his The 100 debut in episode 1x04 “Murphy’s Law.” He is helping to build a section of the wall, and is carrying a huge branch when he drops it and falls to a knee. Murphy comes over in full power mode and Connor tells him that he just needs some water and then he’ll be fine. Bellamy tells Murphy to go get him some water and Murphy leaves just long enough for Bellamy to joke with Charlotte, then lift the branch and leave with it. Murphy comes back and, like a grade A asshat, starts to pee on Connor.

“What the hell is wrong with you, Murphy?” Connor gets up and is held back by some of Murphy’s goons once he realizes what’s going on. 

After discovering the knife with Wells’ fingers and stating that they know who killed him, Clarke leaves the tent where she, Bellamy, Jasper, and Octavia have been talking to confront Murphy. She says they can’t just go around killing each other and Connor is the one to suggest that they float him.

“That’s not what I’m saying”

“Why not? He deserves to float. It’s justice.”

“Revenge isn’t justice”

“It’s justice. Float him”

The float him chant among the delinquents starts to grow.

Now, here’s the thing about this part of the scene, Clarke is obviously upset about Wells’ death. She’d gotten back and lost her best friend all in one night. Her accusing Murphy in public is stupid, but she is running high on emotions here. However, Connor is the one calling for Murphy’s ‘floating.’ He’s the one calling for revenge against Wells’ death. Why? 

Here’s the thing, I don’t think Connor’s ‘He deserves to float. It’s justice’ has much of anything (or anything at all) to do with Wells’ death. More than likely Connor doesn’t actually care about Wells. His call for revenge against Murphy is because of the way he’d been treated by Murphy earlier. He’s angry and earlier he hadn’t been able to do anything about it, but now he has a reason to get people on his side. Besides, how many other delinquents had Murphy acted like a dick to? Getting a mob to turn on Murphy isn’t a difficult thing to do. 

As the begin to beat Murphy, Connor is the one to put the gag in Murphy’s mouth, and pushes Clarke back when she tries to stop them when they get the rope over the tree. With Murphy hung up, Connor looks at Bellamy “Bellamy, you should do it.” before starting the chant of Bellamy, to which Bellamy gives the people what they want and kicks the box from under Murphy to send him to his fate. He cheers along with most of the other delinquents, and when Finn comes up to try and save Murphy he threatens him, holding him back.

Finally, Charlotte confesses to the murder and Connor, along with the others fall silent as they realize they’d been hanging Murphy. Question is do any of them really regret doing it? Does Connor regret it? Maybe a part of him regrets it, but I wouldn’t say that 100% of him does.

All of this could suggest that Connor is an overly violent person, but I don’t think he really is. He actually is pretty calm for the first part of the episode, before the accusations, and in later episodes he doesn’t really show any signs of being violent. I do, think, however, that Connor can become aggressive when provoked, and vengeful against those who wrong him. 

In 1x08 “Day Trip” he tells Miller that Roma’s parents are waiting for him on the radio, and then later we find out that Connor has fallen victim to the Jobi Nuts. He is even the delinquent responsible for Raven giving us one of most people’s favorite quotes. “You are the most beautiful broom in a broom closet of brooms.” He’d been hugging her before this line and after she says it he hugs her again. 

Unlike some of our other sky people on the ground, Connor actually seems to be having a pretty good trip, or maybe it hadn’t started that way and that first hug he pulls away from was part of Raven bringing him down from a bad hallucination. I kind of don’t think so, though. Everyone is effected by substances differently, and everyone experiences highs differently too. I just like to imagine Connor being someone with a calm high, especially when the last time we saw a lot of him he’d been so filled with anger and revenge.

Connor is on guard duty with Derek in 1x10 “I Am Become Death” when someone or something hits the trip wire, and after Derek shoots a few rounds the two of them and Octavia go to investigate. They expect to find a grounder, but instead find a tortured Murphy. They take him back to the dropship where he tells Bellamy that they’d caught him trying to sneak back into camp, and they hadn’t seen any grounders after Murphy said he was running from them. 

He leaves the dropship and the next we see him is when he starts calling for Clarke and she’s in Raven’s tent. Clarke comes outside of the tent to find blood all around Connor’s mouth “it won’t stop.” We then hear Derek coughing and Clarke realizes they’re coughing up blood, and also puts together that it’s something with Murphy since they had brought him in. Now, what I love about this is that Connor was looking for Clarke. Clarke is pretty much the unofficial doctor of the camp, and Connor figures that out of everyone she’d be the one to be able to help him. She’d saved Jasper and Finn after all. 

As time passes and more people begin to get sick, Octavia and a feeling better Murphy take to taking care of them. Connor is laying in a corner when he starts coughing pretty violently, probably choking on his own blood, and Octavia tells Murphy to turn him on his side. 

Murphy goes over and Connor is extremely cautious of him, refusing to roll onto his side for a few moments before finally giving in. He hears Murphy tell him that “You and me are good.” He can’t believe this, and even confesses to putting the rope around his neck. This is a fact that I’m not sure Murphy knew beforehand. It’s possible that he’d only known that Connor started the chant to float him. Murphy tells him everything that happened is bygones before coming back later and suffocating him with a wet rag. Connor was already weak from the virus and it would look like he had died from it like some of the others had. 

Connor’s biggest role in the show had revolved around getting revenge on John Murphy, only to have his own life ended when Murphy turned around and got revenge against him. 


Myles’ first appearance comes in the episode immediately after Connor’s death, 1x11 “The Calm.” The smokehouse for the meat they’d built gets burned down, and people start getting into hunting groups. He approaches Clarke and asks if she wants to go together, and he seems excited when she says yes. I actually think that Myles might have had a bit of a crush on Clarke. 

Finn suggests he and Clarke go together, and Myles, all smiles, comes over to interrupt and ask Clarke if she’s ready to go before noticing Finn, “Oh Finn you’re joining the band?” “Sure”

They start to head out and Myles is excited about this, “Awesome. Haven’t really gotten a chance to hang out with you guys much. Do you even know how I got arrested on the Ark?”

There’s a look between Clarke and Finn and a few smiles before Finn answers with “I’m dying to hear about it.”

This whole interaction reminds me of the freshman in high school getting to hang out with the seniors moment. He’s excited and wants to impress them (the how he got arrested story that I still want to know because he seems so damn proud of it.) I also don’t think Clarke and Finn have been around someone this positive and upbeat about things in a while. Myles, actually kind of reminds me of pilot episode Jasper, though a lot more talkative…like Myles talks a lot. 

Out on the hunt the three have their duties. Finn is the tracker, Clarke is the hunter, and Myles is the protection and lookout for grounders. Finn and Clarke soon notice that the tracks being made by a boar are too perfect and that they are actually the ones being hunted. Myles stands up, his gun at the ready “I don’t see anything” before an arrow hits his leg and then another hits his chest. Clarke expresses concern, but Finn says that have to leave him, only it’s too late and Anya and some other grounders are there and take the two leaving Myles behind to die. 

Hours pass and back at camp Monty tells Raven that they aren’t back yet, and that they’re going to go search for them. (Slightly unrelated, but Raven believes Finn and Clarke are off together until Monty tells her that Myles was with them and hadn’t come back yet. It’s the missing of all three that causes Raven to realize that the other two not being back yet is a concern.) 

We get a scene during the search when Octavia and Raven hear something in the bushes and it’s intercut with scenes of Clarke to make us think it’s her. However, it’s not her it’s Myles. Myles knew he couldn’t make it back to camp, but he’d drug himself into some bushes in order to hide on the chance that someone would come out looking for them. When asked where the others were he tells them that the grounders took them.

In 1x12 “We Are Grounders Part 1″ he’s laying in one of the lower levels of the dropship and after the scene between Bellamy and Jasper takes place he asks for some water and Bellamy tells him he’ll get some and leaves to do so. 

During this time Murphy comes in and he covers Myles face with plastic, suffocating him. As he’s killing him we find out why, “this is for tying the noose that they hung me with” Myles’ death is what leads to Jasper being taken hostage.

Myles is someone who doesn’t look like they’d be capable of aiding in someone’s death, but this is The 100 and appearances aren’t always what they seem. It’s also possible that Myles fell under the ‘well everyone else is doing it’ rationalization when it came to hanging Murphy, and then there’s the fact that he’s probably one of the younger delinquents and he might have felt like he was impressing the older delinquents by being the one to tie the noose. It’s also possible that he, like most of the others, were caught up in the moment and the riot and wasn’t really thinking about the consequences to his actions. 

No matter what his motives or reasoning was, ultimately his actions lead to his death, same as Conner’s need for revenge lead to his. 

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