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Triplets - Smut

Warnings: NSFW Smut!!!!!!!!!

Pairing: StuartxReader

Word Count: 2.1k

Disclaimer: So this is a Stilinski Triplets smut and I tried so hard to make it good so I hope you love it. Ily!!! And Request!!!

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New school, new me, you thought to yourself. Pushing through the bulky blue rust covered doors of Beacon Hills High School. You thought to yourself that you would have never thought of moving during your senior of high school. But low and behold your parents picked the most utterly inconvenient time to move because that’s who they were, a big giant pain in the ass. Your life was great in L.A, you had friends, a boyfriend, and you were captain of the cheer team. So when you got the news that you were moving about 100 miles from your old home you were not too thrilled. So now you weren’t the popular one, or the smart one, or the cool one. You were just Y/n, no one knew you, and you knew no one.

First Period: English

Walking into the class you of course got the stares of many, which wasn’t a big deal if there wasn’t a pair of honey eyes staring at you as well. Whoever he was he was gorgeous, moles freckled around his jaw, hair quiffed in the perfect manner, and his eyes… his eyes were amazing. A blush spread throughout your cheeks at you trying not to look at him for too long.   The loud ringing of the bell startled you, and a loud voice of a not-so-pleasant sounding man roared from behind you. “Hey Blondie, what are you doing?” You didn’t understand why he had to yell. “Oh I’m new, I’m Y/n.” You handed him your schedule, his eye brows raised, “Alright, you sit behind Stilinski.” Turning forward, having really no clue who this ‘Stilinski’ person was. Turning back to “Coach” you asked who that was. “Stilinski raise your hand.” He says not even looking back up at you. When you turned around you were meet with not one, not two, but three hands in the air. They all looked alike but they all looked completely different at the same time. Your eyes widened at the sight of three boys in three completely different parts of the room, completely different outfits, and had completely different ways they were looking at you. The one on the far right next to the window, had a blue v-neck on, his hair was quiffed but not like the one you saw before his was more done up. He looked very nervous. The one in the middle back of the room, he had a beanie on, and his phone completely glued to his hand at all times. He tried to look like he couldn’t care less but it didn’t work you could see it in his eyes that he cared too much. The on the far left on the room, the honey eyed one, had a flannel on and a smirk on his face as you were looking at the other two boys.

“Which one?” You asked seriously, but the whole class erupted into laughter. Coaches yelling cause the commotion to calm down, “The one in the blue.” He said. The one in the blue, okay sure lets pick the one who looks like he’s about to throw up, why not. Strutting over to the desk behind him, he didn’t even give you a second look then went right back to his notebook, the page covered in x and o signifying that he was writing football plays.


 After a long four periods that surprisingly went very well. You had met some new girl friends who welcomed you in very quickly and all your classes were surprisingly really great. Walking into the lunch room you got a text from ‘Lydia’ who was one of the 4 girls you met during your third period class. The text read to meet them at one of the outside lunch table. When walking to them you could make out a figure that looked very familiar to you. The one guy who met your eyes with right as you walked into English class. Getting closer you could see that his arm was draped around Lydia so you obviously couldn’t go for that anymore. But that’s okay the other two intrigued you more. Lydia introduced you to everybody that was at the table which included: Lydia, Allison, Kira, Malia, Scott, Stiles, Liam, and Issac. They were all really nice and made you feel right at home. Your curiosity got the best of you and you had to ask, “So you and your brothers are triplets?” It caught him off guard but only for a second, then he laughed out. “Yeah Stuart and Thomas. There my brothers, obviously.” He laughed again. You couldn’t help but ask another question, “So which ones which?” He and the others started to go on and on about the two boys, Thomas was athletic and popular, while Stuart inherited the brains and wit, so did Stiles but Stuart go more of it. Also Stiles claimed he got the looks even though they all looked the same. But he insisted. And Stuart was the one with his phone glued to his fingers and Thomas was the one who looked like he was about to throw up looking at you. This otta be interesting. The last 4 classes were great and no triplets in them, but Gym was my very last period and that had Thomas in it. But all was normal, or so you thought.

The next day:

 Was like any other, you got to first period English and instantly Stiles insisted to be your partner for the group project, which you were really happy about because you could hang out with him and get the deeds on his brothers. Which you have found an attraction to. After the period you and Stiles discussed that you would be meeting at his house to finish the project. You were quiet happy about that because you wanted to check them out and learn little more about all of them. The bell rang signaling you for your next class, yours and Stiles stuff was strung out all over the two desks so you both were the last two out of the class room. “Where are you going?” He questioned. “Chemistry.” You said with an eye role which made him laugh. Stiles was cool but totally not the type of guy you were looking for. His attention went from you, too his brother Thomas. “Hey ass-hat bring back my Lacrosse stick.” His brother just gave him an eye role. “See you later; I’ll text you if anything comes up.”  And then he was off, this was about to be an interesting night.

Knock, Knock, Knock:

Three steady knocks on the wood door with the mail box besides it read; “Stilinski”. Your heart was pounding and you were hoping and praying that Stiles would be the one to open the door. The click of the lock and the yank of the door almost made you want to pass out. And of course not, of course it wasn’t Stiles. Stuart stood in front of you with his school outfit hanging off of him. He was definitely the cockiest Stilinski boy. He always had the ‘I’m-better-than-you look’ all the time and this time he was looking at you and it wasn’t any different. “Hi.” You said sheepishly and shy. “Can I help you?”  He spat back, your shy left your body and your bitch came right out to play. “Yeah actually I’m looking for Stiles, so if you could go and get him that would be peachy, thanks.” His face softened and he almost looked hurt. Almost. “Yeah well he’s not here.” He walked away from the wide opened door. “You’re welcome to wait if you’d like.”  He said plopping onto the sofa that looked like the leather was from the late seventies. The house was nice; but you could tell only boys lived there because of the mess evrywhere.

After about the most awkward hour of your life, you decided to go home, Stiles wasn’t answering his phone, and you were just about done with the small talk with Stuart. “I’m going to go because I’m obviously just an annoyance to you.” He chuckled deeply. And something tinged in your core. “Where you going baby? We had so much more to talk about.” Right as you turned around to say a snarky comment, you were met with pair of two big brown eyes and soft pink lips. He was close to you, to close, you tried to back up but your back was suddenly met with the door behind you. His warm breath casketed onto your face and in that moment you have never felt more safe and secure. “You know, you should be a little nicer to me, you are in my house after all.” You could tell he was nervous but excited. And you could also tell this wasn’t his first time with a girl because he knew all the right moves. “Make me.” You spoke out into a silent whisper. After that your legs were wrapped around his waist and dirty make out session was in place. You could tell he was walking up the stairs, because he had an even tighter hold than he did before on your ass. The kiss ended when both of you had to catch your breath. You were in his room now, the slightly messy but organized space fuelled your imagination and you could help but think, ‘this guy must be really smooth to get me in here so fast’. “Now we want to play naughty? Or, do we want to play nice?” He spoke. He was hot, like really hot, there was always this gorgeous smirk plastered on his face, he made your heart melt even though you have only known him for a few days. “What ever you want honey, you’re the boss, I mean this is your house isn’t it?” You spoke low with the sexiest voice you could find yourself doing. A low growl came from him, and then he lunged at you taking his shirt off in the process.

Tangled limbs left you both in just your underwear. His mouth started to travel down the valley of your boobs, and make his way to your stomach. The hickies he left on you were a dark lilac color and were in every spot noticeable. When he got to your pussy he wasted no time ripping off your undies and eating you out like it was his last meal. “Fuck Stuart.” You screamed when your orgasm came crashing down onto you. Your whole body shook from the enormous amount of pleasure, and you were sure you had never cum that hard in your life. “Wow baby girl that was hot, but no time for sex cause Thomas is almost home and when I fuck you, I want to hear you scream.” With that he helped you get dressed. Apologizing for ripping your underwear and claiming he will buy you knew ones. As the two of you got dressed and down the stairs stopping at every second to kiss and touch on another. He walked you too your car and said your good bye’s. He was sweet and gentle appose to being rough and dominating just five minute’s earlier. You knew that wouldn’t be the last time you two did that.

The next day:

All you remember from getting home was: eating some leftover cold pizza and crashing in your room half naked. So when you woke up in the morning half late from school you didn’t even bother looking in your mirror. You threw on the sexiest casual outfit you had and grabbed your makeup bag and headed out the door. Lydia was honking for a good ten minutes, before you actually made it out side. And she made sure to lecture you about waking up on time. You did your makeup on the ride there, and you thought you looked pretty good. When walking through the halls, you got some strange looks from a few people. You had no clue why but you continued on your way to your locker to get your stuff. Opening it and placing your bad inside, you felt a presence to the left on you and you turned to look that way. Thomas stood there in a simple white tee and some kaki joggers on looking as ‘fuck boyie’ as ever. “So how was my Brother?” You were taken aback for a bit. But then cooled down and asked calmly. “How do you know about that?” You raise your eye brows at him and he lets out a loud chuckle. “I heard you two, and it’s not hard to tell considering you have his signature hickie on your neck.” You panicked and looked into your locker mirror, there was one hickie just to the left of your neck and now you knew why they were all looking at you. You might as well just wrote ‘I had sex’ on your forehead with how obvious it was. Thomas walked away leaving you in shock and confused on how he knew, he wasn’t even home. Or so you thought.

Oh Hell No.

Shout out to Snapchat, Pokemon Go, and the season 2 SNK soundtrack for keeping me sane on today’s Commutes from Hell via public transportation


Best friends Diane Shawcroft (20) and Jennifer Lueth (19) left the house they shared with Diane’s older sister in Glendale, Arizona, to go to a mini-mart close by.

It was the early evening of May 24th, 1996. A witness in the store said that around 7 pm, both women were talking outside to a man in a blue truck. Then they got inside the vehicle and that’s the last time anyone saw them alive.

Aside from their killer(s), that is. Three months later, two hunters found the women’s bodies in a remote desert more than 100 miles away from their home. They had been murdered, but police didn’t reveal how since it was an ongoing investigation. Their only clue was the blue truck and a sketch of its driver. 

The families built a shrine where their daughters were found: two crosses with pictures of Diane and Jennifer. In September of 2000, however, both photos were removed from their frames. Police believe it was the killer who did it, since the location of the crime scene was not revealed to the public.

Almost 20 years have passed, and they haven’t been able to find any leads. The case remains open. 

Ok, so the story of the kittens are that they were abandoned. One day a cat walked up and she was starving. We fed her some tuna and I named her Ms. Midnight. We then noticed she was heavily pregnant and decided to make her a house on our porch. The next day she gave birth to Leo, Charlie, Grey, and Oliver. Obviously we came up with the names later but whatever. 2 weeks ago on our way back from Florida, Ms. Midnight left and never came back. We had given her an automatic feeder and water dispenser, but she still left. We couldn’t do anything since we were about 100 miles away from home. They had been hungry for two days and peeing in the corner of our garage (where we moved them and Ms. Midnight to before the trip). My father decided to get them some kitten formula and fed them so they wouldn’t be hungry. Ever since then I’ve been caring for them. We have no idea where Ms. Midnight is. I do miss her. She was a sweet kitty. But that’s their sad little story. But they have me now.


Long time no sketchbook dump. My favourite at the moment is the small Midori notebook cotton!

p28-p29 MK Arts Centre

p77-p78 Manchester with Hannah, Whitworth art gallery
p83-p84 100 miles past home to Crewe, Roger Deakin
p99-p100 House of Illustration
p119-120 Bristol

This photo took me forever to get there was so much traffic and such a risky shot and only got one chance at getting it. Driving over 100 miles away from home this one of my favorite shots I captured. Crater lake, OR


Well even though this post was made on 22/12/13 and i’m like a 100 miles away from home by now, I wonder how this year might go. 

So to all my followers and other people who are reading this on 1/1/14 I hope this year goes perfect for you. And keep smiling even when things are falling apart. Don’t listen to haters/bullies. Keep your head up sunshine <3 


@justgreenenough is a person who abused me, cheated on me, and fed me to the wolves to save himself. I cannot tag him because our communication is blocked.
His name is Joshua Thomas Veliz.
He is a convicted felon.
He has been arrested upward of 6 times.
Half of those instances have been for violent offenses. The rest for drug-related issues, including when he was selling drugs from his parents’ basement for several years into his upper 20’s.

Tonight, after two days of compromising and saying we’d like to make it work, one of the multiple men he had been talking to on dating apps started liking all my photos of my dog and my ex-fiancé.

When I say cheating, I should clarify. Apparently it’s not considered cheating by all when you’re pretending to be a girl and catfishing for straight men to jerk off for you on camera while you type/talk them off. But when you start sucking strangers’ dicks, I’m not sure how you can escape calling it cheating. Either way, we are talking legitimately 100+ men in a two year period who got his sexual attention when we had clearly established that this was not acceptable in our relationship.

He cracked my skull twice, resulting in two surgeries. He completely shattered my eye socket one of those times. Broken ribs. Dragged me in a car after scattering my belongings all over a public parking lot and trying to leave me there with it 100 miles from home. Smashed drywall. Broken windows. He even smashed the wooden hand-carved owl wind chime that hung above my crib as a child. Pulled the cord out of my headphones. Shredded multiple t-shirts and jackets.

I contracted two STD’s because of him. He likes to claim we contracted them together. Because when your financial security depends on opening your relationship sexually or being homeless, you’ll likely choose being abused, diseased, and heeding your fear of punishment.

Today, I stop being silent to keep a monster comfortable.
I am not afraid any longer.

Please do not follow this person.
Please do not speak with him.
Please do not entertain his lies and sociopathy that I fell for.

In fact, please feel free to share this post.
Because abuse is not okay.
Because abusers will not ever stop.
Because abuse is addictive, even being abused.
Because abuse is easily deniable.
Because abuse can happen to men.
Because abuse will always exist.
There will always be someone who needs help out. And getting out is so much harder than you can possibly imagine.

No more.