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Reasons this two second clip slays me:

  • Lexa has just escaped death
  • She also successfully defended her title as Commander
  • Won a kickass battle against a prince including some pretty fancy legwork, fake-outs, and sword twirls
  • Defeated her greatest enemy, both on a personal and on a political level, by hurling a spear in the air and straight into her heart.
  • The crowd is screaming out her name and her little Nightbloods are practically in tears. The noise of the celebration must be deafening

And she stands alone in the arena. 

No one comes out to hug her, no friends give her a victory high-five, no advisors clap her back, no mothers clutch her to their chest in desperate relief that she’s alive. No one even checks if she’s injured. And it’s achingly obvious that there isn’t ever anyone like this. Lexa stands alone in everything she does: she’s Commander of the Blood and she’s leader of the coalition. She’s the deadliest warrior and she’s an untouchable goddess.

(Ai laik Heda. Non na throu daun gon ai)
(I am Heda. No one fights for me.)

But this time, maybe for the first time since she was a tiny child fighting with a wooden sword, she dares a look up at the crowd while getting her breathing back under control instead of keeping her eyes on the ground. Chances a glance over to see if Clarke’s still there, if there might be a smile or a nod or even just a split second of relieved eye contact for her.  A grain of social comfort in a world where love is weakness and shows of strength are the only thing keeping her people alive. 

And there is - oh, there is. She catches Clarke’s eye and their respiration falls into in unison for a second. And then Lexa squares her shoulders, lifts her chin, and takes the deepest of breaths. 



[✨20/100 days of productivity✨]

fixed my room, studied precalc and science, rewrote a lot of notes, finished a bunch of homeworks and watched american horror story. i’m proud of my productivity today 🌞


get to know me meme: [9/10] families → Bat Family
I know I will fail from time to time, to see that big picture. To see what we’re fighting for. I will forget to trust. I will forget to reach out…                                                           When those moments come, Bruce. I will be here. Right at your side.



[✨15/100 days of productivity✨]

here are some of my rewritten notes! (2nd pic’s layout is inspired by @sprouht-studies. check her blog out, her notes are 🙌🏻👌🏻) as you guys can probably already tell, i don’t stick to one note-taking style. i like to change it up every time

today, all i did was study for science. oh and i made a studygram!! go follow it, i just posted a bunch of stuff :) @studymilkshake


“I don’t want to be alone” - Alan Turing - The Imitation game

                     B E N E D I C T   C U M B E R B A T C H

           Nominated Best actor in a leading role - Oscars 2015


300317 ╰(*´︶`*)╯♡

44/100 days of productivity

i’ve just completed my physics test for today, hoorah! however, i have to get cracking on human biology seeing as i have an upcoming topic test tomorrow. also, speaking of assessments, is it normal to stress over the mountain of tests and assignments for this week and next week? ((i have 8 assessments in the next week- which afterwards is my autumn holidays! 🍂)) until then i’ll have to dedicate myself to studying! let’s do it! 💪🏼💪🏼


26.01.17 | 4%

oops forgot to upload yesterday bc i accidentally took a four hour nap ;;; today’s post is this month’s bullet journal spreads as a goodbye to january! (also bc i haven’t done much aesthetically pleasing wok over the past couple days)

this month’s aesthetic was grey and i’m really pleased with all these spreads! i’ve also started tracking the amount of sleep i get each night as well as my savings which has made me so much more aware of my own habits


ʅ(◞‿◟)ʃ D-1 to my birthday

also, my beautiful sister bought kikki-k pens and a candle in the form of a cactus, for me randomly?