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They’ve been together in those various environments when season five starts for five or ten times longer than they were ever on the ground,“ Rothenberg says. "They were on the ground, believe it or not, the show for four seasons has only been essentially almost a year. Not even a year of time has passed. So they’ve now been apart for way longer than they were ever together. And so relationships will change, alliances will change, will they be the same when they come back together in season five? It’s like in life when you go away for a long time and then you see somebody who you used to love or used to know and they’re so different, you know. That’ll be part of the fun in season five.

So, we know that this intergalactic hostage ship is going to come to play somehow. What if

A) Space squad spent their time becoming space hunters and they got this ship to get to Earth.
B) The ship is actually intergalactic bad people that come to look if they can take people from heart to slave them. So Clarke obviously gets kidnapped and Bellamy (with space squad) has to go save her.

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I'm also tired of everything he does being excused because it was for Octavia. Protecting your family members is a virtue until it becomes you needlessly torturing and killing other people.

Bless. It’s not the magic cure for being a shit person. Wtf?

A few thoughts on 4x13

- I really liked this episode the ending and the season as a whole
- I also hated the ending because it is the opposite of what I expected
- I have a headcanon that that kid is clarke and bellamys and I’m so excited for it!!!
- also a little mad that if it is theirs we got ROBBED of a sex scene!!
- anyways I’m completely sad we have to wait almost a year to get the next episode so I’m gonna go sob and read fan fiction, buh bye now


Clarke backing Lexa into things + Lexa’s reaction