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Hey guys, here are the most beautiful fics I have ever read and I wanted to share their beauty with you all. I think you’ll really love them, they’re my go-to reads whenever I want to read something that is really inspiring.

My Favourite YOI Fics of All Time

I Can’t Believe You Cheated on ME by @actualyuuri , Gen, 57 words
“He hurt me,” Victor sighs, and lays his head on your lap. My favourite victor x reader fic… the angst is so intense!!!

Forbidden Fruit by mintables, Not Rated, 1k
Yuuri has confessed his love for Barack-chan on live television. And now, they have to pay the price. I think Victor x Obama fanfiction is really underrated :\\

The Sweetness of Peas by lily_winterwood, Teen, 1.2k
The door swung open, and three-time consecutive World Champion and living legend in figure skating Viktor Nikiforov was on the other side. Yuuri couldn’t do this. But he smiled anyway, and asked, “Were you expecting me?” 100/10, stunning fic.

The Hottest Sex Ever by @forovnix , Explicit, 293 words
I told you. I wanted us to have the hotest sex ever.” WOW this is so good, children keep your eyes closed!!

In case you feel like dying series by Hotdiggitygay, Explicit, 3.9k (WIP)
No words can truly explain the masterpiece that this is. You have to check this out.

The Bee Movie AU by @actualyuuri , @forovnix , Not Rated, 142 words
According to all known laws of physics there is no way katsuki yuuri should be able to figure skate. A work of art.

White Russians by @omgkatsudonplease , Mature, 233 words
“what’s in this?” wondered yuuri from across the table. “there’s like cream, and cream, and vodka, and something else.” Super interesting fic, really thought-provoking!

Trip, Fall, The Kiss is A GO by @lucycamui, Teen, 327 words
He fell. Not into the prince’s arms, but onto the prince, clumsy and heavy, knocking them both down to unceremoniously smash flowers underneath. Very sweet!

the creamiest sex ever by @skatinggays , Not Rated, 90 words
victor smirked and licked his lips as he sauntered toward yuuri in the dimly lit kitchen. yuuri was so ready but then… truly incredible!

I’m drowning in your eyes by @forovnix , Mature, 63 words
“Help me, I’m drowning.” SO cute, I love this!!!!

The Curse of the Dab by @actualyuuri , Gen, 198 words
The moment Victor learns how to dab, he is an unstoppable force. Truly an iconic fic.

The tail of Victor Nikifoxy and Yuuri Katsubear by @dystopiansushi , Teen, 172 words
Sipping from the pond is the finest animal he has ever seen. This animal is well known across the land. This flawless being, the most beautiful specimen of Tibetan Sand Fox in the country, is Victor Nikifoxy himself.

A horse and a man by @emerald-imperial , Teen, 226 words
“Victor,” Yuuri says, pulling on his leather boots. “Let’s go for a ride.”
The beautiful stallion tosses his head and whinnies in agreement. He’s excited. He loves going on rides with Yuuri. Incredible!!!

The Skating Dead by @exile-wrath , Not Rated, 136 words
The worst bit is Victor. Victor, who even as a zombie is attached to Yuuri. I’m sobbin

Back in time (let’s do it again) by @lucycamui , Teen, 603 words
Just ahead, Victor saw…. himself. And Yuuri. Much, much younger, in their ball attire from so many years ago, standing in each other’s arms, gazing as lovingly at one another as they still did every day, but looking so lost in the feelings of young, new love. So beautiful…

(happy april fools!!)

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: I honestly have no idea what this is bC I wrote in just now lol. I figured what the heck right haha (: also I had to rush bC of my lima bean attention span. I may or may not make this into another series (;I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤

Warnings: flirting.


You stared down at the glowing computer screen in complete boredom.

It was spring break, yet instead of partying it up like usual nineteen year olds, you were tucked away in your room on the Internet.

The sounds of the rain blowing against your bedroom window was the only audible thing in the room besides the Twilight movie playing in the background. Taking a sip of your wine, you clicked away.

Omegle was literally the poorest excuse for entertainment. There was nothing but either perverts, psychopaths and obnoxious teenagers that screamed “send nudes!” Which was the complete opposite of what you planned to do.

But this site was new, it still allowed you to talk to strangers, as there were no profile pictures, but you could see their usernames. After typing in the first thing that came to your mind, you finalized your profile and started chatting.

Immediately, you were reconnected to the chatting page, where the familiar words typed out.

“You are now chatting with a stranger, say hi!”

Princess97: hi (:

You watched as the stranger began typing.

SexySeaBass82: hey. (-:

Princess97: sooo I’m kinda new to this lol.

SexySeaBass82: same. gosh I feel so old.

Princess97: oh? how old are you?

SexySeaBass82: 34. you?

Your eyebrows instantly raised. He was a bit older than you expected. You didn’t think anything of it, though. You were just chatting, for the love of god.

Princess97: wowwww I thought you were actually old for a second. (;

SexySeaBass82: lol you sure it doesn’t bother you?

Princess97: cross my heart. (-;

SexySeaBass97: thank god lol. you’re the first decent dame i’ve met on here.

You don’t know how it happened, but you and the mysterious SexySeaBass82 ended up chatting for hours. You found out he lived in New York, which was pretty far from your hometown. He was a really big Marvel fan, especially when it came to the Winter Soldier.

The guy had a huge hard on for him.

SexySeaBass82: all i’m saying is, the actor who plays him is 100% the hottest hands down.

Princess97: you mean Steven Stan?

SexySeaBass82: his name is Sebastian Stan lol. and he’s gonna win an oscar this year. just you wait.

You snorted.

Princess97: the guy who plays captain america is hotter.

You knew that would get him. You let out a giggle as you saw him replying rapidly.

SexySeaBass82: UM ARE U BLIND?


SexySeaBass82: i cannot believe you said that. smh.

Princess97: ok, ok. he’s sort of hot.

The reply you got was almost instant.

SexySeaBass82: YES! mission accomplished! (;

After a few more exchanged words, you said your goodbyes and you watched as his status went from online to offline.

You plopped onto your bed with a content sigh. It was completely irrational, but you really wanted to talked to the mysterious man again. You guys were practically the same person, just at different ages. And you were pretty sure he was just bored like you were.

You closed your eyes, letting the exhaustion of the day pull you under.

Little did you know, the man on the other side of the world was lying in his own bed, smiling like a dork before drifting off to sleep.

-FIN! 😊

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I’m not saying that Kim Seokjin is the most beautiful man in the universe and should be on top of the “100 hottest men” list but that’s exactly what I’m saying

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I dunno where this came from, I wanted to write an omegaverse Hollywood actor AU and uh….this is what happened

its probably not very good but Oh well

“Just sit back and let it happen.”

That’s what Jack had told him, the first time he’d noticed a couple of people with their phones out, spying on one of their first days out after they’d officially announced their relationship.

Jack seemed entirely nonplussed by the fact that people were creeping on them—but Rhys supposed he must be used to it, after all? Jack was a far more seasoned Hollywood vet than Rhys was. Barely wet behind the ears, but fresh and flush off the success of his first major motion picture.

Jack’s easy confidence as he finished the rest of his mojito and dug into his sandwich— tearing off a dangling bit of prosciutto and wiping a smear of pesto off his stunning smile—helped somewhat to ease the tension forming in Rhys’ belly, but still he only picked at the cheese and tomatoes from his salad, losing his appetite now that he knew there were people huddled behind him, taking photos that would no doubt be on the internet in instant and in the tabloid magazines by the morning.

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krieger2014  asked:

It's been a while since I actually clicked on your blog, and you can't imagine the look on my face when I heard "Through the Fire and the Flames" autoplaying. I just looked through the rest of the autoplay list, well played, this is the quality I want when I get my daily Celestia.

Thanks! Here at Celestia of the day, we only offer the highest quality of music. The hottest songs for the hottest character, as it were.


Steal Her Look: suburban white mom with lipstick in her valentino white bag

VALENTINO GARAVANI small ‘Rockstud’ trapeze tote - $2,295

Givenchy Beauty Limited Edition Crocodile Case Le Rouge Lipstick - $300

Alice + Olivia Kahlo V-Neck Maxi Dress With Slit - $330

Ted Baker BRACTI Wool Peplum Coat - $425

What Goes Around Comes Around Vintage Chanel Cc Lock Bracelet - Pearl - $2,541

remember the british boy hype that followed one directions fame? like sugarscapes 100 hottest lads 2012, xfactor trying to repeat the success with union j, conor maynard, same looking youtubers like the harries twins, people unironically finding dan howell attractive???

triple j’s Hottest 100 2014: 90-81

#90 Thundamentals - ‘Got Love’ {Ft. Solo}
#89 Cold War Kids - ‘First’
#88 DZ Deathrays - ‘Gina Works At Hearts’
#87 Briggs - ‘Bad Apples’
#86 Sticky Fingers - ‘Just For You’
#85 Chvrches - ‘Get Away’
#84 Foo Fighters - ‘Something From Nothing’
#83 British India - ‘Wrong Direction’
#82 Hopium - ‘Dreamers’ {Ft. Phoebe Lou}
#81 The Avener - ‘Fade Out Lines’