100 people i'd love to meet

anonymous asked:

Is there a certain time/place where followers could meet you on the Saturday of Youmacon? Or will you be wearing something distinguishable that we could see then approach you? Oh, and are you 100% okay with followers coming up to you anytime (of course not while you're on the toilet or in the middle of a conversation, but like if you're walking around the Dealer's Room or something)? I'd personally love to meet you and my friends are HUGE fans, but I don't wanna make you uncomfortable.

So here’s the rundown for cons

1.  I don’t do meetups or anything like that.  You just gotta be on the lookout.

2.  I’ll be wearing a 20th Century Boys Friend shirt (I always post photos of what I’ll be wearing right before a con happens, so people can make sure it’s me)

3.  You can walk up to me any time, no problem, I’m never too busy at a con to say hi to someone or take a selfie or whatever it is you want.  Don’t be shy!