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i commissioned this piece from the kind and talented @mesknoxx as a companion to chapter four of my fluffy season three fix it fic – we don’t talk very much (we just fake being nice) – in which clarke and lexa attend an azgeda coronation ball. this is the artist’s rendering of the dresses they wore.


another list of random spirits encountered:

-  a spirit with multiple eyes. each eye sees a different period in time (@becblanc)

-  a spirit that possesses plants and drains the life out of any surrounding plant life while strengthening its host/vessel (@3-possums-in-a-hoodie)

-  a spirit that likes to hang around people playing really loud music from their headphones (@yoki2ginko)

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instead of getting nicky to text neil incessantly, andrew figures the best way to get neil accustomed to his phone is to sext him. 

He’s – not wrong.


She’s alive.

Fake/Pretend Relationship AU Idea

Literally every single fake relationship au I’ve read ends with Person A and Person B in a romantic relationship.

I want an au where they don’t.

Person A and Person B are besties. Maybe they’ve known each other since they were in diapers, maybe they met in college, maybe at work or over the internet - be it through a site like tumblr or one of those dating sites and things just didn’t work out that way. However they know each other, these two nerds are platonic soulmates, okay? Okay.

Now, maybe they’re on the aro-ace spectrum. Maybe they’re hetero/bi/homosexual. Maybe they have a girlfriend/boyfriend/datemate that they know their family/work place/peer group won’t approve of which leads to the whole shenanigan in the first place. Maybe Person A is happily single and not looking for a relationship but would like their family to kindly back the fuck off, so Person B steps up to the plate. Maybe Person B has one of those creepy, persistent suitors that just won’t take no for an answer, so Person A smiles like Sunshine with eyes of Death and an arm around Person B’s waist.

I want these two being so platonically in love, that everyone thinks they are In Love. I want these two to hold hands and kiss and just be in each other’s space all the time and not be weird about it, because why would they? I want these two to just act like normal, and everyone thinks they’re dating regardless because no one knows what the fuck platonic love is anyway. I want these two to be laughing internally the entire time. They have bingo cards for Person A’s aunt’s wedding and running bets on how many times people will coo over how In Love they are.

tl;dr Basically, I want a fake/pretend relationship au where Person A and Person B are platonic soulmates and laugh at society’s heteronormative/romantic ideation.

date ideas that don’t involve alcohol

below are date ideas that don’t involve alcohol! this is totally inspired by buzzfeed article titled “17 first date ideas for people who don’t drink& i thought it would be a great resources to add onto for writing ideas/prompts.

maybe your muse doesn’t drink, maybe they are trying to quit, or maybe you are just bored of the classic ‘dinner out’ or hanging out at a bar/club. these can also be great for platonic & family threadsfeel free to add onto this list! this will include items from the buzzfeed article & more as i think of them.

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