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“I don’t want to be alone” - Alan Turing - The Imitation game

                     B E N E D I C T   C U M B E R B A T C H

           Nominated Best actor in a leading role - Oscars 2015

So there's a movie coming out about the holodomor

I just want to get a few things out of the way because I know tumblr and how they react to this.

-yes the cast is white Irish/Englishman portraying Eastern Europeans
-Yes they speak in very English accents
-yes there is a somewhat forced heterosexual subplot

But please. For the love of God. Don’t. Boycott it over this. This film is about genocide. About the systematic killing of Ukrainians. There has never been a film about this, it’s never taught in any history book, and to this day Russia denies it ever happened.

This movie is so critical, and as a Ukrainian I am begging you not to shit on it and go full sjw for not accurately depicting the people of the region. Believe me we, Ukrainians, do not fucking care that the representation is not 100% accurate. Seriously, every Ukrainian in the comments of the trailer is begging people to forget about the English accents and are just relieved people are finally learning about this. we want our story heard and we want the world to be aware of Ukrainian suffering and take interest in the nations current state of affairs. Please support Bitter Harvest when it comes out in February.

I saw Beauty and the Beast this evening and it was everything I hoped for and more. So enchanting. It took what was amazing about the original and expanded on it to create a beautiful film which I would say is better than the original. And I don’t usually rate remakes.

It was a wonderful portrayl of the classic story with such powerful messages of feminism and love. I am so happy this movie was made. The cast was perfect. The visuals were mesmerising. The soundtrack was ethereal.

And after all the LeFou controversy I was so happy to see how it played out, my precious gay son. Josh Gad killed it. Honestly, many moments brought tears to my eyes but LeFou’s exclusively gay moment had me and my friend sobbing. Also the diversity and representation of women made me so proud, something the original and many Disney films have lacked.

100% would recommend. Thank you Bill Condon, Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Dan Stevens, Josh Gad and the whole cast. Thanks Disney ❤


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This all makes sense now, I am in love with this video.

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i've met the designer for the live-action cinderella and there was an INSANE amount of craftsmanship in that dress. she spent months on it!

look i am 100% in awe of the work that went into that dress. just the amount of fabric alone is bonkers. the way it moves is GORGEOUS and i would absolutely love to twirl in it bc its just that kind of dress

but so help me god i still hate cinderella’s costumes from that fuckign movie

It is 2:00 am

And I’m thinking about how les amis would react if they met the actors who play them in the 2012 movie:

Like Fra and Courf would instantly become best friends and talk about anything and everything with sparkling eyes.

Enjolras would be 100% done with Aaron “the dork” Tveit but then they’d get along while talking about their love for labradoodles.

Grantaire would adopt George in the spot. Like he literally is his child from now on (he’d probably ask who the fuck read the brick and said: “oh yes of course this actual disney prince George guy is as unbearably ugly as grantaire” ofc) and they’d stare longingly at their respective Enjolras(s?) And whine about it.

And I have a feeling that in this chaotic scenario Killian and Combeferre would calmly bond over how they both love their Courf(s?) and their friends.

Jehan just looks at Alistair’s costume and thinks “not flowery enough” and starts designing a new one because they deserve to be portrayed accurately.

Bossuet is just in awe because LOOK AT ALL THAT HAIR

Feel free to add more!

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Well Domino was just casted, Zazie Beetz is going to be her, may i ask you what do you think about it black Domino? i know race isnt really that important to the character but there are things like the facial features, the nose, the lips that i cant imagine a black person in the role of Domino.

Look man, I love Domino with a passion, but once you take out the patch and albino skin, her face isn’t really that distinctive. She’s never come off to me as someone with really strong features, like your Storms or your Kitty Prydes, so I don’t really have anything against the concept. And ‘sides, there’s really no fixed way to draw her. Even her most standout features like the patch are subject to artist interpretation.

As for Beetz herself, I’ve never seen any of her movies, so she’s 100% an unknown quantity, though I am curious if they’ll go for the albinism or just leave it at the patch. I do hope she gets a good script, too. Guess we’ll find out soon enough.

My 5 Favorite Movies

As payment for the lovely Patreon contribution of Alice, I agreed to provide a list of my top 5 favorite movies (horror or not) and whatever film quotes I remember that I love. So, here we are:

5.  Kill Bill (Yes, Both Parts)

Any real fan of Quentin Tarantino knows that Kill Bill is not two movies–it is one movie, split into parts because that’s how the studio wanted to deliver it. Don’t say you don’t like part two as much as part one; Kill Bill is one movie. 

Why is this on my list? To tell you the truth, it doesn’t really seem to make sense considering who I am and what I do… except that it 100% is a Nick Nocturne kind of film.

There are no major psychological mystery elements, there’s no major abstract symbolism to decode or puzzle to break, and while the story of Kill Bill is horrifying, it’s not strictly horror.

And yet, Kill Bill is extremely valuable to me. So much so that I have the physical DVD copies of both parts and my own Hanzo sword replica, given to me during a past Christmas from someone who knew me better than I had realized up until that point.

Quentin Tarantino is a role model for me and anyone who believes in the Night Mind mission statement. An independent creator who taught himself, did his own work, and fought his way into the industry on his own terms making original work that challenged the field and broke the mold, Quentin Tarantino is revered for a very good reason. He told us unique, engaging stories that spoke to him and never bowed to the entertainment field’s requests to make “more of what sold last summer.” 

Kill Bill is probably the bravest, boldest movie Quentin Tarantino could have ever made before Django Unchained, and I don’t think anyone else could have ever gotten away with doing this. Outrageously violent, over-the-top action sequences, and oozing with charisma that’s equally cool and absurd, this world doesn’t follow cinema rules of the time it came out. Kill Bill stands alone, much like The Bride herself, and it takes no prisoners.

And the story? That awesome story! You cannot get a more badass, engaging revenge tale than the bloody path of The Bride. And let’s face it: you never, ever imagined a movie involving a woman punching her way out of a coffin, did you? And you probably never expected to enjoy seeing that as much as you did.

4 - Trick ‘r Treat

Let’s get something straight here, mmkay?

Michael Dougherty is brilliant and cannot make a bad movie.

Trick ‘r Treat is one of the best Halloween movies I’ve ever seen. I love it so much, it shares the same treatment I gave Kill Bill–I have the DVD, and I bought a Sam Hain Pop Vinyl figure. If I can get more Sam stuff while browsing geek merchandise stores, I absolutely will.

A short story collection horror movie on Halloween that feels like Halloween and celebrates a bunch of different Halloween monster and horror characters and situations is so valuable. I enjoy every aspect of this movie, and it just keeps surprising you. It’s fresh, it’s exciting, it’s fun, it’s disturbing, and it just brings so many different pieces of what Halloween is for people into one film. And like Quentin Tarantino, Michael Dougherty kind of had to fight his way into the field, too. 

Trick ‘r Treat began its life as an animated short film by Micahel Dougherty in 1996 called “Season’s Greetings.” It was a traditional animation by the actual director and writer! And he had to hold onto his idea for about ten years before he could make it. The film was was originally intended for wide release in theaters in October of 2007, but got pushed off the theatrical release plans for that year and sat in limbo. Trick ‘r Treat was only given screenings at festivals after this and, after buzz was created on the festival circuit, it was given a DVD & Blu-Ray release in 2009. 

Michael Dougherty waited about ten years to make his idea into the movie. And then it took another two years for a wide audience to actually see it.

But now, Dougherty’s having the last laugh—Trick ‘r Treat is a cult classic with so much love and merchandising success behind it that he was given the power to make Krampus, a movie I gave my first glowing review for on the channel last year. I even bought the DVD this year and watched it again on December 23rd.

3- The Matrix

The Matrix was the first film I ever saw that really opened up my mind and shocked me with ideas and imagination. It’s not just a sci-fi action movie, it’s a classic and potent revelation film.

The entire idea of the Matrix is shocking, startling, and so enticing to explore. Conspiracies, secret societies, breaking cages around the mind built by the world–this movie will do so much for you.

Again, you can make jokes about my reverence for his movie like you might with my respect for the quotes of Tyler Durden, but movies like The Matrix become huge success stories and stay in the public consciousness for years for major reasons. This is a movie that opens up your mind to see so much more than meets the eye and really think about a lot of things.

2 - The Wall (Pink Floyd)

The greatest tragedy of Pink Floyd’s “The Wall” is that not many people know this movie exists. Before I found David Lynch, before I found Donnie Darko, before all of other movies I can call Night Mind material, there was The Wall.

I can never properly express how much love I have for the entire creation of Pink Floyd’s The Wall. The album, the movie, the concert, the concept… this is a piece of my heart.

You want to talk about an abstract, surrealist art film that gets under your skin and generates a form of empathy you’ve never felt? This movie will do that. It’s tough for people who can’t even fully get into David Lynch’s more accessible stuff, but for those who know how to walk through the weird side of film, this movie will do incredible things to you.

Taken entirely from the perspective of a rock star character named Pink Floyd, we explore the inner thoughts, feelings, and guarded memories in the brain of a superstar musician who stumbled his way into fame after a life of suffering, loneliness, and disconnection with human beings. If you ever wanted to dive headfirst into the psyche of a troubled celebrity with a major artistic bend, this is your chance. And it is, of course, all set to the awesome music of the classic concept album.

If I were going to hand you guys an official Night Mind challenge, it would be tackling The Wall and coming back to explain it to me. If I’ve managed to teach you guys anything at all through my investigation methods and explanations, you’ll be able to show me the result by interpreting this masterpiece.

1- Mulholland Drive

How did I react after watching Mulholland Drive for the first time?

I did something I never do after watching a movie:

I thought to myself, very seriously, “I think I finally watched a perfect movie.”

And that feeling has never left me.

Mulholland Drive is the most accessible David Lynch property besides Twin Peaks. If you watch it, you’ll understand it, even if you don’t fully get it. If you pay attention watching the movie and feel what’s coming across, even if you have no idea what the ending actually was or what it meant, you’ll still understand perfectly what it’s trying to convey, and that’s a flawless victory for a David Lynch piece.

I’ll warn you now: if you watch this movie, it’s going to hurt you. It will do things to you that you don’t expect. Watch it alone if you can, and watch it entirely, seriously, with full focus and an isolated atmosphere. Don’t let anything get in the way of your experience or interrupt your viewing.

Like The Wall, this is a Night Mind challenge movie. And like The Wall, it’s not an emotionally or mentally easy piece to experience. But if you want to inject art straight into your brain and give yourself emotional heart palpitations, this is the film for you.

And yes, it’s a puzzlebox, because it is a David Lynch piece. But even without putting all the pieces together, you’ll see enough of the picture to feel the weight of what it represents. 

If you’re a crying kind of person when it comes to certain movies, then get the tissues ready and a pillow. Hold on tight.

Mulholland Drive is an important film–one of the most important films I’ve ever seen. And after seeing Eraserhead as my introduction to David Lynch, which pissed me off entirely and made me think Lynch was just some overly artsy hack, Mulholland Drive made me fall in love with the man’s brain and revere him.

Hate and laughter against a director to love and ultimate respect in a single movie–that’s the power of Mulholland Drive.


And those are my top five! I have a lot more movies I love and respect, but these are the ones I feel deserve to be shared and given their positions here.

And… wow, I’m seriously bad at thinking of quotes. I’m sorry, haha. Hope the list suffices!

I’m actually kinda sad that I don’t really care about Justice League. I want to care and it’s something I’ve wanted to see ever since I was a wee lass, but…it’s not clicking with me? I’ll probably see it because I loved Wonder Woman in Batman vs Superman. In fact she was the only thing I enjoyed in that movie……getting through the rest of the story was a chore. Ben Aflek does make a GREAT Bruce Wayne though. 

DC hasn’t really given me much that I’ve thoroughly enjoyed. I am however, 100% down for the Batman and Harley Quinn animated movie, I mean look at this: 

Fucking YES.

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List five movies I could watch any time:

 Disclaimer: This is a deceptively tough question for me. I once tried to make a list of my absolute favorite movies I love to rewatch, and had to stop when I hit a 100!

 I am going to limit myself to movies made in the 1980s that I have on blu-ray, to make it just a wee bit easier. Still gonna be tough, so it’ll be the first five that come to mind. I am sure I will I’ll regret this the  instant I post!

1) The Dark Crystal

2) The Empire Strikes Back

3) Blade Runner

4) The Great Muppet Caper

5) Ladyhawke

Aww, you sure you don’t want 10? The list would get more interesting!  LOL 

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I only just discovered today that Alessandro Juliani, the great actor who played Lt. Gaeta on Battlestar Galactica and Sinclair on The 100 is the voice of not one but MULTIPLE princes in various Barbie movies I have watched and that this song is sung by him and frankly my life is never going to be the same again

I realise that there probably isn’t a HUGE crossover between fans of gritty sci-fi epics and straight-to-DVD Barbie movies, but speaking as someone who adores both, I…I don’t know how to feel about this…

7 out of 100
Title: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Rate: 10/10
I just finished this today and I am overflowing with so much feels. It perfectly showed how much a person will love someone even thought that person is scarred, physically or emotionally. This is a beautiful kdrama and it is a MUST WATCH. I’m also torn between wanting a season 2 or not because I am afraid of getting too attached too this kdrama and not get to finish my 100kdramachallenge which i decided to do. If you plan on watching this makesure you have a back up comedy kdrama or movie because YOU WILL NEED IT.

P.S. Do not watch this after Goblin or vice versa. Just don’t.

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For some reason tumblr isn't letting me reply to your post so, here are my fluffy headcanons: little Jyn helping Lyra collect rock samples on Lah'mu, Lyra letting Jyn color the profile drafts (idk, I have a lot of Lyra and Jyn feels, ok?); Jyn and Cassian sitting on their cottage doorsteps, drinking hot chocolate, wrapped up in a blanket on Fest; Cassian singing lullabies in Festian (ahem, space!Spanish) to their child while Jyn listens from the doorway all :)) and ♥.♥

You know you can always come to me with your Lyra/Jyn feels and these are peeeeerfect. I love the idea of Jyn taking an interest in her mom’s studies (why didn’t the movie give us more of her day-to-day on Lah’mu UGHHH GARETH). Also I want more Lyra, need more Lyra.

I am also 100% a sucker for any and all situations in which Jyn catches Cassian being soft with their child and just looks on in wonder from afar .. .bahhhhhh why you killin’ me with these.


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Relationship Status: In a relationship for 6 years now. Whoa. 

Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick! Lipstick always makes my lips peel. I wear really dark colors for special occasions, though!

Last Song I Listened to:  "Helena” by My Chemical Romance. I am in the middle of a weird emo revival on Pandora haha.

Last Movie I Watched: Blade Runner. We’re watching it in the science fiction and fantasy class I teach. I love it!

Top Three Characters: Right now Jon Snow, Hermione Granger, and Octavia Blake from The 100.

Top Three Ships: Jonerys (rules my whole existence now basically), Femshep and Kaidan from Mass Effect, and lately Zelda and Link. Because that ship is older than I am haha. I’m adding a fourth–Bellarke is eating me alive right now. It is the slowest burn. Send help.

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