100 movies in 2012

100 films in 2012: Sylvia

  • Before seeing this film I had only read ‘The Bell Jar’ and the only thing I knew about Sylvia Plath was that she stuck her head in an oven
  • I just took it out on a whim from my school Library and sat down one evening to watch it with my best friend
  • You can’t help but develop an emotional connection with Sylvia during the film. We see all of her struggles, from trying to get her poems published and gain recognition to desperatley trying to make Ted Hughes love her again and deal with her madness.
  • Gweneth Paltrow did a wonderful job of portraying her character in a way that was frank and honest. Also developed a wee girl crush
  • The film probably made me a little biased against Ted Hughes than was intended (as I remember my friend and I were shouting 'You Bastard!’ a lot) which is weird as I used to read his poetry when I was very little
  • I found it both heartbreaking and beautiful to watch

100 films in 2012: Bright Star

  • Oh my goodness Ben Winshaw and velvet coats. I want both these things
  • Nothing like a good ‘ole period drama, I guess
  • I initially found Fanny’s character annoying and pushy but she lives in harder times for women so she can be forgiven
  • Eventually, I grew to tolerate her
  • Aesthetically the film was really great. I loved the reoccuring theme Fanny’s embroidery and things were just so pretty I can’t even
  • I cried like a baby when that film ended, that poem means a lot to me.

100 films in 2012: Gainsbourg (La Vie Heroique)

  • I knew nothing about Gainsbourg before I watched this film, I merely picked it up on a whim
  • I am, unfortuantley yet to look up his music, 6 months later
  • I loved the romantic way in which the story was told. I found the whole film really off the wall and abstract in the way that ‘Amelie’ was, with the appearances of Filipus and other apparitions.
  • The reoccuring Illustrations really played to the film’s strengths, putting a different twist on the historical events of the film such as WW2 which was interesting to see
  • All of the female roles were done very well, with perhaps the exception of Juliette Greco who had more of a bit part
  • All in all I found the film very enchanting