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Hi there! I'm very much looking forward for this page to becoming a successful Mysmes Imagine Blog! My request is having the RFA invited for a short vacation to MC's large family home, located in the outskirts of the city or countryside. MC's parents and relatives would be very welcoming and outgoing towards the RFA. Bonus, if you can add in MC's parents/relatives putting MC in an embarrassing position like pulling out the baby pictures or asking them about grandkids. Haha~!

OMG that is so cute!!! I’ve never even read an imagine like this and wowww. I’m excited. This is so adorable. I hope you don’t mind  that I modeled it a bit after my family vacation place.

And I’m very flattered that you think that my blog will become successful, thank you! ^^

I hope you enjoy it~!


  • he’s so excited to meet your family
  • he’s never nervous when visiting them because he knows that he is perfect
  • the plan was to stay there for a week on a little vacation
  • once you get there it’s almost a celebration 
  • zen helps move all of your things to the guest room
  • your mom loves him 
  • honestly they would be best friends
  • your dad was a little wary of him until they talked it out over some beers
  • now they are like bros
  • they make jokes and talk about his acting all day
  • will sing for everyone
  • if you have younger siblings you can bet that zen can and will sing them to sleep
  • which earns him extra points with your mom
  • he’s honestly terrified of the chickens that you have to feed
  • the nights get really cold where you guys are 
  • zen goes out to get firewood because you have an actual fireplace
  • the whole family sits by the fire and tells stories
  • him and your mom will sit in the kitchen and talk about things that you do 
  • “You know that thing she does when she’s angry?” and they would gasp and laugh
  • “Or that one noise she makes when she laughs!”
  • MC can HEAR YOU
  • he probably teams up with your parents to try and persuade you into having kids


  • my gOD he is so nervous
  • overthinking everything
  • “What if they don’t like me and they tell you that you can’t see me anymore?!” 
  • baby is almost cryin
  • you assure him that they will like him and even if they don’t, you will not leave him
  • once he figures out that you will be sharing a bed in the guest room he is convinced that your dad is going to hate him for sure
  • your mom thinks he’s adorable 
  • she applauds you for finding a man who isn’t a emotionally-stupid
  • he helps cook dinner
  • also does the dishes 
  • mom loves him
  • your dad will tease him with fake angry glares
  • poor boy shakes whenever your dad does anything like that
  • calls him ‘sir’
  • you tell him that he doesn’t have to do that
  • he does it anyway
  • will go outside into the orchard and pick pomegranates for everyone to share
  • learns that your family loves when he tells them stories about you
  • one time he tells them about how loud you sing in the shower
  • your family assures him that you have always done that 
  • after dinner he apologizes for telling them that even if you aren’t mad
  • other times he will tell them about how you met 
  • will talk about how much he loves you in the middle of dinner
  • your siblings gag
  • “Do you think I did good today? Did I do good?” questions every night before bed
  • tells your parents that he would love to have kids, but wants to wait until you are ready. (he’s surprisingly calm in this situation)


  • not very nervous
  • her job requires her to talk to people with a high authority 
  • she’s kinda used to it
  • never really one for the countryside or somewhere in the outskirts but she will go because you want to
  • she’ll help clean the house 
  • will make your parents coffee in the morning 
  • your dad really likes her after that coffee
  • everyone think she’s super responsible
  • cuz she is
  • likes to sit on the porch and look at the sky
  • it’s never this clear in the city
  • whole family agrees that she is wife material 


  • really makes an impression when you show up in his limousine 
  • has bought everyone in your family a gift because he wants to impress them with his money
  • parents are worried that you are just with him for his money and pull you to the side to ask if you are financially okay
  • after you assure them that you are fine and that you love him, they are 100% supportive 
  • brought really expensive fancy wine for all of them to enjoy
  • your parents think his seriousness is a little funny
  • they make a lot of dumb jokes around him
  • it’s almost a challenge to get him to laugh
  • you’re the master at it
  • jumin loves the cherry orchard
  • he will try to teach younger siblings about the economy 


  • everyone in your family probably loves him
  • family thinks he’s hilarious 
  • hangs out more with the kids than the adults
  • he’s basically their leader now
  • they worship him
  • will catch as many frogs as he can 
  • probably has pushed you into the frog pond once
  • comes back from being outside all day and his face is streaked in mud
  • you have to get a washcloth and clean him up while he smiles at you like an idiot
  • showers your parents in compliments
  • is that one person that points out similarities between you and your parents
  • absolutely loves your mom’s cooking
  • will stand up at dinner and salute his meal 
  • is also the one who asks for the family picture-book 
  • the one with the embarrassing pictures with you
  • you know
  • that one
  • you don’t even have time to protest before the whole family is squeezed together on the couch laughing at baby pictures of you
  • he laughs so loud
  • “MC! You are so cute~!”
  • and omg
  • he has embarrassing pictures of you on his phone
  • he has pictures of you from the cameras in your own home wHAT
  • you threaten to show everyone pictures of him in a dress
  • 100% just starts screaming whenever anyone of your parents mention grandkids


  • is there anyone that V can’t get along with
  • except yoosung 
  • takes pretty pictures of you and your family
  • loves taking pictures of just nature
  • everything is so open and free, it’s perfect
  • laughs at photo albums of you in the past and thinks it’s adorable when you get embarrassed 
  • adds his photographs to the album 
  • likes to lay down in the plush grass, close his eyes, and just feel the breeze and the sunshine 
  • you will join him
  • family thinks you two are so cute
  • when the idea of grandkids comes up, he is all for it
  • it’s a little embarrassing
  • tells your parents about how happy he would be to start a family 


  • probably tries to stay by your side the whole time
  • even though your family is happy to have him here, he feels like he is intruding 
  • wants to stay inside
  • you drag him out
  • the goat tried to eat his sweater sleeve and now he swears revenge
  • he likes the dog
  • if you aren’t with him, he’s now with the dog
  • thinks it’s kinda funny to open a photo album and watch you freak out 
  • likes it when you drag him out to the orchard and walk through the trees holding hands
  • would never admit it tho
  • one day your parents bring up the topic of grandkids over dinner
  • this boy turns bright red, stands up, and just leaves the fucking room
  • youcantdothatsaeranplz
Brollexa head canons because I'm trash

-they share books with the delinquents and the other grounders and when someone gives the books back with dog-eared pages or cracked spines they just shout about it and use a lot of angry hand gestures because they’re dorks about their books

-Lexa teaches him how to do war paint so now he just walks around and tells people that he’d make a better raccoon and of course Lexa disagrees even though she doesn’t know what that is

-One time Bellamy lost a bet and he had to run into a Lake naked and Lexa and Clarke stole his clothes and ran away (parent trap style)

-they play chess and whenever one starts losing they yell “EARTHQUAKE” and shake the board and then shrug and say “false alarm”

-One time Bellamy made her a friendship bracelet out of poison ivy but she still accepted it and wore it around and only itched at her arm when he wasn’t looking

-They always ask Clarke who’s cuter and her answer is always Raven so they just sulk together because she wasn’t one of the choices

-When Clarke is upset they go into her room and just call each other ridiculous names like Beach ball and Raccoon and it always cheers her up

-Whenever they get a scrape or a paper cut they both go to Clarke but then when their limbs are falling off they refuse to accept help

-Clarke tried teaching them to draw and she’d keep all the pictures they drew for her even though they looked like trash cans when they were supposed to be people but she’s just so proud that she hangs them all over her room

hellandye  asked:

I'm thinking of making my own webcomic, do you have any tips?

Hi Hellandye!!! Sorry I took so long to answer this! I knew I needed a lot of time to spend on it… anyway, I’m excited you’re starting a webcomic! :D Everyone works on comics differently but I’ll tell you what helps me and maybe it’ll help you u vu)b if you’re struggling with something, let me know and I bet I could come up with another way to work on it!

1) Draw for print

  • When starting a comic, I’d always recommend drawing it at a size that can be printed bc you never know if you’ll want to print it later! Choose a size that’s good for you. 8.5″x11″, 7″x10.5″, etc. TINF is 5.25″x7.75″. (It’s recommended to draw your comic even larger than you want the final size to be, just make sure the ratio is the same! Things always look better sized down…)
  • Even if you draw your comic traditionally, make sure to scan it in and do any digital edits at a resolution no lower than 300dpi. If your resolution is lower than that, the quality won’t be as good when printed!
  • For each page I have the full size 300dpi PSD + a sized down for-web jpg (for ex, 600px wide, 72dpi).


  • When you’re printing, you need a lot of space for margins and bleed areas that could get cut off during the print process! I’m really, truly awful about knowing this stuff tho, so I recommend googling it and checking out what printers suggest for margins and sizes for safe drawing areas. I think generally, all together, you leave 0.75″ of space around your page or something? I don’t remember the specifics but I think I usually just leave like an inch border all around LOL.

2) Planning

Think about…

  • The plot! If there’s no plot, what’s the goal? Maybe the goal is “everyone becomes friends and life is beautiful.” If that’s the case, then most of the things that happen in the comic are pointing the characters towards that goal. (Don’t get me wrong: not every single chapter has to be plot- or goal-driven. Character development arcs are great too! But what’s an anime with 900 filler episodes? No thanks…)
  • The important points of the comic! I made a bullet point list of all the important things I wanted readers to become aware of in some way in TINF (for ex, I wrote: “unknowingly meet Sydney Morgan’s publicist; meet actor Vincent Fawkes; Selby’s handwriting matches Sydney Morgan’s; Isaiah becomes suspicious of Landon and regrets ‘hiring’ him,” etc)


  • I’m like the biggest fan of summaries EVER!!! Do a summary of your entire story. How do you want to introduce it? What’s the climax? How does it end? Really plan the beginning/end: the beginning is the backbone of the comic since it introduces the story (I regret TINF’s beginning everyday of my life, save me) + the end will be the driving force for it. The end of TINF is planned as, well… you guessed it, a summary, but I know what’s gonna go down.
  • Similarly, I do summaries of all my chapters: the beginning scene is concrete and planned out, the middle is kind of a general thought (in which you decide what you want to happen but the why can be messed around with), and the end scene is always concrete and planned out.
  • I leave the middle a general thought because comics are wild n free so it’s a lot easier to be loose and not get attached to a single idea. If you have single ideas for scenes that you’re super attached to, it becomes a real struggle because thoughts don’t always remain awesome when visualized… :’(

I’ve got my story, now how far ahead should I plan ahead?

  • Erm… I’m bad at this. This kind of thing changes the more you do comics. When I first started TINF, I had a Google doc of bullet points and ideas for about 15 chapters and I’d thumbnail at least half the chapter before I started on it. Thumbnailing a chapter is really great if you’re unsure about pacing: it helps make sure you don’t have a 50 pg intro scene, 11 pgs spent in the bathroom, and 30 pages of staring each other down DBZ style. It keeps you succinct so when someone checks back on your comic 5 months later you’re not still drawing the characters in the same room, having the same conversation about whether they should go to the mall or not. Once you get the hang of your pacing style, you can kind of procrastinate more… but… y-YOU SHOULDN’T… (don’t look at me)

3) Thumbnails

(Thumbnails are tiny versions of your pages. They’re generally sketchy and loose and are used to plan your comic visually.)

  • I put this in its own section outside of planning because thumbnails are 9000% the most important thing in my life :’D Some people work with scripts and, while I’ve planned through dialogue countless times, 1) you can’t put that much text into a page, 2) written dialogue moves a lot slower than visual dialogue in a comic–a “short” typed conversation can be pages and pages–so sometimes it’s better to plan the comic at the same time as the dialogue so the pacing is more natural. Or, if you do a script, maybe it’s not like a 100% must-be-their-dialogue type of thing.
  • Plan everything in your thumbnails: the perspective, how to draw that weird hand, where the speech bubbles are going to go (nothing worse than drawing a bg then covering it w/a bubble)… be precise! Do not stop thumbnailing if you can’t figure something out. Solve all your problems in the thumbnail stage!!!
  • I promise if you plan everything in the thumbnails (even greys/colors), inking your page will be SO FAST!!! It’ll be awesome. My record so far is 11 comic pgs in a day… (never again, please)
  • I do my thumbnails the same size ratio as a normal pg bc it makes life easier… :’)
  • Here’s an ex of my thumbnails:

(link for fullsize–I lit draw them at this size)

4) Editing

  • Always show a friend your comics or tell them your ideas and get feedback!! It’s really easy to get lost in our own little world where everything makes sense but, honestly, a lot of things in our heads are trainwrecks. I always tell my chapter ideas or show my thumbnails or pages to a friend before releasing them into the world… (the crowd cheers and someone falls to their knees, shouting praises into the air, for not having to experience my unfiltered mind)

5) Little Nicole Things

(Maybe it’s just me, maybe it’s you too! Be wild, be free, you can make comics in an infinite amount of ways, but here are some things that I think about a lot.)

The amount of text in…

  • The introduction! I’m a visual person. I generally don’t like to read. My #1 advice if you want to hook someone into your comic during the introduction is NOT to start off with a wall of text explaining everything. A straight-to-the-point, attention-grabbing introduction won’t put readers to sleep in the first 5 pgs of the comic while struggling to hit the ‘next’ button.
  • Speech bubbles! Don’t overload speech bubbles with text. If you have like 5 sentences in 1 speech bubble that’s probably too much. I know this is some style of comics so, definitely, if it’s your desire, go for it! But when things get wordy, my attention span wavers…


  • Pacing is super tough especially when you want 900 things to happen in your comic. If you’re drawing a graphic novel or releasing your comic a chapter or more at a time, def go wild and free with pacing! I ENCOURAGE IT… it’s great.
  • BUT if you’re doing a once- or twice-a-week updated webcomic, the pacing is a lot more important. Something that helps me is: try to make at least 1 interesting thing happen in your page. If you have 1 exciting moment in your page, the tiny update for that week, hopefully, won’t feel unsatisfying.

Page size

  • Please remember to resize the page for web! Nothing is less exciting than having a 5000px wide image where I can’t even see one panel on the screen at a time.

Handwriting vs Font

  • Laughs darkly into the night over my handwriting… hi, hello there. Generally, it’s a lot easier and neater to use a font! When doing handwriting, I’d recommend using all caps because having all the letters at the same size is very smooth to read.
  • When doing handwriting, only use the hat/tail on an uppercase “I” if the “I” is the beginning of the sentence or if it’s the pronoun. For the rest, simply write it as a straight line.


  • I’m going to tell you all a secret: all I do is blow up my thumbnails and ink over them. I don’t sketch. ~ur welcome~

6) Random tipz

  • Don’t get too attached to anything! Nothing destroys your entire being more than not being able to portray the scene you’ve been dreaming about for 900 years in your head perfectly.
  • Don’t force an idea! If you’re not feeling something, don’t do it. If you make your comic Everything You Love then, well, you’ll love it! If you’re bored with something, the readers will probably get bored too.
  • Progress will be fast so don’t let it get you down! It’s easy to want to give up or start over but you won’t get anywhere unless you keep pushing forward. Yes, I regret drawing like infinite # of TINF pgs, but usually you like it better later. Or, if you hate it… well… oh well… :’) verily, that is the way of the world… let’s do better next time!
  • Do 900 TINF cameos
  • Don’t be me :’)

7) HAVE FUN!!!

  • Comics can be as experimental as you want and there’s no “right” way to make them. If you decide you hated everything I said, that’s ok! Be you, have fun, express yourself, and you’ll love to make comics. And really, as long as you love it, that’s what matters the most! :D

Again, these aren’t “rules” so def do what you like, but maybe these will help! Best wishes Hellandye, lemme know if you start your comic, I wanna see!!! ILU TTvTT)))bbb

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you have amazing skills when it comes to anatomy!~ do you have any tips for a person who's starting to draw more bodies instead of faces?

Hi anon-tan!

Thank you for sending in this thoughtful ask! (•ө•)♡

Personally, I am still light years away from where I truly want to be in terms of anatomy. There are muscles, joints, and bones, all essential when it comes to learning about the body. If we dive deeper even, into the male and female forms; the tender curves of females and the more robust males, the knowledge stockpiles and even I have yet to understand the whole package. In short: this talk can practically go on forever and ever.

But I digress!! This is a bangtan artblog so we’ll go with the male body this time. Picture and explanations under the cut! °˖✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧˖°

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for the drabble ask meme: Joanlock for 65, 71, and/or 99...or 100! idc honestly I just love anything Joanlock :)

 I went with 71. “Kiss me, quick!”

“Nothing else noteworthy in here,” Sherlock declared as he finished rifling through the contents of the hotel room’s safe. “Are you finished?”

“Almost.” Joan photographed the last two pages of the notebook and handed it back to him. They’d have to wait to print and read the photos at the brownstone but they were both pretty sure this was the evidence they needed to link McMillan to the smuggling ring.

There’d been an influx of illegal diamonds in a couple of jewelleries downtown and the local branch of the Homeland Security Investigations agency had requested Joan and Sherlock’s help in identifying lawyer James McMillan as the smuggler’s New York contact. They were at his hotel in Manhattan; Joan had lifted the room card from McMillan as he left the lobby, and Sherlock had cracked the safe once they got to the tenth floor room.

“Ready?” She asked as Sherlock looked around one last time, making sure everything was just as they’d found it.

He nodded and they moved to the door together. As they were about to step outside they heard the ding of the elevator and approaching voices. They rushed back inside the room and listened carefully.

There were two female voices and a low, intermittent squeaking.

“Maid’s trolley,” Sherlock whispered. “We’re closest to the elevator so they’ll start here.”

“There’s nowhere to hide in here,” Joan hissed urgently.

“Closet?” He suggested with a grimace.

“And hope they don’t open it to hang a shirt or something?”

The only other way out was through the window, she could see the fire escape stairs right next to it, but the actual opening was narrow and there was no way they could both squeeze out before the housekeepers opened the door. They would get caught red-handed.

That gave Joan an idea. She practically ripped their nitrile gloves off and shoved Sherlock onto the bed. Thankfully the day had been hot enough that she was wearing one of her lighter outfits and he had foregone his ever-present blazer; there was not time to wrestle with jackets and buttons.

“Watson, what are—”

“It’s not about being here,” Joan whispered as she tore off her tee and straddled Sherlock’s waist in the same movement. “It’s about not looking suspicious.”

She saw his eyes light in understanding, his hands moved to her hips now barely covered by her hiked-up skirt. “You’re—”

The voices got closer.

“Kiss me, quick,” she commanded.

He leaned up and obeyed, their lips joining in a fervent kiss. A second later they heard a card sliding into the lock and the door swinging open.

Joan pretended to startle with a loud gasp, head whipping around to gape at the maid who just gawped right back. She then turned to Sherlock in in mock horror. “You forgot to hang the sign?!”

“—I, well…” he floundered, his arms tightening around Joan’s waist when she made to move away. “Darling, I thought—“

“Oh god,” Joan groaned, burying her face in Sherlock’s shoulder.

That seemed to snap the young housekeeper out of her stupor, she jumped back. “Sir, Ma’am, I’m sorry! I apologise! We’ll come back later. I’m so sorry!”

“Darling, please!” Sherlock pleaded into Joan’s hair as the girl slammed the door closed.

They listened as the maids whispered urgently to each other and then, finally, the sound of the trolley’s squeaky wheel and the door across the hall opening.

Sherlock grinned up at Joan, loosening his hold of her waist. “That was some quick thinking, Watson, well done.”

She scoffed as she climbed off his lap to put her shirt back on. Her shoes had fallen to the floor at some point.

“C’mon.” She moved to the window. “Let’s get out of here before she remembers what McMillan actually looks like and gets suspicious.”

He smiled brightly at her, looking a bit ridiculous with her lip shimmer smeared on his chin. “After you, my dear Watson.”


Title: Waiting for Tadhana
Pairing: Dan x reader
Rating: T
Word Count: 1,112
Prompt: From the very first moment Dan sees you, he is enthralled. If only timing was better and he could actually meet you.

Masterlist + Playlist

Hello lovelies! “Tadhana” means destiny in Filipino. Idk I just love the idea of adding Filipino words in fanfics and this word spoke to me. I wanted to work on a story involving terrible timing (heaven knows that’s what defines my lack of a love life). This is the result. Enjoy!

She captivates Dan like the first firework that appears in a night sky.

Across the field of a park, a pair of brown eyes lock on a (H/C) girl. His heart skips a beat. Never in his life has he ever looked at a girl that brings an effect quite like this. The warmth creeps deeper into his bones. His body is attuned to the beauty standing feet away from him.

She’s alone, and his instincts tempt him to approach her. Who is this girl that’s sending his emotions in a frenzy?

He finds his feet dragging itself toward her, a water molecule trying to find another molecule to bond with. Just as he’s within a few feet away from the mysterious beauty, she’s joined by another girl.

He pauses. There goes his plan to approach her. He retreats, ducking behind a tree.

He curses to himself. If he’s going to talk to her, he didn’t wish to do it with her friend as a witness.

Disappointed, he watches as his mystery beauty stands up and walks away with her friend. It elicits another curse word from him. He wants to follow them, but that would be creepy and he didn’t want to make a bad first impression.

He sighs. He doubts he’ll see her again.


But he does. Three hours later.

Dan walks out a video game store, holding a paper bag with the newest release of Halo. He’s on his way back to the flat when he spots her across the street.

It’s her. The (H/C) girl from earlier. She’s still with her friend.

Standing at an intersection, he waits impatiently for the stoplight to turn green. His eyes follow her, his heart racing faster against his chest the farther she walks away.

The light turns green. He’s tempted to be like a bull and stampede through the crowd to reach her.

He loses her in the busy London crowd. Once he’s on the other side of the road, he can no longer see her or her friend.

This day keeps getting better and better.

He turns a corner. He leans his head against a pole.

Great. Just fucking great.


Hope isn’t lost. The third time Dan sees her, he’s certain fate is messing with him.

“I’ll see you next time.” With a smile, he turns off the camera. When he got home from the video game store, he decided to film a video to distract him from his thoughts. He needed something to help him take his mind off of her.

He moves to the window. He looks out the glass pane.

He nearly faints at what he sees.

It’s her. Again. He can see her face from here. She’s alone, sitting on a bench, reading a book.

He turns around and takes deeps breaths. Three times already. This has never happened to him before. Why is this girl turning him into a complete mess? Why is it that, within the same day, he keeps seeing the same girl over and over?

“It’s just a girl,” he mumbles. “Go talk to her, Dan. Maybe if you talk to her, you’ll stop feeling like your life is like the guy in a shojo anime that acts like a lost puppy around his crush.”

This is progressing too fast. He’s investing his interest in a girl who hasn’t even made eye contact with him yet.

He turns back around. He could probably go downstairs and meet her.

He looks to the place where he saw her.

She’s gone.

He facepalms.

“Are you fucking kidding me?”


He doesn’t have high expectations by the time night falls. He had three chances to introduce himself to her. He failed at each and every one of them. He wouldn’t blame fate if there won’t be a fourth chance.

He steps outside into the cold London night. The street lamps cast a light glow along the neighborhood. The image of her hasn’t left his mind. Perhaps a little walk will help him clear his thoughts.

Phone in hand, he checks his texts. Three texts. He responds back to them.

He starts walking. He logs on to Facebook and checks his news feed.

He’s focused on his screen that he’s taken by surprise by the feeling of a body bumping into him.

“Sorry!” a female voice apologizes.

He glances away at his phone. He’s about to apologize back when the words are trapped on his lips.


“I didn’t see you there,“ the girl says. There’s a slight red in her cheeks. “I better get going. Have a good night.”

He’s still frozen when she walks away. He has to pinch himself to bring him back to reality.

“Wait!” he calls out.

She turns around. He puts his phone away and catches up to her.

“I’m sorry too. If you don’t mind me asking, what are you doing out late?”

She gives him a sheepish look. “My friend had a fight with her boyfriend. I was on my way to her house to talk to her about it.”

“Ah.” He holds out a hand. “I’m Dan.”

“I know.” Her blush deepens. “I watch your YouTube videos. I’m a big fan. Phil too.”

“Thank you. I’m surprised you aren’t fangirling.”

“I am. On the inside.” She smiles. “I’m (Y/N).”

“(Y/N).” He finally has a name for the girl that he couldn’t get out of his head. “It’s nice to meet you.”

Maybe fate was messing with him for a reason. If this was fate’s way of leading him to meet (Y/N), then he forgives fate for the missed chances.

The time wasn’t right. This moment right here is.

“I have to go, or else (one of your friends’ names) will start to worry.”

“Right. Can I get your number at least?”


The two exchange phone numbers. In his mind, he’s doing an internal happy dance. After today, he won’t have to rely on chance encounters to run into her.

“See you later, Dan,” she tells him when they hand their phones back to each other.

“I’ll text you when I get back to my flat.”

“You will?”


“Alright.” She holds out her hand. “I left you hanging.”

He chuckles. “Oh right.”

They shake hands. Her touch calms him down.

They say that when you meet someone three times within twenty-four hours, you are 98% likely to meet them again. Boy, was that 98% part spot on.

He wonders what (Y/N) will think if he tells her about those three times. Her reaction would be priceless.

But that will be another day.

There’s a 100% chance he’ll see her next time.

This was a little story inspired by The Statistical Probability of Love at First Sight by Jennifer E. Smith. If you’ve never read the book, I highly recommend checking it out! Oliver reminded me so much of Dan (he’s British and he and Hadley, the main character, were going to England in the story). While I read it, I pictured it as an AU Dan x reader story.

The concept of the story came from the last page of the book, so this is why I want you to read the book so you get what I mean. Repetitive encounters is one of my favorite kinds of love stories.

Until next time.

~ AA

randybwinston  asked:

I'm having trouble writing about a world I created. I'm hearing that my characters are strong and believable, but the world itself isn't. Should I do a tell-all about the kingdoms/cities in the prologue? Should I add maps and newspaper clippings at the beginning, before chapter 1?

captain-shelly said to characterandwritinghelp:

Can you give me some tips on worldbuilding?

Hang on tight, folks:

randybrownjr, I think you’re conflating worldbuilding/story exposition with reader interpretation and comprehension. You can give the reader all the information, but if the information is unintelligible, confusing, irrelevant, boring, or otherwise not understandable within the context of the story, your world can still feel flat and unbelievable.

captain-shelly, this might be a good starting post for you! We’re going to walk through some scenarios and see why these things can make a world feel hollow. Consider it a crash course in how worldbuilding can fail, and check the worldbuilding tag for more.

INSIDE THIS POST: A breakdown of 14 different ways worldbuilding could be dragging down your story, and some ideas on how to fix each one.

[This post ended up being really long because I love talking about worldbuilding, so please click to enjoy. -Headless]

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SAME. their love is just unreal. i'm was so moved i came straight out the cinema online to consume all the fandom for them! i would LOVE your fic recs for them. i need ALL the fic. i hope you write them more. i loved the snippet you posted already (: was grinning so wide whilst reading it (: the spark reminded me of them pre-ice age (laugh/sob). ah the nostalgia! (i shall think of coming off anon. i get really shy but i might work up the courage <3)

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Getting stuff off my chest ok

I’m so grateful for having a platform like YouTube and I’m lucky to have an audience and influence and stuff. But sometimes shit gets to me.

I’ve been on tumblr for so many years now, I spent a good portion of that time making friends on the Internet, trying not to feel lonely etc etc. But these days making friends online - and sometimes even irl - can be a fucking nightmare.

It feels like, at some point or another most people these days will ask me for something. Friendship is about support and love and mutual gain (emotional support, companionship etc) but you don’t ask someone you met at a party two hours ago if you can stay on their couch for a week. Why is it that I make friends with people only for them to ask me to retweet something or give them a shout out or do something for them. Sometimes it’s for a friend, sometimes it’s YouTube related, other times it’s literally just retweeting something irrelevant to me or my followers? And I don’t understand.

I’m not here for people to gain from. I make friends with people in the hopes that we both benefit from talking to each other or hanging out. I don’t want to fucking promote your brothers band or be ‘your best friend’ online so you can tell everyone how impressive it is that you know a YouTuber with more than 100 subscribers.

Ugh, I don’t know. I’m just a person and I’m sick of people asking for favours when I’ve barely known them 3 months. I’m the kind of person that doesn’t like to say no to people as well, so it makes me feel awful when I know I don’t have the time or energy to help.

But lol fuck those people who don’t even realise they’re using me for like, what, 10 more likes on a picture? 5 more followers on Twitter? It’s a number, why are people so consumed by that. There’s a reason I stay away from the analytics page in YouTube. I don’t care about the number because relatively it means jack shit. It’s about the message you’re putting out there.

I don’t randomly follow people on Twitter because I’m not interested in what their posting. Meaning I’ll either end up muting them or unfollowing them later on. And when people spam me for a follow? Fuck yeah I block the shit outta them. I’m not a trophy for people to collect. Youtubers aren’t a badge or achievement. We’re people, and some of those people like their timelines to be coherent and full of things and people they’re interested in.

Wow, tangent. But still, relevant.

TL;DR : I like having friends except for when they use me for my audience.

Sorry if this sounds like privileged white boy crap.


Book: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me (And Other Concerns)
Author: Mindy Kaling
Pages: 222
Rating: ★★★★★ 5/5


Mindy Kaling has lived many lives: the obedient child of immigrant professionals, a timid chubster afraid of her own bike, a Ben Affleck–impersonating Off-Broadway performer and playwright, and, finally, a comedy writer and actress prone to starting fights with her friends and coworkers with the sentence “Can I just say one last thing about this, and then I swear I’ll shut up about it?”
Perhaps you want to know what Mindy thinks makes a great best friend (someone who will fill your prescription in the middle of the night), or what makes a great guy (one who is aware of all elderly people in any room at any time and acts accordingly), or what is the perfect amount of fame (so famous you can never get convicted of murder in a court of law), or how to maintain a trim figure (you will not find that information in these pages). If so, you’ve come to the right book, mostly!
In Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, Mindy invites readers on a tour of her life and her unscientific observations on romance, friendship, and Hollywood, with several conveniently placed stopping points for you to run errands and make phone calls. Mindy Kaling really is just a Girl Next Door—not so much literally anywhere in the continental United States, but definitely if you live in India or Sri Lanka.

My Thoughts:
“There is no sunrise so beautiful that it is worth waking me up to see it.” See, this is why I love Mindy Kaling, she just gets me. This book was hysterical. Like had-to-cross-my-legs-because-I-was-laughing-so-hard-I-was-afraid-I’d-pee-my-pants hysterical. I can thank tumblr for introducing me to Mindy. I had seen so many posts about The Mindy Project show and it’s unbelievable sass and cuteness that I was like, “I need this in my life.” From that moment on I was a fan of Mindy’s. She’s just really funny and sarcastic and boy crazy. Yet on the other side she’s actually pretty inspirational and inspiring.  I don’t agree with everything she says, and there were a few times during this book I was uncomfortable (note: I don’t enjoy reading non-fiction or biographies. I always wonder how the real life people/characters feel about what’s been said about them in these biographies. It feels so intrusive and it makes me feel a little bit bad in a way.) but there were other times when Mindy just gets me. She’s just a really relatable person in my opinion. Anywho back to the book. Some parts were kinda dull, like I said I’m not a big fan of biographies and I don’t watch The Office so those parts were kinda ehh, but other parts of the book were hysterical and witty and had me laughing out loud. My two top favorite parts of the books (where I literally had to read them out loud to my family because they were curious as to why I was laughing so hard. FYI I’m the type of person who can’t laugh and talk at the same time so it took like forever to get through it.)

  • When she gets kicked out of work and steals a huge case of bottled water. I’m still laughing at this. (This section actually had a really great message to it as well.)
  • Her fantasy workout where she dreams up revenge scenarios that get her through a workout. They are like out of control revenge situations that would never happen in a million years. For example she day dreams her husband (she’s not even married) slowly dies in her arms after being shot by some gang member and then she because a silent mute assassin. It’s hysterical and in full detail. (Not really a spoiler because this is a blend of multiple fantasies she has listed.)
  • Runner up moment was her eulogy.

While this book isn’t 100% perfect and flawless it was pretty great and made me laugh until I couldn’t breath. If your in the mood for something that will lift your spirits I would recommend this to you.

When You're Depressed and Have Nothing Worth Living For
  • Depressed Guy: Life doesn't have any meaning to me anymore. Everything is so empty now.
  • Psychiatrist: I see.
  • Depressed Guy: The worst part of it is, there's no one to talk to. I don't have any friends, and the thought of meeting new people scares me. I know it's dumb, but I just think they'll end up hating me.
  • Psychiatrist: Ah, I have just the thing! *passes depressed guy a book named "1,800,999,999 TOLL FREE!! Numbers to Call If You're Lonely."
  • Depressed Guy: What's this?
  • Psychiatrist: It's the book I give to all of my patients. It works miracles. 100% success rate! Take a look at inside of it later today and you'll be set! *winks*
  • *later*
  • Depressed Guy: *sighs and opens up book*
  • Book: Depressed? Lonely? Well, don't be! If you're sad, there are millions of people out there willing to talk to your FOR FREE! Just try calling one of these numbers: 1-800-000-001, 1-800-000-002, 1-800-000-003, 1-800-000-004, 1-800-000-005...
  • Depressed Guy: What the hell is this? *flips pages*
  • Book: 1-800-567-289, 1-800-567-290, 1-800-567-291, 1-800-567-292, 1-800-567-293...
  • Depressed Guy: This is just a bunch of phone numbers. It doesn't even tell you what they're for. How is this supposed to help me? *sighs* Whatever.
  • Depressed Guy: *dials a random number*
  • Rep: Hello, thank you for calling Darkheart Pharmaceuticals' customer care line. I'm your representative for tonight. How can I help you?
  • Depressed Guy: Hello, I'm depressed. Your number was in a book for depressed people, so I decided to call it.
  • Rep: I'm depressed too. Morbidly so.
  • Depressed Guy: Oh, so you're depressed. Interesting. Why?
  • Rep: I'm supposed to act like Mike, but instead I act like Eric everyday and it reflects poorly on me in the workplace.
  • Depressed Guy: Hey, my name is Mike.
  • Rep: Really?
  • Depressed Guy: Yeah. Uh, are you doing anything later this week.
  • Rep: Just work.
  • Depressed Guy: We should meet up. Maybe talk about our depression.
  • Rep: That'd be nice.
  • *rep and depressed guy trade contact details*
  • Rep: Thank you. You have a nice day too. *smiles as she hangs up*
  • New Guy: *rolls chair over* Wow, you're smiling?
  • Rep: *immediately stops smiling*
  • New Guy: I've never seen you smile before. You should smile more often!
  • Rep: I can't talk to you. I have to be prepared for calls or I risk being like an Eric. Please leave me alone.
  • New Guy: You know you don't have to be prepared. It's not like there's any supervisors around watching you.
  • Rep: *gasps* I can't believe you! You're Eric to a T! Stop speaking to me! *pushes new guy's chair away*
  • New Guy: *internally* Why is everyone around here so fucking boring?
  • *new guy's chair hit something and falls over*
  • New Guy: Oh fuck! What did I run into?
  • New Guy: *watches as cartoonishly long and gray, corpse-like arm retracts from the floor and into a air vent*
  • *glowing yellow eyes peak from the air vent*
  • Someone: Todd is it?
  • New Guy: What the fuck are you!?
  • Someone: Language please. You're in the workplace.
  • New Guy: S-Sorry. What are you!?
  • Someone: I'm Mr. Darkheart. Your boss. Stop goofing off and get back to work. *opens third eye* Or I'll fire you!
  • New Guy: *wakes up at desk* AAAAAAH!
  • Rep: Please don't yell. It's an Eric-like behavior and some of us are actually trying to do their jobs.
  • New Guy: I'm at my desk? But I was just...
  • Rep: You were sleeping. You're not paid to sleep. Please do your job.
  • New Guy: I fucking hate this place.
  • Rep: Don't swear!
  • *air vent blows feathers in new guy's face*

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I've got an art question but it's not a style thing, it's more motivation. Hope that's ok. I'm only 15 but I've been drawing for 3 years, I've tried really hard to gain a sort of following in these three years, but I've never been able to get more then 100 followers. I know following isn't everything and I should just draw because I love it but it makes me feel vary alone and insignificant. Any advice on dealing with this/ solving it? I'm sorry if I'm being an inconvenience

 Hi friend, any kind of question is cool!

As a new artist, it’s a huge struggle to gain a following. You’re pretty much starting from zero, and just have to rely on your own perseverance to work your way to a following. It’s even harder now that community sites like deviantart and tumblr have been popularized, because it’s hard to not compare yourself to the people that get an upwards of 1k notes for something they consider a “doodle.”

Every artist that has a following now has been exactly where you’ve been. To put some context, I’ll talk about my experiences for a little bit.

I didn’t have any kind of following for a really long time, so I can seriously sympathize. You can check out this old page in my gallery, which was about 4 years after I seriously started trying to draw digitally. All my original work has a maximum of about three favorites. I distinctly remember this piece:

Which took me two days to finish, got one favorite. Two of my friends commented on it because they’re very kind. But that kind of feedback for such a level of work is so disheartening.

(more under cut bc idk how long ill make this)

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ohmygod, omigod, i found it, i knew i had in my likes SOMEWHERE a gif of the exact moment i was thinking of, and i FOUND IT (i have 600 pages of likes, this is not a simple feat), the no.1 saddest thing in the entirety of the phantom menace:

ok, hear me out though– the sad thing in this moment isn’t qui-gon dying, because that’s been happening for about fifteen minutes at this point, we know it’s going to happen, and it’s not obi-wan’s grief, because that’s in about ten seconds– what murders me in this moment is that obi-wan catches his head as it falls.

qui-gon is dead– he’s dead the moment his eyes close– we know obi-wan can feel it in the force– but he refuses to let his head fall a millimeter further than it has to.  he gives him that last comfort, that last dignity.  obi-wan instinctively reaches out and makes qui-gon’s very last second on this plane of existence comfortable, entirely by instinct.  and he pulls him in, gives qui-gon one instant in both their lives where he openly acknowledges how much they care about each other, that they’re family rather than just master and padawan.  that he quite literally cannot let him go.  there is absolutely no reason to do it at all, qui-gon can’t feel anything anymore, his head hanging at a slightly odd angle on obi-wan’s arm won’t make the least bit of difference.  but he gets that last second.

what’s worse is that i am 100% sure that it wasn’t scripted.  i’m 100% sure that what’s happening here is that on this take something happened with the blocking and liam was at a weird angle and when he died he would have whacked his head on the floor and so ewan caught him and stayed in character and finished the take.  and they put it in the film, because it’s godawful.

Where the Lines Overlap: Chapter 4

Bellarke Roommates AU Part 4

(Ch 1) (Ch 2) (Ch 3)

When I started writing this story, I thought it was going to be organized and well planned. And, well…it’s definitely not. But a fair few people seem to like this mess that I’ve written so far and I love you for it. Here’s chapter 4, it’s a monster:

Everything is good until it all falls to shit. Angst for the sake of future fluff, I promise.

Story and chapter titles from Paramore’s Where the Lines Overlap.


I’ve got a feeling (If I sing this loud enough)

The next time Clarke opened her eyes, she felt oddly aware for someone running on only 3 hours of sleep. She glanced down at her watch—6am, damn—before turning to look at the very much asleep Bellamy slumped in the waiting room chair next to her: the boy who had been rather adorably worried about his headstrong sister just hours earlier. His long eyelashes brushed against his cheekbones, his breathing even.

Clarke smiled and stretched her arms above her head. Sleeping in that chair really hadn’t done her back any favors and she sighed in satisfaction at the feeling of the strain in her muscles.

Seconds later, Bellamy’s voice had her nearly jumping out of her skin. She only caught the last of his sleepy words.

“…nice to wake up to…”

She turned to him, dropping her arms. (If her cheeks were tinged pink it was because it was warm in there alright?)

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