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You know, I’m speaking right now as both a fan of YOI and MP100, and while I’m ecstatic that a show like YOI won every category it was nominated for, I still think MP100 should’ve gotten more recognition in the Best Animation category. I mean, holy shit. The people who have seen the show know what I’m talking about, but let me take a moment to show you some gifs:

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Now I wanna be clear; I’m not saying YOI has bad animation. Of course it doesn’t. Look how gorgeous it is!

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Both of these shows share a space in my heart. I’m not trying to put down YOI. Hell, I’m a YOI blog. I believe YOI deserved every award it got. I’m so happy that such a visually stunning and smartly written show with a canon queer couple at center stage tore through the competition. At the same time, I adore MP100 and wished it had got more recognition for its strengths. MP100 proves that anime doesn’t have to look “traditional” (you know, like sword art and whatnot) to be palatable. And my god, those fight animations!

As a final note, I congratulate Yuri!!! One Ice for all its deserved wins, and hope it continues its streak; I wish Mob Psycho 100 the best of luck in future polls and competitions. 


jasper jordan + being appreciated and loved by many, probably for the first time in his young life, for risking his own life to save maya

spawnn-ofsatan  asked:

2.What would cause you to leave a fandom?

I’ve never had to leave a fandom that wasn’t just me losing muse or something but like…

I feel like the one thing that would cause me to possibly? Would be if it was just way too toxic and negative, and if it had just awful gatekeeper types. Cause why should anyone try to ruin others fun, especially on this site with no real admins and such.

Even then I’m pretty much a introvert. I mean I definitely gain energy when talking to people? But not really in large groups as much as 1 on 1. It just depends on how comfortable I am. I can totally do group chats on voice just fine I’ve done it for years.


Is that it gives me a bit of an immunity. Like yeah the fandom could be shit but if it has a few people that I can focus on who I adore 100% I can probably weather the storm.


robin seems to struggle with taking his eyes off regina in camelot….

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