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11/100 days of productivity

My morning study session when well (yay!!) with the help of yogurt and a giant cookie. I am almost done rewriting all my notes for this weeks lectures and all I have to do now is draw up a weekly summary and read Middlemarch.

happy studying to everyone!

Playlist: Everything Now by Arcade Fire

Busy day ahead, which is why I tried, for the first time in my entire life, to schedule what the hours of my day would look like. So far, I’m successful in following the schedule. I think this works well because I am used to cramming, and knowing the deadline I set for myself is looming near motivates me to do things quickly. 💕 Note: Apparently, I forgot how to spell cyclothymia 🙈

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17/100 days of productivity!! 💫 made notes for past year chemistry topics today!! revisited atomic structure, organic chemistry and chemical bonding today!! hopefully tomorrow will be as productive ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Okayyy. First day of the ‘100 days of productivity’ challenge. I did some Physics and finally got round to cleaning my room ><. Now that everything is tidy I can get down to revising and doing a lot more work starting tomorrow. Here’s a photo of my new bullet journal. I’m not too happy with this spread but it was fun to do and I’m loving the feel of the bujo ^ㅁ^