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In 12+ years of making costumes (and 10+ years of marriage), we had never actually cosplayed an OTP. Couples cosplay, sure, but never one of my omg-these-two-idiots-have-taken-over-my-brain ships.

I can’t lie, it was pretty awesome. Love you, sirrogue

Bellamy: sirrogue; Clarke: brightcopperpenny
Photos by Molly and Gabriela at The 100 cosplay meetup at SDCC!

I need a rival dog walker au with calum where he sees you struggling with the big dogs and offers to take them off your hands but you just GLARE at him because this hunky son of a bitch is taking all your business and the next thing you know your big clients cancel and you’re left with the little yippy dogs and the next time you bump into him at the dog park he has YOUR OLD CLIENTS dogs with him and he’s holding like fifteen leashes for big dogs in his hands and the veins on his arms are p o p p i n g and he has this grin on his face that makes you want to slap him but all you can muster out is a snappy remark like, “trying to compensate for something, Hood?” your eyes flicking from the large dogs by his feet and your gaze lingering on his crotch for just a second too long just to emphasize what exactly you’re talking about and his face just pales and as a token of grace he lets you have your old clients back in exchange for a “peacekeeping” dinner and later that night you find out that he wasn’t compensating for anything at all