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Rajigaze Dec 16

this is that question about the bonus lol so first the fan is like wah wahh its my birthday say hbd to meee then she like ok so the other day I got a bonus and I wanna buy myself a bday present but i cant think of anything so pls tell me what i should buy myself

uruha: so what did u buy urself when u got ur first bonus?

reita: when i first got a bonus huh~

uruha: do you remember?

reita: i do!

uruha: it must have been while we were recording.

reita: huh? ………………………..what bonus?

uruha: huh? ………………..what do you mean what bonus your first bonus

reita: my first bonus………….

uruha: yeah, when we were like, what we get bonuses?

reita: aahh yes yes

uruha: it was when we were recording

reita: recording?

uruha: yeah in Hachioji

reita: …………………

uruha: …………………..

reita: oh was it?

uruha: yeah it definitely was

reita: oh okay then –

uruha: and after recording we went to eat monjayaki

reita: ahh ok ok we did we did  i remember…..no we went to eat sushi tho

uruha: ohh

reita: yeah at bikkuri sushi, bikkuri sushi 

uruha: oh was that our first bonus?

reita: and it was like 4000 yen per person, and we went all together, and it was 4000 yen per person, and we felt fancy af

uruha: did we split the bill?

reita: yeah but it was 4000 yen per person

uruha: ahh………

reita: ahh…………at bikkuri sushi.

uruha: …………were u surprised

(*bikkuri means surprise)

(*does anyone else think theyre stoned right now)

reita: i never thought i would buy myself food for 4000 yen….cause until then i’d been buying like, bread for 100 yen.

uruha: yeah it was the kind of place we would only ever go if our boss was treating us….but we went on our own

reita: yeah yeah yeah…who woulda thought

uruha: i felt so accomplished

reita: so what did u buy with ur first bonus?

uruha: hmm idk…thats all i remember…i dont remember what else i spent the money on

reita: you blew it all

uruha: ……well yeah.

reita: idk i think i bought like clothes or accessories or something.

uruha: what kind of clothes?

reita: i don’t remember but…i was super excited…and ruki came to sleep over at my house

uruha: ehhhehheheheheh……heheh

reita: cause we were gonna go shopping in shibuya the next day, so he slept over.

uruha: ahh okay (still giggling)

reita: and at that time we dressed pretty punk, so he came over

uruha: what to like decide what you were gonna buy?

reita: yeah…and then when we woke up in the morning and went out to the parking lot someone had broken into my car.

(both laugh)

reita: i was like, are you fucking kidding me……like the windows were all broken too, but anyway the two of us went to shibuya in that car, and then kai starts talkin about ‘i wanna come too~’

uruha: how did he know you were out?

reita: cause we’d told him we were going.

uruha: aw, he probably wanted u to invite him.

reita: ye probably lmao so anyway we met up in harajuku and the three of us went shopping for clothes…and then after we went to eat gyudon at nakau or some shit (*peasant ass restaurant)

(reita laughs)

uruha: but wasn’t kais style totally different from you guys? like he wasnt punk.

reita: yeah i’m pretty sure he didn’t buy anything

uruha: he just wanted to go along with you guys

reita: ………………………………….yeh prolly

(reita buRSTS out laughing)

uruha: he was probably so lonely

reita: anyway that’s not the point

uruha: oh right we’re talking about what we bought

reita: yes what we bought

uruha: hmm…well….but i think that like, it doesn’t have to be something you’ll keep…like for example we went for sushi….and it was a really good memory for us. so maybe you should treat yourself to some good food.

reita: yeah for sure

uruha: we’ll always remember that

reita: well yeah cause the way we lived until then was like..the LOWEST of the low

uruha: the lowest of the low.

reita: lower than kitaro

(*this is a stupid joke but theres that anime or whatever called gegege no kitaro and 'ge’ means low fuck off reita)

(uruha laughing)

reita: but like seriously we were living off 120 yen bread and 100 yen litres of chorus water (*weird sweet milky looking bullshit drink) when we were recording and stuff.

uruha: lmao…….chorus water…………

reita: you bought that shit every day. cause it was the cheapest one.

uruha: ye………

reita: well thats how we lived, so when we got to eat sushi…

uruha: we seriously didn’t give a shit about our health huh

reita: yeah not at all

uruha: if we lived like that now our health checkups would be terrible

reita: yeh (laughs) …so anyway what do you recommend this person buys? some good food?

uruha: yep

reita: yeah, it doesnt have to be something you keep….as long as you keep it in here (pats chest) in ur heart

uruha: in ur heart

reita: yeh

uruha: that was really loud just now

reita: yeh (laughs) try it

uruha: *snaps fingers*

reita: (laughs) oh ur going for the fingers

uruha: yes, u pat ur chest

reita: yes, i’m the chest (pats chest again) i should do that for the mic check (bursts out laughing)

uruha: lmao u loser

reita: next time someone asks me to do mic check

uruha: BOOM BOOM


So since a LOT has happened with my tanks, I thought I should do an update!  

Female Guppy Tank:
This was my“Main Guppy Tank" but since we separated the genders and the males now have their own tank, it’s the females and uncoloured frys home, as well as the Corydoras.

* Size: 200 litres, approx 52 gallons.
* Inhabitants: All my female guppies, some uncoloured/small guppy fry and my 5 Corydoras catfish.
* Lighting: AquaOne PlantGlo LED light.
* Plants: Hairgrass, Banana Lilly, Java fern.
* Filter: The hang on back which the kit came with, I’ve modified the media with a sponge and ceramic media. Recently I’ve also added a sponge on the intake.
*Substrate: Black aquatic sand as the main substrate, with Eco Complete in each of the plants little pots.
*Update/Future plans: Seeing the tank is too overstocked (or at least it will be when all the girls grow up), as they grow I will be dwindling down the girls and only keeping the ones I visually like the best. For now I am doing small 15-20%  water changes twice a week to keep up with the tanks demands. I couldn’t house the girls and boys together anymore, as the males were stressing out the girls and constantly creating babies, so something had to be done, as I’m not intending to become a full time guppy breeder, this wasn’t sustainable.

Male Guppy Tank:
This was my "Guppy Fry Tank” but is now being used to home all 6 of my male guppies.
*Size: 80 litres, approx 21 gallons
*Inhabitants: 6 male guppies and 1 pond snail (which came in on a plant)
*Lighting: Its currently got our old AquaOne EcoGlow LED light mounted above it, being our old light from the tank it overhangs a lot, but it works well.
* Plants: Hairgrass and two banana lilies, one is the original from this tank, the other is a little one our female tanks banana lily grew.
*Filter: It has a medium sized sponge filter rated to tanks up to 100 litres.
*Substrate: A thin layer of black aquatic sand. I didn’t like the bare bottom tank, because as soon as the tank got algae, it always looked dirty.
* Update/Future plans: For now, this tank is just going to be left as it is, and see how it goes. 4 of the male guppies are still fry and need to grow up a bit. If any of the too young to gender fry in the female/misc tanks turn out to be males, they will be moved into this tank.

Misc Tank:
This used to be solely my quarantine tank, however right now I’m using it for a different cause. It’s used for guppy fry which are coloured up a bit, but I can’t gender yet.
* Size: 30 litres, approx 8 gallons
* Inhabitants:  6 small guppies at the moment
* Lighting: it has a small clip on light, which is Imagitarium 3W LED, it has three settings, blue, white and a more natural light. The tank also gets the overhang from the Males AquaOne EcoGlo light.          
*Plants: None
*Filter: Small sponge filter rated for up to 50 litres.
*Substrate: None as its easiest to sanitize in between new fish.
* Update/Future plans: This tank is going to be used for all the guppies that I can’t gender, until they are sorted into their respective tanks. After that point, it will be used to house/hold the guppies I choose to sell. Eventually it will be used to hold a new batch of Corydoras in quarantine, to expand our school but that’s still quite a while away.  

Betta Tank:
*Size: 80 litres, approx 21 gallons
*Inhabitants: Dracarys, a male red half-moon betta.
* Lighting:  AquaOne PlantGlo LED
*Plants: Anubias, Anubias nana petite, Contortionist Val, Elodea, Xmas moss.
* Filter: It has a medium sized sponge filter rated to tanks up to 100 litres.
* Substrate: Eco Complete
* Update/Future plans: Just waiting for the plants to grow in more heavily, also will be added a new ledge for the corner of the tank, as the suction cups keep falling down. As you can see in the picture. We’re thinking of perhaps doing something with magnets.

If you have any questions or queries feel free to send them to me!!!  

11th October 2017

Submitted by @finsscalestails

My 200 litre (approx 48 gallon) aquarium. Which is just for guppies (14 full grown and 4 fry) and 6 corydoras catfish. I know it’s not aquascaped super well. But I have noticed in the fish community people WAY overstock guppies because they “can” survive in it for a while and being constant breeders it is easy to let it get out of hand. But I cringe at the tanks with no space for them to get away from each other.
We’ve already made an agreement with our local aquarium store that they will buy any excess fry from us provided they’ve got their colours in. Plus we are looking at getting a second 100 litre tank for the fry we breed to prevent over stocking this tank.
They sure love having all the space to swim around.

Wow, so much space! Are those live plants? Once they fill out some more, this will be a guppy paradise. It’s so good to see so much effort put into a guppy home :)

In 2005, the #BMW #M5 came roaring into new dimensions, with a high-revving V10. An output of 100 hp per litre of displacement meant this was an engine that could handle itself in race competition. #OriginM

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Bilan de la croisière effectuée du 1er avril au 11 septembre 2017

11 départements traversés : 68 - 90 - 25 - 39 - 21 - 70 - 88 - 54 - 55 - 51 - 52 -

Distance parcourue : 1150 km

Durée de navigation : 258 heures

Nombre d’écluses : 545

Carburant consommé : 795 litres de gaz-oil

soit 3,08 litres à l’heure  -  69,13 litres aux 100 km


My 8000th post

So has to be a Bentley 8 Litre from 1930, the car that pushed Bentley toward bankruptcy. Its 6 cylinder engine actually displaced 7,983cc.  It was available in 2 lengths of wheelbase (144 or 156 inches, 3 were built with a shorter 138inch wheelbase) and bodywork was at the buyers discretion, Bentley sold you the chassis and engine (for around £300,000 in today’s money) and you chose the coachbuilder to do the rest. Launched during the depression, hopes it would revive Bentley’s fortunes proved hopelessly optimistic. A smaller 4 litre was added in 1931 but despite selling 100 8 litres and 50 4 litre models Bentley went into receivership and was bought by Rolls Royce who discontinued the 8 litre. The two marques would remain linked until 2003

Great white shark versus orca   Which is the greatest ocean predator – the orca or the great white shark? A shocking encounter off the Californian coast reveals the answer. When wildlife-watchers in a boat off the Farallon Islands witnessed an orca attacking a great white shark, they were astonished by how easily the fish was overpowered. However, much of the action took place out of sight, under water. Scientists have pieced together the evidence to construct the likely sequence of events that led to the shark’s apparently timid demise. From the eyewitness accounts, it was clear that the orca didn’t bump into the great white by chance. It deliberately changed course to intercept its victim. The shark appeared unaware that it was in danger. Swimming at top speed, the orca took the shark by surprise, ramming it hard on the flank. The massive impact stunned the shark, leaving it momentarily confused and vulnerable. With the shark dazed, the orca grasped it behind the head and turned it upside- down. The shark panicked and its brain released calming serotonin that sent it into a trance. This made it far easier for the orca to drown its prey. Soon the shark was dead and the orca could start tearing it apart. CLASH OF THE TITANS: ORCA Orcinus orca SIZE: Adult male up to 9.5m; adult female up to 8.2m. WEIGHT: Male up to 5,600kg; female up to 3,600kg. TEETH: 40–52 large, conical, inward-curving teeth in upper and lower jaw. MAX SPEED: Bursts of 50kmph when in pursuit of prey. TYPICAL PREY: Mostly fish and squid; also seals, sealions and other marine mammals and seabirds. Consumes up to 200kg of food daily. MAX PREY SIZE: Several records of orcas attacking and eating grey whale calves. HUNTING TECHNIQUE: Often works in teams to corral fish or to distract prey to isolate or weaken it before delivering the killer blow. SPECIAL SKILLS: Uses echolocation – a form of sonar – to detect shoals of fish under water. DISTRIBUTION: Found in all of the world’s oceans, but most abundant in cooler waters at high latitudes. GREAT WHITE SHARK Carcharodon carcharias SIZE: 4–5.5m fully grown; occasionally over 6m. Females generally larger. WEIGHT: Usually up to 1,000kg; rarely up to 2,200kg. TEETH: 3,000 razor-sharp, triangular teeth arranged in several rows that rotate towards the front of the mouth, replacing broken ones as needed. MAX SPEED: Often reaches 40kmph. TYPICAL PREY: Mostly big fish, including tuna, rays and other sharks; also seals, sealions, dolphins, turtles and seabirds.
max prey size Sometimes attacks and kills smaller great whites HUNTING TACTICS: Solitary, ambushes prey from below with a powerful surge. SPECIAL SKILLS: Excellent sense of smell: can detect a drop of blood in 100 litres of water. Electromagnetic sense picks up the magnetic field produced by muscle activity in its prey. DISTRIBUTION: Found almost worldwide, from the subtropics to cooler, temperate seas; some populations highly migratory.   DID YOU KNOW? Great white sharks will sometimes eat whales but usually only after they’re dead. There are numerous records of sharks scavenging whale carcasses.   

bowerjamieI’m taking part in the#1DayOn10Litres challenge in conjunction with #AcquaForLife and Green Cross International to help raise awareness of the issue of water scarcity and access to clean / safe drinking water. In “water rich” countries we use over 100 litres a day and in some countries, such as Bolivia, access to safe drinking water means that often some families have as little as 10 litres to live on per day.
See if you too can try and use only 10 litres and share your efforts.
#HelpGiveWater #1DayOn10Litres#AcquaForLife


Škoda 976 Karosa prototype, 1956. Created as a replacement for the 440, the Department of General Engineering Work set the standards and features of the vehicle. It should seat 4, weigh about 700 kg and consume 6 to 7 litres per 100 km to remain affordable to the greatest number. The 976 was rejected in favour of a rear-engined design which was developed into the production 1000 MB