100 mile month

When the tv show you’ve been watching ends. What do I do with my life now

Off the Wagon

Don’t feel too bad about it, though. I think I just shouldn’t post before and afters anymore, or announce when I lose weight, it is seriously like clockwork. 

I had pasta, Thai food, cookie dough, pizza, and lot’s of white wine since I last logged. I think I’m going to try for a really long run today and then face the music by entering those values in. I’m still on track to run 100 miles this month, and I’m just going to focus on that goal for right now. That, and not drinking. Which hasn’t been easy because….

Some shit has been going down in my social life lately, and it is so, so easy to get derailed when I’m this emotionally stressed. It’s such shit. I’ve spent most of today in bed, drinking coffee, angrily typing about what’s going on….time spent not at the gym, or meal-prepping, or focusing on myself or my well being. I know I need to chill but it’s hard when there’s this dark cloud of someone baiting you for a fight. I’m totally in the right, but the person baiting me is super defensive and will spend her life blissfully unwilling to admit any wrongdoing, and it’s just haunting my days right now. I drank a fuckton to cope with it Saturday, didn’t drink last night which was good, and probably can’t tonight because of an early AM tomorrow which is all well and good. I hate this feeling but avoiding conflict inevitably gets you here, at least when dealing with someone who enjoys conflict. 

Janrunclub intro!!!a

For those of you who don’t know me my name is Chris, I’m currently a stay at home dad, I spend my days hanging out with my awesome son, teaching him the ways of the force, going on adventures and such things lol.

•Running goals: I would love to get back up to 80-100 miles this month, also I would love to run another half marathon this month.

•What is your running backrground?
I dont really have much I started running a couple of years ago when I decided to get healthy. It helped me lose 100 lbs, and generally made me a happier healthy person!! Now I run because I love it most of the time its not for speed or anything, its just to blow of some steam and work things out in my head lol!!

•Do you follow a formal training plan?
No, I never really have I just run. I started pretty average (around 11-12 min miles) but I just kept at it and ran a LOT and now I’m consistantly in the 7s and I ran a 5.39 min mile yesterday!!!

•Do you have any formal events planned this year?

Not yet, but I will definetly run for the Hogwarts Running Club this year and I would love to run a marathon in the fall.

•Random fact?

I’m obsessed with coffee lol (probably why me and @fitnessgeekandcoffeefreak get along so well lol, I have even roasted my own coffee before!

Thats about it, feel free to message any time with running questions or just to say hi, I’m usually around.


I did it. 2015 miles in 2015! I did 5 with y run club and 1 with my coworker.

When I set this goal a year ago, I wasn’t sure I could do it. I ran just over 1500 in 2014. The first half of 2014 was inconsistent. 100 miles in January to 40 in April. Then back to 80 in June. Finally in July I found my grove. Knocking off a few 200-300 mile months. I knew I’d need to continue in to 2015 to meet this goal. I set my first goal to run 100 miles a month. Second goal 2015 miles in the year.

December 22–check and check.

For the record the chart is missing my overnight marathon “peaks” since they’re spread across days. That may have confused me at first.

7 marathons in 2015. One more to go. What a year!