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100 Day Anime Challenge

Day 13: Shortest Anime I Enjoy (20 minute + episodes)- Pet Shop of Horrors

Pet Shop of Horrors unfortunately only had 4 episodes produced despite its brilliance due to ridiculous production and company problems!! :( I own all of the manga and it is definitely one of my favorites! The story follows a homicide detective Leon Orcot who has linked many odd and unexplained deaths together- all were customers of Count D’s pet shop. Count D, a hauntingly handsome pet shop owner from in Chinatown, sells rare and hard to come by pets. Every transaction comes with a contract that must be adhered to strictly! You thought Gremlins were bad? Just try breaching one of the 3 rules each contract gives you- you won’t live to tell the tale. All episodes (and manga chapters) start with the letter D and tell a hauntingly fantastic tale! Episode 3-Despair with Robin & Medusa is my favorite episode! Got an hour to spare? You can finish this series just like that.

“For the heart’s nature is to long for what it can never have.”

Ree’s Rocky Horror Writing Challenge



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I couldn’t be happier to have you all here. So to mark my first milestone of 100+ followers, after much deliberation (and several Ghirardelli chocolates), I came up with something that could only appeal to the cool and the crazy. 

Well, babies…welcome to my first ever writing challenge!

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Film 88


A trip to Ireland to take shrooms while camping in a woods, this could never go wrong. Theres a lot of humour in this with talking cows and other trippy stuff, there is also sadly lack of a coherent plot. I wonder though if it supposed to have one, it’s possible that the trippy nature of the film had allowed the makers to purposefully leave out plot points.