100 mile home

I moved 2,100 miles away from home for college. I came back for the holidays and am reunited with my cat (the only one I missed tbh). She puked on the floor the first day to greet me. I missed her so much.

when ur boyfriend starts makin fun of u bc ur hair down makes u shorter and u both haven’t even been up ten minutes 

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Best friends Diane Shawcroft (20) and Jennifer Lueth (19) left the house they shared with Diane’s older sister in Glendale, Arizona, to go to a mini-mart close by.

It was the early evening of May 24th, 1996. A witness in the store said that around 7 pm, both women were talking outside to a man in a blue truck. Then they got inside the vehicle and that’s the last time anyone saw them alive.

Aside from their killer(s), that is. Three months later, two hunters found the women’s bodies in a remote desert more than 100 miles away from their home. They had been murdered, but police didn’t reveal how since it was an ongoing investigation. Their only clue was the blue truck and a sketch of its driver. 

The families built a shrine where their daughters were found: two crosses with pictures of Diane and Jennifer. In September of 2000, however, both photos were removed from their frames. Police believe it was the killer who did it, since the location of the crime scene was not revealed to the public.

Almost 20 years have passed, and they haven’t been able to find any leads. The case remains open. 


Long time no sketchbook dump. My favourite at the moment is the small Midori notebook cotton!

p28-p29 MK Arts Centre

p77-p78 Manchester with Hannah, Whitworth art gallery
p83-p84 100 miles past home to Crewe, Roger Deakin
p99-p100 House of Illustration
p119-120 Bristol

This photo took me forever to get there was so much traffic and such a risky shot and only got one chance at getting it. Driving over 100 miles away from home this one of my favorite shots I captured. Crater lake, OR