100 mile race


My body is not perfect. It never will be. Beyond the trite “no one is perfect” thing, my body has been through a lot. It grew a human being (a sassy one at that). It’s been starved. Pushed. Pulled. Hated. Loved. But it’s still carried me through so much life. It’s proven its strength in marathons and 100 mile races. Up mountains and across deserts. This body has proven that no matter how much I thought it wasn’t good enough, it was. It always has been.

And that’s amazing!

That being said, I want to live a healthy life. I seek to improve my outlook on my body and my health. Not for perfect abs. But for a stomach that laughs deeply. Arms that carry love. Legs that journey forward. A body of a life well lived. A body that sometimes has that cake. But tries to get its full of veggies. A body that is strong and soft and loving and kind. And a mind to match.

I have lost weight. My transition to a plant based diet and a focus on complete nutrition has helped (thanks @clevcrew). I don’t feel deprived. It fuels my running. And I’m happy with the work I’ve done. Again, it’s not perfect. I am not perfect. But there is beauty in the journey.

Then & Now - Eisuke Ichinomiya

“Boss! I have a great idea!” Baba shouted.

I came in to clean when everyone suddenly shouted for tea and coffee.

“Ah! What?!” I jumped and pressed my hand to my chest.


“English Breakfast Tea.”

“Coffee for me please.”

“Is that all!? I almost had a heart attack!”

“Sexy Bones are you okay?”

“I’m fine Luke. But my heart is racing 100 miles a second!”

“You were too into cleaning that you couldn’t hear us so we had to shout.”

“Oops. Sorry.” I giggled and I heard Eisuke sigh with exasperation.

“I remember when Vivian was scared of us because we bought her at the auction,” Ota said.

“Not a surprise though. She didn’t know about them until she broke the Glass Venus Statue back in Japan.”

“Now she’s not afraid of us at all. Completely comfortable with all of us. Mostly with Boss.” Baba said.

“She’s become more confident and less hesitant. I like it.” I hear Eisuke say. I smile and walk back into the lounge. When I brought out the coffee and tea, Baba suddenly shouted.

“What,” Eisuke said, drinking his coffee.

“Why don’t we reenact the time when you first kissed Vivian?”

“What?!” I looked up at Baba.

“Yeah! We all can play Carolina and Mr Bucci.”

“Who’s Carolina?” Luke asked.

“Daughter of Mr Bucci. Part of the Italian Mob.” We had to explain to Luke, Shuichi and Hikaru about the deal Eisuke had made and why he needed me as his fake girlfriend. Hard to believe that I ended up falling in love with the man who bought me for $20 million.

“Right. So Soryu, Eisuke and Vivian will be themselves. But who’s gonna play as Carolina?”

“Baba can do it. Wait..” Soryu said but I could tell he immediately regretted it.

“Me? You want me to love you Sor! Okay, I’ll be Carolina.” Baba happily said. Ota and everyone laughed and Soryu rubbed the back of his head.

“And who’s Takahiro?” Hikaru asked.

Eisuke suddenly smirked. “Hishikura can be Takahiro.”

“What? Ichinomiya what are you trying to saying?” Shuichi said, glaring at Eisuke.

“Exactly as I said. It can’t be that hard for you to play a character you can relate to so well.”

There was a silence in the room as the CEO and politician glared daggers at each other.

If only looks could kill….

“Okay, that’s enough. Shuichi can play Takahiro. Ota do you have a stuffed dog to play ‘Fang’?” Eisuke and Shuichi looked away from each other.

“Why are you assuming I have a stuffed animal? Why not ask Vivian?”

“Because Boss isn’t that soft to let Vivian keep something that would take her attention away from himself,” Baba said while smirking at Eisuke.

Eisuke glared in response.

“Oh, I get it. But fine I’ll find one.”

“And who is going to be Carolina’s dad?” Mamoru asked while smoking on his cigarette.

“… Luke!”

“This is going to be weird,” I said to Soryu. We’re both standing outside the entrance of the hotel at night so that there is no one in the lobby.

“I know.” I looked over and saw him staring at the toy dog Ota bought for Soryu.

“I can’t believe Baba’s playing Carolina.”

“You did suggest it.”

“The biggest mistake of my life.” We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

“I never thought once that I would become friends with a mobster, a lazy detective, a thief and a famous artist. AND a crazy doctor, a weird politician and an assassin.”

“Life can give you many things. Even strange friends. But you forgot one.”

I gave him a puzzled look. And his expression softened.

“You left out the arrogant CEO who is going to be your husband. The man who you saved.” 

I stared at Soryu and he smiled.

“SOR! Time to begin!” Baba shouted.

Soryu gave me the dog and took out his phone.

“Eisuke. Vivian screwed up. Alright.” And he hung up on the phone.

“Vivian? Didn’t you say ‘woman’ that time?”

He took the dog and said “I used to think of you as just a normal woman. But now I can see that you’ll keep him happy. You’re worthy of being by his side. That’s why I call you by your name now. I almost feel ashamed of calling you just a woman when I know that you are more than that, to all of us.”

“Thank you Soryu.”

“Come on. We can’t keep him waiting.” He smirked at started walking.

We ran inside and stopped at the steps of the staircase; I go up a few steps while Soryu stays at the bottom. Ota, Hikaru and Mamoru stood on the right side of the staircase.

Baba and Luke entered the lobby from the left.

“But daddy I saw Vivian and Takahiro together! They were on a date!” Baba exclaimed, dragging Luke along by his arm.

“Carolina enough, let me see for myself.” Luke looked annoyed and it took me everything to not laugh.

“Vivian,” Shuichi calls out my name from the lobby just as Baba and Luke enter.

“There! There is the man she went on a date with!”

“What?” Luke responded.

“Ah! What do I do Soryu?” I asked, turning to him.

He smirked and said, “You know what to do.” Suddenly, the penthouse elevator pinged and Eisuke walked out. He walked down the stairs, looking at no one as he made his way to me.

“Bad girls who make me wait, deserve to be punished,” Eisuke says as he places his left hand on my waist and brings me closer to him. 

“Eisuke, we’re in trouble,” I mumble as Eisuke tilts my chin.

“Shut up,” He smirked at finally kissed me. I responded instantly to his kiss and I clutch his blazer.

“Mamma mia…”


“Sexy Bones….”

“Good lord, not again…”

I pay no attention to everyone behind me as Eisuke pays attention to me. 

His kisses are so rough and possessive that I feel like I could melt under his touch. His thumb sweeps across my cheek lovingly. I try desperately to keep in any moans. He completely takes my breath away and I almost start panting. Just like the first time, Eisuke kissed me, my composure wavers; but unlike then, he supports my body and holds me upright. I feel Eisuke smirk against my lips and finally pulls away, painfully slowly. He licks his wet lips as he drags his finger across mine.

I finally remember about the peanut gallery behind us but I pay no attention and continue to stare dreamily at Eisuke.

“Oh Mr Bucci, I’m sorry I had no idea you were standing there,” Eisuke smirks at the others.

“Carolina they seemed to be just fine.”

“They do don’t they?” Baba laughs. Eisuke takes my hand and leads me up to the penthouse elevator.

“Let’s go, the scenes over.”

“Oh, daddy are you going back to your room? Let me come!” Baba jokingly says.

“Mitchy please don’t call me that.” I hear Luke say.

I also hear Soryu sighing loudly and throwing the stuffed dog at Ota. Everyone goes back to their rooms.

Hikaru and Shuichi stand together at the steps.

“They really love each other.”

“Yeah, they do.”

When we got into the elevator and the doors closed, Eisuke turns around to look at me and smirks.

“I don’t remember you responding to my kiss so quickly when I first kissed you,”

I blush deeply and say “Well, I didn’t know you were going to do that back then. I knew you were going to just now though.”

“Hmm, but it was amusing to see you in that situation again. Anyway, I’m sure you remember what happened after that,”

“You kissed me again.”

“I did,” he says and starts backing me to the wall behind me.

“Eisuke…” He presses his lips to mine briefly before pulling away slightly so that our lips just almost touched. I whimpered at the lack of connection between us.

“I love kissing you Eisuke,” I mumble against his lips. His lips curve up into a mischievous smile.

“What did I say before? That wasn’t a kiss, this is a kiss…” Eisuke’s lips attach to mine again, but this time he thrusts his tongue into my mouth. I instantly moan his name while his hands pinned my wrists to the wall. He leaves me breathless and I start panting. His tongue explores my mouth.

“Ah… Eisuke…”

He pulls away before changing the angle and kissing me roughly again. He bites my bottom lip and presses his body against mine. His hands leave my wrists to wander over my body; my hands wrap around Eisuke’s neck, pulling him even closer to me.

He suddenly commands me to ‘jump’ and I quickly respond. I wrap my legs around his waist as we continue to kiss each other. My eyes wandered to the doors.

“Eisuke… ah… we’re at… the… 51st… floor…”

The doors open and Eisuke carries me through the penthouse into our private suite and into our bedroom. He lays me down on the bed and gets on top of me.

I woke up to see Eisuke’s face and I remember what happened last night. I drag my finger lightly across his bottom lip. I remember how his lips kissed every part of my body and I blush.

Eisuke pulls my body closer and I snuggle against him. Back then, I didn’t know that I fell in love with him, but now, I know who has my heart. I closed my eyes, letting Eisuke take over my thoughts and dreams.


“Eisuke, what were you thinking when you first kissed me?” Vivian asked me that morning.


“I just want to know.”

I smirked and said “I was thinking how clumsy and troublesome you are. You made me kiss you.”

“No, I didn’t!” She pouted and I kissed her. The truth is all that was a lie. I was actually thinking how soft her lips were. How her body fit into mine so neatly. I wouldn’t let her breath because I was savouring her taste. Because, back then, I thought I would never be able to kiss her again.

That was obviously wrong.

When I pulled away she said, “I love you, Eisuke.”

“I know.”


40 Years ago, in May of 1975, the BMW Motorsport team, based in Hueytown Alabama for the season loaded up the No. 24 and 25 3.0 CSL race cars hit the road. They were headed west for Laguna Seca and Riverside for the next three rounds of the IMSA Camel GT season. 

It proved to be a great trip to California with Hans Stuck finishing 2nd and 1st in the two 100 mile sprint races at Laguna Seca. The team then when on to dominant 1 - 2  victory at the 6 hour race at Riverside.

The No. 25 3.0 CSL makes the trip back to the scene of that victory next weekend. Come see us at the Rolex Monterey Motorsport Reunion August 13-16.


“I’m sorry” You looked up, startled, your heart was racing 100 miles per hour and all you wanted to do was break down and start crying… This was the first time in weeks that you had spoken to each other and you had spent the whole time yearning to hear his voice. 

You wanted to say something- anything, but you couldn’t utter a single word. 

“You have every right to hate me” He sighed, his hand reaching out to touch you, only to recoil away when you took a step back. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean it.” 

You noticed the cigarette in his hand and you grimaced. This wasn’t the Sodapop you knew, the Sodapop you knew didn’t need to smoke to feel better, he wouldn’t raise his voice to you or look at you as though you were scum of the Earth.

“I used to think of you as someone who would never hurt me. Ever.” You whispered as tears welled up in your eyes. “Where were you, Sodapop? Where were you when I needed you, when everything was falling apart. I needed you.” 

Why is it that you can read all these stories in books, magazines and newspapers about lovers breaking up and tips with how to deal with it, but how come no one ever tells you what to do when you and your best friend break up?

“I know” Sodapop murmured, wanting nothing more than to reach out and touch you, he wanted to wipe away your tears and to hold you… but he wasn’t sure if he was allowed to anymore. 

“I know your soul, okay? Your name is Sodapop Patrick Curtis and when you love, you love so deeply and passionately. Your best friend in the whole world was a troublesome horse named Mickey Mouse that wouldn’t listen to anyone except you. Your eyes are as brown as the forest floor you, Steve and I used to play around in when we were younger- and when you’re upset you go completely silent, you don’t make a sound because if you do, you will break like a levee. You- you… God Soda, before you my soul was a mess of fog and darkness but you took it in your hands and you wiped it clean. But now, when I’m looking at you… I don’t think I know who you are.” You forced yourself to look away from him, fearing that if you looked into his eyes you would start sobbing.

“Don’t say that, Y/N, you know exactly who I am. I haven’t changed, I’m still that guy.” He wrapped his arms around you, holding you tightly to his chest. “I’m still that guy. I love you.” 

“If you really loved me, then why the hell did you leave?”

I didn’t want to believe it, okay? I didn’t want to believe that Sandy was capable of doing that to me. I was angry, I was hurt and I just got Ponyboy back, and he and Darry were fighting so damn much… and I just took it out on you. You were so right about her and I hated it.” 

“I hated that I was right” Your hand drifted up to his cheek, wiping away tears that he hadn’t even realized he had shed. His hand clasped yours as he shut his eyes tightly. 

“I hurt you and you were still there for me.” 

“I don’t know what you’re talking ab-” He opened his eyes and he smiled softly for the first time since your fight. 

“Don’t, I know it was you. Last week, you came into my room.” 

“Ponyboy called me and told me that you came down with the flu and you were delirious and kept asking for me. I just came in and checked on you, that’s all.” 

“He said you didn’t leave until the next morning and I remember you singing to me.” 

“It was the only thing that could calm you-” 

“I love you, and I hope to God you still love me.” He looked away suddenly, not wanting to meet your eyes. “I mean I understand if you didn’t, what I said was way out of-” 

“I never stopped.”

Cold Feet - George Weasley Imagine (requested)

Request: Can I get a request where George and y/n are getting married and married and y/n is super nervous and its just super fluffy? Thanks

(( So if any of you have seen The Vow you may notice that I used the same vows from the movie in here so all the vows rights go to the amazing movie The Vow!!))


“Uh, with this… um… oh yeah, candle! I shall… brighten? No, with this candle I shall light? Merlin help me!” y/n screeched throwing her hands to the sky in desperation.

Daylight snuck in through the pulled curtains of the guest room on the top floor of the Weasley Burrow. Molly was racing around trying her best to make sure every little detail was perfect.

The sun was high in the sky and the birds were singing making it an almost flawless day for a wedding. Bright smiling happy faces entered in the spacious backyard, being greeted by Mr. Weasley and the grooms twin and best man, Fred Weasley. George sat alone in his room unable to shake the giddy grin as well as nerves from bubbling up inside him. All her could bare to think of was that in the next few long awaited hours, he’d marry the love of his life, y/n…. the beautiful, breathless, happy-go-lucky y/n.

Speaking of y/n, Ginny and Hermione sat upstairs with the bride-to-be giving her helpful advice and soothing words, but the words were no avail to the nervous girl.

y/n had been practicing her vows day and night practically all month long in attempt to memorize them, not that it was working at all. She could hardly even remember the easy stuff!

“Hey, hey!  Take a deep breath and relax! You’ll be fine, you’re overthinking everything!” Hermione confessed wrapping her arm around y/n’s delicate shoulders. Huffing in defeat, y/n fell back into the bed ignoring the complaints from the youngest Weasley about how she was ruining her hair and makeup by causing so much fuss.

“Besides, its my brother were talking about! You have nothing to worry about. That git will probably mess up on his vows at least seven times! When-“Ginny joked but quickly shut her mouth when she received a deathly glare from Hermione along with y/n.

Mumbling a hoarse ‘sorry’, then drawing her eyes down to the hem of her lilac knee high dress, y/n had picked out months before. The dress fit all the bridesmaids perfectly and added a nice touch to y/n’s mainly traditional dress. The dress was long and hugged her body tightly in a complimentary fashion. Light fairy dust purple sparkles were laced in and out the fabric of the wedding gown adding a nice appealing twist to the look.

Bridesmaids were styled with their hair simple and curled falling like a waterfall down their backs. While y/n’s hair was in a crown like braided bun with small flowers of various colors planted in and out of her hair.

“If you two don’t mind, I’d prefer to be alone and to go over my lines by myself before its time to recite them in front of everyone.” She requested politely. Ginny and Hermione nodded giving her a brief hug and a friendly kiss on the cheek, exiting the room swiftly.

Taking a deep needed breath, y/n stood from the bed gliding with ease over to the crème dresser counter and tying her floral silk robe around her body shielding her extravagant gown from the world, then moved lightly over to the balcony doors, sliding them open and taking a step outside. The fresh air felt like a graceful kiss hitting y/n’s redden cheeks. She glanced out into the horizon of unoccupied corn fields and empty land. From below she could just barely get a glance of the flooded of guest rushing in and chatting amongst themselves. They couldn’t see her much to her luck. Though her e/c eyes stayed locked on the ground level not for the view of the guest but because a head of wild red hair caught her attention. Now, she was in the home of the Weasley’s so chances were, it was just about any of the never ending red heads but something was different about this one.

The man, roughly four floors down was talking, to himself she assumed, in a hushed secretive voice. His words were vaguely familiar and y/n’s heart fluttered at the sound of them. They were vows coming out of his mouth. With a wave of courage overcoming her body, y/n shouted down to him, carefully not to get caught by Molly or anyone else for that matter, she knew the old wise tales about how it was bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding but she just couldn’t help it.

“Georgie! George… up here, darling!” The flustered groom shot his head up in panic glancing around. His hands were shaky and eyes wild. Finally, he looked up and when his eyes meet y/n the same grin from before returned yet this time larger than life.

“y/n, my sweet y/n. What’re you doing, we’re going to get in trouble and I’m not taking the blame for this one!” George said gleefully. y/n playfully shrugged blowing him a kiss which he pretended to catch. The two laughed together in sync, both feeling a weight being lifted from their shoulders. Silence filled the air and the engaged couple stared lovingly at each other, lost for words. George leaned back onto the unsteady railing devoting all he had up to y/n.

“Y’know, this would be a great time to run over our lines together… so we don’t forget them, of course.” George smirked, checking down below him for safety precautions. Molly would have his head if she gained information on their situation.

“I suppose you’re right, that way we won’t mess our lines up in front of everyone. In a way were actually helping each other prepare for the wedding which means we aren’t breaking any rules.” Seeing each other did indeed break rules. Many to be exact and y/n’s confusing explanation made no sense but the couple went with it.

“Shall I start my dear?” George teased.

“That you shall, handsome.” Voices echoed in the distance and y/n knew the ceremony would begin any second. George seemed to notice this too as his head shifted to the door then slowly back up to y/n mothing ‘Fred’. She nodded and smoothed out the robe waiting for him to begin. The sound of a door swinging shut brought y/n to glance down seeing George smiling with his thumb up in the air. She giggled rolling her eyes.

“Now I think Fred interrupted something very important, but what was it? Oh that’s right,” George smirked with a distant look planted in his eyes like he was at peace. Content even.

“y/n, the you I’m in love with today is the same you I was in love with yesterday, the same you I’ll be in love with tomorrow, the same you I’m choosing to marry because I’m in love with you, y/n.  I vow to fiercely love you in all your forms, now and forever. I promise to never forget that this is a once in a lifetime love. And to always know in the deepest part of my soul that no matter what challenges might carry us apart, we will always find our way back to each other.” Tears puddled in her crystal orbs making the rest of the world cloudy and blurry. Her heart was racing 100 miles an hour and her palms became clammy once again. She loved him. More than she could ever express and there really was no reason to be nervous. This was George, her George and he loved her for the girl she was not some high class know it all, just the simple shy girl. He was in love with her as she was and ever shall be with him. Taking a shaky breath she opened her mouth and spoke in a tenuous like voice,

“George I love you more than the meaning of life itself and I would sacrifice a life full of endless eternity to spend 10 short seconds with you. I vow to help you love life, to always hold you with tenderness and to have the patience that love demands, to speak when words are needed and to share the silence when they are not, to agree to disagree on red velvet cake, and to live within the warmth of your heart and always call it home.”

George smiled warmly, his eyes crinkling around the edges. A loud knock sounded on the opposite side of y/n’s door and Molly’s cheerful voice shined through telling her it was time for the ceremony to begin. Throwing an apologetic look down to her soon to be husband, he shrugged.

“It’s alright, darling. That means we’re one step closer to being married. I’ll be down there waiting for you. I love you, beautiful. Never forget that.”
“I love you too, George. See you soon.”


- Daizy xxxx

Class Is In Session


“Oh my god! Did you see our new substitute teacher? He’s so hot!” A random girl walking into class whispered to another girl.

You bit your lip, confused at the fact that Mister Randall actually missed another day. It wasn’t like him. He was one of the main ones who hated being absent. “Then you’d miss out on all of the fun!” He would always say.

The bell rang and snapped you out of your thoughts. Opening up your backpack, you pulled out the books and pens you needed for following along and taking notes.

“Good afternoon, class. I will be replacing Mister Randall and Miss Vaughn for the afternoon.” The teacher walked in with his head down and back faced towards the class.

“A shy one, hmm?” You laughed to yourself.

“There he is! There he is!” The girl from the back shouted quietly.

“Call me, Mister….Valeska.” He turned around, a wide smile playing across his features.

“Oh god. Oh god. Why me? WHY ME?!” You muttered putting your head down on the desk, banging it lightly on your arm.

“Ah ah, excuse me. Miss (l/n), is it? There will be no sleeping tolerated in my class.”

“Oh, I wasn’t sleeping, Mister Valeska. I was contemplating on whether to kill myself right now or not.” You widened your eyes as if to ask him what he was doing there.

“Talking back to a teacher? That counts as a detention.”

The class ooh'ed in a way that ticked you off down to the core. Jerome only smiled in response at your reaction and turned around to the board to begin the lesson.

Vidi, the girl who sat behind you tapped on your shoulder. “I wouldn’t mind taking your place, I’d do anything to be with him after school hours.”

You rolled your eyes at her comment. “Trust me, Vi, you don’t.”

She pouted a bit, but got back to focusing on Jerome, heart eyes and all.

The lesson went on and Jerome continued to bug you throughout the entire class. Remark after remark, smirk after smirk. It was so bad, he on purposely called the principal down to sentence you to a three hour detention. You promised yourself you were going to strangle that boy when no one was around.

Due to you being in the principal’s office half of the day, you missed half of class and got a fifty percent for the day. There goes your perfect report card.

The bell rang and school was officially over. You sighed and walked to the detention room. Opening the door, the cool chill from the room blew past your face. You hugged yourself and walked in, sitting in a desk at the front of the room.

It was quiet except for the janitor’s bucket scrapping across the hallway floor. You rubbed your fingers on the desk top and tapped your feet to the sound of your light humming. The chalkboard in the front off the room had recently be cleaned, besides the normal “NO TALKING AND NO PHONES” in big white letters.

Looking up, you saw the clock that read 3:15pm. “Only three more hours to go.” You mumbled to yourself, rolling your eyes. “I can’t believe he would do this to me. That Ginger dick.”

“Ginger dick? Sounds like a drink to me!” Jerome smiled, bouncing into the room and sitting on front of you on the teacher’s desk. “How’s it going so far?”

“You…you prick! How could you do this to me, Jerome?! This was the one place that I was actually doing good and you just waltz in here and ruin for me!” He just smirked and you stood up from the desk. You were gonna smack it off of his face. “Who the hell do you think you are, Valeska?! This is my life and I don’t need you interfering with it!” You put your hand up going to slap him, but he caught it and bent you over.

“Naughty girls need to be punished for the way they behave.” He chuckled.

“I am not kidding, Jerome!”

“Neither am I.”

“Jerome I will kill you if-HEY!” You kicked your legs trying to get out of his hold. “Do not spank me! I am a grown-OW!”

“Who’s in control here, me or you?”

“Let go of me there are people in here!”

“And your point is?” He spanked you one last time and then let go of you so you fell on the floor.

“Wow, thanks! I should report you for harassment.”

“HarASSment. Ha. Speaking of which, you have a nice one by the way.” He winked.

“What are you even doing here?”

“I’m here to teach you a lesson.”

“For? And don’t tell me it’s about-”

“That thing that happened a long time ago, yeah it is.”

“You’re honestly still on that? You’re a freaking murderer! What was I supposed to do? Welcome you right into my arms after you spared me?“

“Well, yeah.”

You sighed, shaking your head at the boy. I mean you accepted for who he was now, so why not just forgive you? “Jerome, come on. I’ll make it up to you one day. Besides, you already had a field day and messed up my perfect grade.”

“No no no, (f/n). You still have a few hours left of your detention. You did rat me out to the coppers after all, doll face. I think I deserve to have a bit more fun with you.”

Groaning, you sat on top of the desk you were sitting in. “Fine. I’ll just sit here and accept my punishment, but maybe not reenact any of the scenes from The Office please. It gives me a headache when you do the Michael Scott, I just can’t.” You facepalmed.

“I do an amazing Michael Scott, thank you very much. But sitting here, watching the clock, not what I had in mind.” Jerome spoke with a low, dark tone in his voice, eyeing you.

Cutting your eyes at him, you scooted back on the desk. “Okay…uhm you’re kind of freaking me out.” He only smiled in response, pulling you closer to him, closing the space between you two.

“Don’t, ginger.”

“Or what? You gonna stop me?“ Jerome leaned in and kissed you passionately, slowly taking your jacket off your body. The sun reflected off of your (s/c) skin, warming it slightly.

“Jerome, there’s people here.”

“They won’t hear us…if you stay quiet.”

You chuckled. “What makes you think I won’t be- QUieT!”

Jerome covered your mouth with his hand. “Seems like you’ll have a harder time being quieter than I thought.”

“Well when you touch me there…” You mumbled, blushing slightly as his hand slowly creept deeper into your pants.

You bit your lip, suppressing a moan. That made Jerome smile and he only sped up the process. What was he thinking? Did he want you to keep up noise.

“Jerome.” You shuddered.

“I didn’t say I’d help you stay quiet, now did I?“ He kissed down your neck, sending shivers throughout your entire body. He stuck his fingers deeper into you, pulling them in and out.

You clinched your eyes shut and he laughed. You knew screaming would notify everyone in the school, but at this moment, you could honestly care less. Jerome might have ruined all of the hard work you’ve done to get to where you are today, but this was worth it.

“Please.” You whispered to him, coming close to the very end.

“Well, only because you asked so nicely.” He responded in the most seductive way possible. With one final pump, your body shook and you sighed a relief.

“Now we’re even.” Jerome said kissing your forehead. “So how about we get out of here. Go somewhere I can really make you scream?”

You smirked in response. “Alright, alright. Just as long as I have my turn.”

“No problem.”

Jerome grabbed your hand and pulled you with him, running down the school’s halls. The yell of the principal faded away due to Jerome’s cackling and you laughing along with him.

You guys hopped in the car and drove away. Miss Vera ran out, jumping up and down, trying to get you back. You were halfway to your house when you remembered what effect this was going to have on your reputation.

“Jerome, what about my grades? You’re honestly going to leave me with a bad report? The whole board will be on my ass tomorrow.” You sighed.

“I thought the whole thing would be a blast if we just escaped. What a rush! Am I right?”

You furrowed your eyebrows. “I guess so. But this doesn’t help me whatsoever.”

“By the way, sorry for screwing you up. You did kind of deserve it though.”

“Hey, it’s alright.” You nudged him. “It’s not like I’m dying or anything.”

Jerome hummed to himself, tapping his fingers on the wheel. “For some reason, I can’t help but feel I forgot something.”

“What was it?”

“Mmm. I just can’t put my finger on it.”

“How about thinking of things you thought of before you-”

“Oh wait! Yes I can!” Jerome said, pulling out a funny looking stick with a huge red button on top. He then turned to look at you. “BOMBS AWAY!”

“Jerome, what the f-uchhh!” You ducked, looking behind you as your school went up into flames.

“HAHAHAHAHAHA!” Jerome cackled, looking back at your school as well. “

“JEROME! WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING?” You screamed as your heart raced 100 miles per hour.



“I know, I know. But now you have one less thing to worry about!” He grinned, kissing your cheek.

“How about we don’t talk about it.” Your eye twitched and you only gave him a face that questioned his actions and expressed that you didn’t know what to say next. You just shook your head and tried to not think of the event that just took place. The car sat in silence for a good 20 minutes. Only the faint sound of the radio filled the car.

Jerome’s overdramatic sigh escaped his lips as he continued to focus on the road. You had only hoped some people still survived the blast. Shaking your head, you looked out the window, driving past the other buildings.

“Y'know, on the bright side, you don’t have to worry about your grades.”


Ocean Eyes

by Kay Ryan

she sits there, in the dark, on her bed in her room, mind racing 100 miles a minute.
her music is on as always but, she is not relaxed nor happy as she should be, listening to it.
instead, her milk chocolate hair covers her ocean eyes, and she starts to cry.

“what if i’m not good enough?
what if i never find love?
what if i’m never loved?
there are too many ‘what ifs’.”

she needs to focus on the present.
not her past.
not her future
even if the present is shitty.

but memories and thoughts begin to flood her mind.
and a tsunami of tears spill out of her ocean eyes.

Because when I look at you, I see beyond the man that everyone sees. I see beneath the strong exterior. I see way beyond the man who always says he’s fine even when he’s not. When I look at you, I see someone who has been through hell yet hes one of the kindest souls I’ve ever met. When I look at you, I see a man who is misunderstood and judged and I absolutely refuse to allow it. Because when you open your mouth I can’t help but say to myself “Dear Lord, save me from this mad man” knowing fully well that infact I do not want to be saved.

Because I don’t believe the devil is the scary monster we all describe him to be, I believe the devil is beautiful and exquisite and alluring, after all he was God’s favourite angel; therefore there is nothing ordinary about him. Because I think you are the devil. Because you can charm your way into anyone’s heard. Because Lord knows you’ve charmed your way into mine. Because you make me happy without knowing it.

Because when you look at me, I feel as if you can see beyond all the walls I’ve put up. Because you know I pretend to be strong and I pretend to be cruel and heartless just to deal with the circumstances around me. Because, you see me for who I really am. Because.. old Mr. Webster could never define what’s being said between your heart and mine. Because I’ll do what ever it takes to protect you even if it means protecting you from myself.

Because, I know that at the end of the day there’s no arm I’d rather run into than yours. Because you allow me to be who I am. Because you know that I ask the difficult questions and you accept it, you allow me to ask them knowing fully well that it’s who I am. I ask the questions, I say what I am thinking when I think it. Because I believe you’re an angel of virtue. Because you’re always there when I need you.

Because you’re always everything I need. Because when I speak to you my words become stars that I am then unable to phantom into constellations. Because the mere mention of your name makes my heart run a 100 mile race. Because, no matter what you do I will always care for you. Because I can no longer pretend that you mean nothing to me when you’ve become my whole world.

Because, you can be sure that when it’s all said and done if everyone walks away from you I will always be there. I will always care. Because I accept you , past, present and future. Because without saying a word you light up the dark. Because, you will always have my heart.. because.. because.. because..

—  ~Excerpts from the book I’ll never write #18
Fic Submission: Take a chance

Written by: stydiaandthejeep

Prompt: Internet friends AU where when they meet in real life they want to be more.

Author’s Note: I know this is super long, feel free to split it into two parts if you want. Also, I’m sorry, this is super overdue. Anyway, I hope the person who requested this is happy, I really enjoyed writing this dynamic between them.

Enjoy everyone, and let me know what you think!

From stydia-xo: Girl you put me to work, this was a long one haha But totally worth the read, seriously this was SO FREAKIN’ ADORABLE. 

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Thoughts on Five Nights at Freddy's Story

Warning! This will contain spoilers from both games!!!

I’m going to take a moment to just think about this storyline as a whole, as I’ve got a few theories myself. Also, I’m on a caffeine rush and I need something to keep my mind occupied while I’m heading through a slow shift at work. My mind is racing 100 miles a minute.

First thing’s first, I’m thinking the second game is actually a prequel. The biggest supporting argument I have for this is that the check you receive for your shift at the end is dated in 1987, and the “Bite of ‘87” is a really big deal in the first game. Other theorists estimate that the date of the first game is 1993, but it’s obvious that the first takes place after 1987. Not to mention, when you complete the game the check is only around $100, where game 1 you received more than that.

Another hint of this is that the models of the “old animatronics” look absolutely nothing like those of the first game. At first I thought that it was a stylistic change for Scott Cawthon (the creator in case some might not know), however there’s cut scenes that take place in transitions between nights after night 2. The models used for Chica, Bonnie, and Freddy are exactly the same as the ones from the first game.

The caller is the same from the first game. This confused me greatly when I still thought of the game as a sequel, but thinking it’s a prequel, now it makes sense. It’s assumed that the caller was killed between night 4 and 5 (or at least the recordings from the week before). If anything, Five Night’s at Freddy’s 2 is explaining that this man has a history with Fazbear entertainment. In the first game, the caller states that the animatronics used to be able to walk around until the bite of ’87. In game 2, the caller says that the animatronics are fitted with new technology, including the ability of being able to walk around.

Now what I’m going to bring up involves dialogue of the caller on the last two nights of game 2.

Night 5:

“Hello? Hey, good job, night 5! Um hey, keep a close eye on things tonight, ok? Um, from what I understand, the building is on lockdown, uh, no one is allowed in or out, y'know, especially concerning any…previous employees. Um, when we get it all sorted out, we may move you to the day shift, a position just became…available. Uh, we don’t have a replacement for your shift yet, but we’re working on it. We’re going to try to contact the original restaurant owner. Uh, I think the original place was “Fredbears Family Diner” or something like that. It’s been gone for years though! I doubt we’ll be able to track it down. Well, just get through one more night! Hang in there! Goodnight!“

Night 6:

“Hello? Hello…uh…what on earth are you doing there, uh didn’t you get the memo, uh, the place is closed down, uh, at least for a while. Someone used one of the suits. We had a spare in the back, a yellow one, the one used in…now none of them are acting right. Listen j-just finish your shift it’s safer than trying to leave in the middle of the night. Uh we have one more event scheduled for tomorrow, a birthday. You’ll be on day shift wear your uniform, stay close to the animatronics, make sure they don’t hurt anyone okay, uh for now just make it through the night, uh when the place eventually opens again I’ll probably take the night shift myself. Okay, good night and good luck.”

Now give me a moment to dissect these babies.

The first thing to be noted on night 5 is that the day employee shift had opened up, stating something had happened to the person working the day shift. Now, this could lead to one thing or another. The day employee could have been the victim of the bite of ’87, meaning that one of the characters had attacked him and made considerable damage to his brain. Looking at the mechanics of “the Mangle”, it makes me believe that this would be the most likely suspect considering this one likes to hang on the ceiling and all odd areas that you wouldn’t suspect. In an earlier dialogue from a previous night, the caller says that the characters know the difference between an adult and a child due to facial recognition technology. It may not be Mangle specifically, but I may also be looking too closely. The other idea is that the day employee may have been the body found in the golden Freddy suit, which I will bring up in more detail soon.
The first establishment was named “Fredbear’s Family Diner.” There’s no real accidents or reports floating around on why that restaurant was abandoned that I know about. Obviously, the current establishment the game takes place in is Freddy Fazbear’s Pizzeria. This makes me wonder if the accident happened in the building with no doors needing to be closed, they may have moved back to their original location, but used a different name?

I’m still not entirely sure what exactly golden Freddy is meant to represent, but what I know for sure is that it has to be someone stuffed inside of the suit. “We had a spare in the back, a yellow one, the one used in…” There was an article about 5 children being murdered by an employee wearing a character’s suit. Could the yellow bear suit be the one used in that crime? Maybe even more interesting, since the characters seem to love the company of children, they may be able to understand what had happened, and now are attacking adults for being dangerous to the children? Is that why they like to stare at adults (and attack them)?

Lastly, there’s one last event before the pizzeria gets shut down temporarily. A birthday, and you, now entering your daytime shift, you have to watch over the animatronics and make sure they don’t hurt anyone. This could possibly mean that you are the one that gets attacked in the Bite of ’87. Through the entirety of the second game, all of the animatronics are trying to attack and kill you. It would make sense that they would finally nab you during the day, when you’re supposed to be in ‘biting distance’ of them as required by your job. Whether you were attacked or not, the caller assumes the night shift himself, and records the messages that would be heard by the player in the first game.

I have no idea what the Marionette is supposed to represent. The cut scenes reveal more about him, and it suggests that he may have something to do with the future restaurant that you play in the first game. The cut scenes themselves are also confusing, as I’m not sure if they’re supposed to represent a dream, a future omen, or something that directly happens between the events of the second and first game. Whatever he is, I still don’t like him at all.

I’m a nerd, I know. This game is much smarter than a simple strategy game with a survival horror skin on top of it. There’s a story that’s been intricately planned out, and all of the fans are having a blast in trying to figure out what it all means. Scott Cawthon is a genius, and I know he’s had this story arch planned from the very beginning. I’m just super excited with what he’s going to plan next.

58 people signed up for the 100m. 8 did not start. 4 did not finish at least a 50k (or insisted upon a DNF). 17 people finished the 100m. I was the second female. 9th finisher. A woman Joyce finished her first 100 mile race in her 4th attempt. She had a pronounced lean early on. I’m so happy to see she finished. 33 people who set out to do 100 miles dropped down to a shorter distance or didn’t finish any shorter distances. I saw people struggling pretty bad…pretty early. Dale (who I paced at badwater and has done close to 20 100s or longer) says this was one of the hardest races he’s done. I saw him at low points. I thought he’d quit twice. He thought he would quit too. He didn’t.

An army guy was attempting to ruck the 100. He didn’t finish the 100. I do think he got the 50k. Those results aren’t up yet. But I don’t see him on the DNF list. I’m not 100% sure his name but I’m pretty sure I’d know it if I saw it. (He’s pictured here)

My time wasn’t quite what I wanted. But looking at all of that…I don’t think I could be disappointed. I think I’m going to try for a 24 hour race and 100 miles in November. Yes…safe to say I’m hooked.

runlong is in my town for work. We met this morning for a run followed by coffee.

Dustin recently finished a 100 mile race. Yeah, I know, one of “those” people :) Today he was up for a casual run. I selected a favorite route of mine around two of Minneapolis’ lakes for a distance of seven miles.

If you can’t tell from the picture Dustin is Nigerian. That’s why we ran a little faster than I have in some time. But you know what? It felt really good. At the end I was somewhat winded but my body didn’t hurt.

Perhaps I should try running with people more often. Maybe I’m not pushing myself enough on solo runs.

I’m really glad he gave me a call while he was here today.

I was halfway through my first back to back marathon over New Year’s Eve…part watching the cotton bowl from the 3rd level of the megalith AT&T football stadium and part registering for my first 100 mile ultra marathon racing both midnight (and subsequent price increase) and my dying phone battery. I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to run another marathon the next day, but in 9 months…I was going to run 100 miles. At one time. Without resting. The next day was miserable. But I finished the marathon. My knees hurt though…and I wasn’t sure how I’d run the next marathon I had planned in February. But I did. And another 50k, two marathons in March…a marathon and 30 miler in April…three marathons over Memorial Day. A 6 hour, 35 mile race in June, el scorcho (50k at 11pm) in July followed by an immediate flight to Vegas to pace/crew badwater. (Basically living in a van for two days with some Short runs, energy drinks and m&ms to sustain you. It’s like MTV road rules without the practically envious space a Winnebago provides…) plus countless 25-30 mile training runs. I felt ready in the weeks leading up to the race…but of course I panicked. Did I train enough? Could I do this? What would happen after mile 51? (Farther than I’d ever gone at one time.) Marathon training usually has a long run of 20 miles…76% of the race distance. I’d ran 35 miles (as my longest run)…or 35% of the race distance. Sure I’d done back to back runs. 100 mile weeks. 60-80 mile weekends…but only 35 miles at one time.

One thing I know about long distance running is that during the taper time, your mind is not your friend. You have new phantom aches and pains to accompany the newly nagging doubts. I don’t know how to combat this except to frequently remind yourself that the taper is a lie. And find a friend to talk you through it.

I lucked out. I had one friend go through this journey with me. Joe signed up shortly after me and Wildcat would be his first 100 too. At least we had the unknown together. And Dale, my coach, who offered experience and steady wisdom. He’s finished something like 25 100 mile or longer races. He knew that unknown that I couldn’t begin to imagine.

Part of my problem is I had read too many memoirs by prolific ultra runners, and they sure seemed to love to talk about the pain and anguish of the ultra distances (like suffering the most was part of winning some unspoken competition). I was pretty sure I’d either feel like I was going to die or wish I would die. Each message or count down joe and I would share resulted in equal part nerves and excitement. Not nerves about finishing. For some reason–call it the benefit of ignorance–I’ve not doubted my ability to finish. With my first 50 miler, I was dumb enough not to know better…I knew more going in to this race, but still over half the race was a question mark. Honestly, after my 50 miler, I could barely walk. How was I going to cover that distance twice over? I had to trust the people I’d trained with.

So anyway…the race weekend was here. Despite some unforeseen issues that are neither here nor there. Friday night before the race…trying to get everything ready…a shopping trip for $170 worth of food (yes, I over bought but it was for a few people and beer…) then we went to dinner with the race director at his family’s house. Chicken and pasta. Taking out the pre-race meal stress let us just relax. Around 9:30 we headed back to the race site and the RV. I got stuff ready and got dressed for bed. Yes I sleep in my race clothes. Apparently that’s weird. But I’m also not a morning person and this saves time.

The next morning I woke up to the clamor of runners getting ready. Finally I dragged myself out of bed around 7. Ate some food (a poptart and a banana) and headed to the pre-race meeting at 7:45. It was a long walk across the equestrian center (.1 mile). They said some stuff…I wasn’t really listening. I was a little preoccupied. I started my watch. Listened to the prerace prayer. And then we were off.

40 laps. 2.5 miles per lap. The course was nice as far as 40 laps go. There was a pond. Some open grass land. Trees and dirt trail, and a little gravel. Times 40. You get to know the course pretty well by the end of it. Anyway, I ran the first few loops, getting over ten miles in by 10, before it started heating up. Shortly after that, it became obvious that this was going to be difficult. People started dropping early. I started walking more to conserve energy and keep my body temp down. No use getting overheated now. There was a lot of race left to run. The runners’ equivalent of don’t be a hero. I listened to a few hours of my audiobook (devil in the white city) but only 5 hours out of 30+. I spent most of my time talking to other runners.

So we trucked along. Ticking off miles. Dale and I split up around mile 25 and I was on my own for awhile. Around mile 35 I started running more since it cooled down as the sunset. I ate some pizza around dinner time. Then a few hours later it started pouring. It was hard to see the trail as the rain came down. After walking through ankle deep water, I decided to ride out the storm in the RV. Any nap plans I had were not to happen this early in the race…it wasn’t quite 9pm. But I didn’t want to get struck by lightening and the course went under and around power lines. (Side note: the park lost power for a while) By a little after 10, the storm passed and Dale got me going again. After that there was no looking back. Only two more laps and I was at 50! Half way there!

Soon we picked up Lindsay to pace. We moved slowly through the night, trying to avoid puddles. Not that you could tell from my feet…which were a soggy mess by day light. Trench foot and blisters (you all saw the pictures…) I doctored them up, switched socks and Chris came in to pace. These two were the best crew and pace team. Lindsay made sure I had food (turkey wraps and frozen grapes) drinks. Chris had his horse mask and eagle shirt (if nothing else you’ll run from it.) I ate some small bits of food each lap. Quesadillas, wraps, breakfast burritos, m&ms, pretzels…three energy drinks, and a lot of Gatorade.

We told stories. We laughed. And we trucked on. 100 mile races aren’t ran as 100 miles or even 1 mile at a time. It’s one step at a time. And anything that makes that next step easier…go with it.

Somehow it was mile 97.5. One lap to go. Brian and andie joined me, Chris and Joe for my last lap. And andie ran in with me across the finish line. I won’t bore you with specifics. It was a lot of laps around a horse park. If it weren’t for my friends and crew, I’m sure it would have been harder. Having people to lean on made it easier. I never reached a dark point where I felt like I couldn’t keep going. My pinky toe started hurting around mile 85…and as we know, a blister formed under the nail. I was still able to run though so we continued to mix short running segments in. My next race I’d like to run more. I think my biggest learning experience is to push more. I think with the heat and weather, I got comfortable walking. It’s hard to know how much to push on your first race since so much is unknown. Now that I know…I’ll be better able to manage my race in the future.

So I finished. I loved it. After the race I made my way to the RV, changed and started a beer. Chris let me know when Joe was on his last lap so I could go back to the finish line. I put on shoes and very carefully made my way to watch joe finish. Afterwards I proceeded to lean against a fence and fight every impulse I had to throw up. Once back in the RV, I passed out. Brian brought back whataburger and woke me up so I could inhale a burger and fries. They were delicious. Seriously!!! Then I passed back out…I slept a bit fitfully. But I was sleeping without toddler so it was worth having a bed to myself! The next day Joe and Kasi asked us to lunch. We all hung out for a bit in the RV before going to eat. (Which was also amazing by the way, but anything that involves shrimp, pasta and dessert is always good.) I had to go buy bigger shoes because my feet were swollen. Then back to the RV for a nap. Then more food. Really post race was just a cycle: eat, sleep, eat, sleep, repeat. The next morning we dropped Chris off at the airport and hit the road. It was sad to be leaving. Just because that stupid 2.5 mile course was life changing. It sounds cliche but it’s true. I’ve made new friends that will last a lifetime and Chris wasn’t too annoying do I guess we’ll keep him around too.

Other favorite moment that’s not really my own: Joe came alone from Orlando. His wife and kids stayed behind. He stayed with us in the RV. He had a pretty rough first morning due to the heat. Somewhere around 35 miles for me, I was coming back by the RV. I saw a woman I didn’t know. Joe’s wife (Kasi) had driven the 6 hours to be there. Knowing his early struggles, I couldn’t wait for him to see her. He was still on his lap so he didn’t know yet. I was excited for him, that whole lap, knowing he was going to see her soon. Rumor has it he teared up. I may have been close myself. Side note: Kasi is awesome and I’m so glad we got to meet her. She loves cupcakes so she’s got to be a good person.

Oh by the way….Chris doesn’t completely suck. He finally came through with the cupcakes. Chris and Lindsay were amazing. I couldn’t have done it without them. (Happy Chris I put it in there…)

So yeah…I’m looking at my next race is about 6 weeks. Am I crazy? Maybe. But I love it.

@elkay723 and @chrisontherun thank you again!


So much happened today! I apologize it took me this long to post about everything. Kait met me for a fun run hosted by a running series we did, and then we mostly speed walked/kind of jogged another 4.5 miles. At least the first part was solid! Our half marathon is only two weeks away (!!!) so cross your fingers that we dominate our planned ten miler next weekend. Remember how I mentioned we had a high of 81 degrees here in Denver? Holy moly! Blue skies and gorgeous. I was responsible and put on sunscreen, but STILL got burned.

After our run, we got lunch at a place called Illegal Pete’s. They offer free guacamole if you opt out of cheese and sour cream. I never get those anyway so this made me extra happy. Very delicious and fresh!

Since it was so beautiful, we ended up walking to REI because they were hosting Scott Jurek to speak! I sadly don’t read as much as I’d like to these days, but his book is one you all need to check out. I read it last summer in only a couple of days and will read it again someday. It still baffles me that he has run 100+ mile races and went from McDonald’s to a vegan lifestyle. Definitely amazing to meet him and hear him talk about his experiences.

Although today was very go-go-go, it was pretty grand. I’m looking forward to a lazy/productive Sunday at home though!