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Finished Kaminari’s Halloween outfit!

It’s not 100% accurate but it’s Halloween. I also work Halloween Horror Nights and have class so my time is limited lol


Wig- @nipahdubs
Wings, horns and waistcoat- Amazon
Dress shirt and pants- Goodwill
Staff- Spirit Halloween

Overall a budget friendly version of the Halloween outfit for Kaminari.
I might go back later and make the official pieces when I have more time.

Horror Movie Night - dreaming_wide_awake - The 100 (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
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Lexa doesn’t watch horror movies, but when Anya invites their friends over for movie night, she has no choice.


Clexa Halloween Week Horror Movie AU

  • *squad rescue Simon from something*
  • Simon: you didn't have to do that. You could of gotten hurt.
  • Alec: yeah well, we look out for our family.
  • Alec: *freezes, realisation of what he just said dawns on him*
  • Squad: ...
  • Simon: you consider me family? Omg i always knew you liked me. Oh man, we're gonna be the best of friends. You were always my favourite out of you and Jace. This is so great...
  • Alec: *packs a suitcase, picks up his bow and quiver, throws Magnus over his shoulder, tugs Izzy along with him, relocates to New Zealand, changes his name to Peter and stays awake at night due to horror.*
I dont want Tamlin to die in ACOTAR 3

Okay so some of you may know that I’m a grudge-holding, vicious bitch when it comes to characters (especially male) who hurt my faves (usually/always females). So seeing that is probably weird, but let me explain.

I don’t think that Tamlin deserves to die simply because it is too good a fate for him. I want him to live for a thousand years knowing that he is scum. I want someone to use the Cauldron to take his powers away from him, leaving him one of the weakest Fae of not only the Spring Court, but all of Prythian.

Alternatively, I’d settle for him being cast into the Prison, to spend eternity in the darkness that Feyre now rules. Once they beat Hybern and (hopefully) install a new High Lord/Lady of the Spring Court, I want the Night Court to hold a trial for Tamlin and it’ll come down to Feyre and Rhys to punish him as they see fit. I want to see Tamlin beg and grovel before them, and plead with Feyre to set him free, because everyone knows that Rhys would 100% back her verdict, and Tamlin still thinks that Feyre’s weak enough to be swayed by his pathetic words.

I want Feyre to hold his face in her hands and look directly into his eyes, making him think that she forgives him, and tell everyone that she wants him sentenced to the Prison. I want to see his fear and horror as he realizes that he is helpless and he can no longer control her, no one can control her, she is the High Lady of the Night Court.

I want Feyre to 100% RELISH in his horror. Enough of survivors forgiving their abusers, I want her to demolish her abuser and take pleasure in knowing that he will be gone and suffering forever. I want this action being the final thing that completely heals the emotional wounds inflicted upon her by Amarantha, Tamlin, the King of Hybern, Ianthe, and anyone else who had left her broken/tried to break her.

Imagine bringing Evan home to meet your parents.

“Babe, stop you’re fine.” I swatted Evans hand away from his hair, laughing. He had smoothed it from the left to the right at least 30 times since we got ready this morning.

“Your parents, they’re going to like me right? I mean, parents have a hard time.. I dunno.. liking someone like me..” I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

“They love me. I love you. They’ll love you. I promise. But they’ve both seen your butt about 100 times.” I laughed, remembering those night I forced them to watch Horror Story with me until they liked it. Evans face turned red.

“Great.” I grabbed my purse, and his hand and led him out of my front door. When we got into my car, Evan was pulling on a string hanging from his jeans, causing a hole to form. I smacked his hand. He sighed and laid his head back on my passenger seat. The ride over was quiet. I don’t know why he’s so nervous. When we pulled up into my parents driveway, I could feel the tension seeping off of Evan. I turned off the engine and turned to him.

“Baby, you’re an amazing actor. Think of this as a role. You’re in a movie, and you’re meeting your girlfriends parents. Improv your lines. You’re going to be fine!” My pep talk must have worked a little because he unbuckled his seat belt and popped the door open. “I love you.” I said, smiling at him.

“I love you too, kitten.” He walked around to my side of the door and took my hand. We walked up to the front steps, hand in hand. Before I could even knock my mother flung the door open.

“Hi honey!” She showered me in hugs and kisses before noticing Evan. “Evan. Evan Peters, this is amazing. You know Y/N was pratically crazy about you when she was younger, she couldn’t say anything without your name coming-”

“No, mom I think that’s enough stories. Okay?” I smiled at her, a little embarrassed. I know I shouldn’t be, but still. Evan started chuckling. My mom pulled him in for a hug, and he seemed surprised.

“Come on, your father is waiting.” She pulled both of our hands up and pulled us through the house. My dad was making dinner.

“Hi sweetie.” My dad hugged me and smiled.

“Hi dad, this is Evan.” He held his hand out and my dad shook it.

“Hello sir, it’s nice meeting you.”

“Same. I hope you’re hungry, I’ve been cooking all day.” Evan nodded his head, and took some plates from my hands as he helped set the table. Once dinner was done, and we were sitting down to eat, my father surprised me by talking Evans ear off the entire time. Movies, music, cars, sound systems, everything. Evan was really enjoying himself. I set my hand on his thigh and he glanced at me. I smiled. He smiled back.

“We have to watch a movie before you guys go home.” My mother suggested. We all got up and chose a classic, Dawn of the Dead. Evan and I curled up next to each other on the couch and my Mom and Dad did the same opposite us. When the evening was over, hugs and kisses were given all over the place. We said goodnight and headed to the car.

“I told you your parents would like me, I don’t know why you were worried.” Evan joked. I kissed his cheek and started my car, heading home.

My inbox is now just a mixture of people sending me messages that read “Welcome To Nightvale” and “Crucifix Nail Nipples”.

I’m pretty certain I’m living in social media gothic horror at this point tbh.