100 great taureans

The man I got to know so well in no way resembled the mythical mask-wearer that everyone else saw and believed him to be. I discovered an incredibly open, deeply warm, and profoundly human friend, one who was generous to an unbelievable fault, was caring and concerned, and was vulnerable to the point of such fragility that he could be wounded terribly by the unaware, casual, critical statement of almost any outsider. I was always astounded by the way in which so many who did not know him viewed him as an arrogant, terrifying, egocentric ogre. They approached him with so much diffidence and fear as to set him up in such a way that his only possible response would be to satisfy their expectations.

Henry Jaglom on 17.Orson Welles, American film and theatre director, actor, screenwriter and producer | Born 6 May 1915 – 10 October 1985

Rudolph Valentino had an air of sadness. He wore his success gracefully, appearing almost subdued by it. He was intelligent, quiet and without vanity, and had great allure for women, but had little success with them, and those whom he married treated him rather shabbily. No man had greater attraction for women than Valentino; no man was more deceived by them.

Charlie Chaplin on 16. Rudolph Valentino, Italian actor and icon known as the Latin Lover | Born 6 May 1895 – 23 August 1926

Here I am twenty-four years old and what have I done, what am I doing, or what am I in the way of doing?  Nothing. When I think of these things it makes me so restless that I can hardly keep quiet. I feel myself already thirty or forty years old with nothing accomplished, and I feel a feverish desire to do something at once. Many men have made themselves world known by looking forward, seeing something sure to be of importance in the future, making the subject thoroughly their own, and stepping forward as the chief or only authority on the subject. Among the many striving for fame and fortune or both, I feel myself overmastered by a restless desire to do something.

18. Robert E. Peary, American explorer known to have been the first person to reach the georgraphic North Pole | Born 6 May 1856 – 20 February 1920