100 follower contest

So thank you to all my amazing followers! 101 Followers, just wow. You all are amazing. So in return I shall do a contest! :)


  1. Reblog as much as you want but only 5 will count.
  2. Like’s count as 1.
  3. You don’t need to be following me but a follow would be nice.
  4. The contest will end July 28th
  5. Please don’t unfollow if you don’t win.


  1. 1st place: A full drawing of an oc of your choice with a simple colored background (two winners).:

2. 2nd place: An icon of their choice (profile icon or navigation icon) with simple one color background (two winners).:

3. 3rd place: A simple colored picture of an oc of their choice (white background, 3 winners):

Again: The contest will end July 28th


Here are the rules:

1. Likes count as 1 vote

2. Reblogs count as 2 votes

3. only Reblog once

4. You MUST be following me. (This is for followers only)

The contest will end on June 15th, and the winners will be notified on the 16th. If the winners do not respond within a 24 hour period, a new winner will be chosen.

Good Luck and Thanks For 100 Followers! :3


Thank you for 400 followers! :D I have almost passed both Turquoise and Divebomb for my followers count~

how about some smash? X3

aquaticmizu, askdarlingadelaide, namiane, heartsnhooves, ask-longfellow-de-sauveterre, ask-commander-shield-scales, tentaclesmod, thebunnyandbear;

aquamodblog, masterdemonlordess, airrazer, ask-rye-dimar-dragon, winged-cross, ask-metalwing, nearlyentertainment, askfallenscream;

nexus-art-stuff, malikoathkeeper, askautumnstorm, sonicfan3602-rp​, askfannypack, hasikon, ask-shaula​, dragonsponies​;

sterlingpinion​, apilsin​, askug​, zaxianyx​, purringinsanity​, zitoisneato​, neekadya​, montydoodledump​;

the-potatonator-mod​, divinefolly​, salnalus​, askchilimod

we are currently at 390 but I got this done early and was really excited to show you guys so imma post it early. Thank you to all of you wonderful people for following me! I greatly appreciate it.

100+ Followers Giveaway!

So, I recently hit over 100 followers and didn’t know what to do. So thank you ask-nigthcolt-thunder  for helping me come up with this wonderful idea!

There will be 13 winners in total! 
Third place (5 people) will get a line art like this:

Second place (5 people) will get a flat colored picture like this:

First place (3 people) will get a fully colored and shaded picture (with an optional background) like this:

Ok! Now for the rules!

  • Reblogging and liking both count as a entry each
  • You do not have to be following me, but following counts as a bonus entry
  • If you like, reblog, and you are following me, that counts as 3 entries in total!

Oh yeah! Almost forgot! Contest ends April 13! Wowie Cazowie! A whole week after my birthday!

So have fun, and may the odds be in your favor!


Alright, listen up. I’ve recently gotten 100 followers, and I wanna share my love to you guys. So I’m gonna have a contest!


Like and Reblog to enter. Go ahead and reblog as many times as ya want, just don’t spam your followers.

You have to be following to win. New followers are welcome!

If you reblog, please reblog with a ref of your oc! That would be very helpful and would get things done faster and have the drawing be correct.

Okay now that that’s taken care of, its time for


The first place winner will receive a full-body picture with a bootyful background of their oc.
 (There will be 1 first place winner)

The second place winners will recieve a half-body picture of their oc. (There will be 2 second place winners.)

The third place winners will get headshots of their oc. (There will be 4 third place winners.)

So that means 7 chances to win something! Winners will be chosen randomly by a randomizer on the internet.

So have fun and Good Luck!

Contest ends on July 1st! Winners will be contacted and if they do not respond within 48 hours (more or less) a new winner will be chosen.


In celebration of reaching 100+ followers (omg?!?!??? :D) as promised, the Queen and I (the mun) are unveiling a small treat in gratitude!

I’ve been wanting to do a mass thread/plot/thingy??? for a while now, and what better way to do that than with a celebration? This will be a week-long event in which I’ll allow ANYONE to use the Grey Kingdom as a thread setting - even if the Queen herself isn’t a part of it! She’ll be spending now until the 16th answering all asks/threads at the Ball being held at her palace.

But that’s not all!

For everyone who’s been following me, I’m also giving out some prizes! Here are the rules:

You can like/reblog this once a piece, giving a total of 2 entries

You must have been following me before this was made! (I’m keepin’ tabs)

And the prizes are~

Third Place: A drawing of your oc/favorite character

Second place: A drawing of your oc/favorite character + a set of 20 expressions for that character

First Place: A drawing of your oc/favorite character, 20 expressions, AND a full comic of that character’s adventures at the event! (Plot decided by the winner)

Thanks so much for all of your support~ I hope we can all have a ton of fun with this, and in the future as well!






//Thank you all so much! Without you, this post wouldn’t have been created. It’s all thanks to you guys that we have reached 100! THANK YOU!!!

//Now, in order to celebrate this achievement, I will be holding a contest! Yup, AFA is holding it’s first art contest!

//When I say art, I mean any kind of art! Drawing, digital, musical, poetic, written, performed… Anything!


-NO NSFW  I personally don’t mind NSFW, but I want to keep this blog so that anyone and everyone can read it. Sorry!

-KEEP IT RELATED TO AFA This is a celebration for AFA, so I think it’s a bit self explanatory xD

-JUDGING: I will be asking a few people to help me judge this contest. We will vote on three winners.

-MAXIMUM OF 3 ENTRIES Please! We don’t want too many awesome works to decide between.

-SUBMIT BY HALLOWEEN I reckon this gives you guys plenty of time ^_^


—1ST PLACE: A shoutout, a special feature in an ask, a special artwork from me (we can discuss details later)

—2ND PLACE: A shoutout and a special feature

—3RD PLACE: A shoutout or a special feature. Your choice ^_^

-I WILL TRY TO ANNOUNCE THE WINNERS ON THE 5TH OF NOVEMBER, AUSTRALIAN TIME I think that’s the 4th for you americans out there?

-HAVE FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




//There will be other awards such as:

-Most likes

-Most reblogs

-Earlybird (first person to submit something)


//All will receive shoutouts.


100 followers? First contest?

Mod is considering his first contest as he is dangerously close to breaking the 100 follower mark. So let’s see if there’s enough response to make it worth it.

Prize (only one, sorry)
Oc of prize winner (winner’s choice if multiple) will be featured in an ask-crackshot canon update. Featured with a significant and possibly plot twisting part. (Depends on the oc)

How to enter:
Reblog = 1 entry
Like = 1 entry
An ask concerning any ask-crackshot canon update = 2 entries

-must be follower
-must be willing to be in contact with mod post contest to sort out prize details
-must be able to answer all questions openly and honestly.
-contest ends April 20th
-winner will be selected from a slip of paper drawn from a hat (literally, that’s how I’m gonna do it)

Note: instructions on how to find canon updates are in ask-crackshot blog description.

Additional note: oc does not have to be pony. I’ll swing it some way.


Here are the winning entries of my 4,000 follower art contest! The winners, in no particular order, are ask-unlucky-clover, penn-name, ivory-brush, askthewhoovedtimelord, and jwblogofrandomness.

The five winners need to send me (or link me to) something to use as a reference of the OC that they wish to see partying with Trixie and Cheese. Once I have the references, I’ll start working on the pic, which will then be posted on here upon completion.

Congrats to the winners! To those of you who entered, but did not win, don’t think I disliked your entries or anything. I’m very thankful for each and every entry I got.

Here’s to another 4,000 followers! (I have no idea if this blog will last that long.)


New #TeamDONNY supporters revealed

As you all know, yesterday the long awaited fight happened for Jüri’s (the older brother, not the Poot) heart. As my dear colleague @san-mamemeo reported, all of our footage from the fight was hacked and stolen by the Illuminati Community (they are #TeamIVAN). Today we hired the most professional hackers in the world so they could restore our footage and fight for the truth. Sadly, we still don’t have any material from the actual fight, but our hackers managed to find few photos from the press conference which was held after the fight. We all knew that Justs was #TeamDONNY all along, but we were very surprised when Michał Szpak, Sanja Vučić ZAA, Jamala, Poli Genova, Dami Im and Hovi Star came to show their support for Donny. It is 100% confirmed that the following contestants are #TeamDONNY
Stay tuned for the future updates for the fight! Our team is working hard to get the footage back from the Illuminati Community


100 Follower Raffle.

- You must be following me.
-Like And Reblog, either or counts toward your vote in.
-You may reblog more than one but you will not gain another entry.

Hello Folks!!

It’s me, Mun Jo here and I’m nearing 100 followers very fast thanks to the entire Cancer Crew Community.
I would like to give back to my followers by doing a raffle of some sort, to help obtain more followers but to also show my appreciation.

1st: Reader insert Fan fiction of their choice.

2nd: Draw the squad meme choice art with self insert with any crew members drawn by me

3rd: Promo and shout-out on my blog description along with a drawing of any of the crew members.