100 most attractive

My 10 fave ADC looks...

The sexy af pizza delivery girl look

The sweet and innocent look

The “She calls me daddy too” look

The sunbathing look

The confused af look

The adorable dork look

The leather jacket look

The “I woke up like this” look

The simple white shirt look

The “Damn even I’d fck me” look

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Saying someone is 100% the most attractive cast member is an opinion, not a fact. All of the cast is beautiful and ranking them isn't the best thing we can do as a fandom to support them.

Ok sorry for saying it’s the truth, but it’s my opinion, I mean we all have our faves, but that doesn’t stop me from supporting other members of the cast.

I literally set my alarm a few minutes earlier than necessary in the morning so I have time to check instagram and see what fun the tour people were up to last night while I was sleeping.

I case you were wondering… Yes, Sharna singing Sam Hunt is 100% the most attractive thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Even with the messed up words. She needs to not do that because I can’t possibly love her more than I already do.

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So. I recall you mentioning "Hyde is not above paying for sex, but he really doesn't need to." or something along those lines. So, uh... How picky is Hyde when it comes to consent with whoever he's sleeping with? Because that sounds rather... rapey. Also, how does the very very single Dr. Jekyll feel about Hydes sexual activities?

Oh–Yeah! No! That was super not what I intended with that line. What I meant by “he really doesn’t need to” is that Hyde has no trouble finding people who are Down to Have Sex With Him. 

That’s not to say Hyde is the 100% Most Attractive Man in London. He just tends to seek out people and places filled with people who are looking for hook-ups. He’s not into pressuring or pursuing girls (or guys)–why waste your time with that when there are plenty of people out there who already want to get in your pants? 

I’m really against the typical pop-culture depiction of Mr. Hyde as this rapey-y, corner-you-in-the-alleyway kinda character. Sure, we can insist, “He’s evil! He’s just being in-character!” but I think most people are drawn to Hyde not just because he’s a scary bad guy, but also because he’s kinda fun to watch–which makes things kinda dicey when it comes to sexual violence (and gendered violence, i.e. killing prostitutes). I aim to write Hyde as sexually promiscuous and transgressive–in a Victorian context*–without making him out to be a sexual predator. 

As for what Jekyll thinks about Hyde’s promiscuity: He tries not to think of it at all. 

*I’m also trying to avoid depicting sex as objectively “evil”–Victorian society considers sex kinda evil, but they also think Rogue Scientists are kinda evil, so