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Sorry if this sounds rant like but here we go…..

As a straight woman I find the lack of LGBT characters in comics, films and TV shows annoying. It’s sad that we’re in 2016 and we still can’t have a main or supporting character who’s Gay/bi/trans that doesn’t get killed off!

Come on writers, let’s give Tony Stark a best friend who’s a lesbian and have him insist on helping her find dates so he can play the ultimate wing man!

Let’s have a trans character leading their own team in the X-Men!

Let’s give Gotham a Bi superhero that joins the Bat family!

Let’s have a Gay longterm relationship in a top TV show and here’s an idea don’t kill one of them off!

I understand I may lose followers over this post, but after seeing the state of a good friend of mine after getting the crap kicked out of him for holding his boyfriends hand in the park. After the terrible tragedy in Orlando….isn’t it time things changed? Isn’t it time we all learn to accept each other for who we are?

Isn’t it time to stop the hate?

It’s time to spread the love, in the real world and the fictional one.


The kitsch is overwhelming right now.

Not only do I live 100 meters from where they regularly film this revival of a TV series based on a book about a physician living in the mountains, but there are also 2, not one, two horses called “Austria”, one called “Sissi” and another called “Mozart” at the barn I work at. And from the balcony of my room, I can watch people ski. And if the weather is decent, I can stare at mountaintops for hours on end. The pathway from my car’s parking spot to my workplace leads over a small bridge over a stream and I park in a literal fucking forest.

What the hell, guys. Does it get any more Austrian.

Decided to check out Nurse Ratched and my mind is - as usual - spinning with theories. Since they finally decided to tell us her name during the Dark Swan, thereby confirming that she is Nurse Ratched from One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest, I assume she’s going to become important.

My guess is that she may actually be the Black Fairy.

Some interesting quotes from the Wikipedia page that could signify links with Once Upon a Time.

Nurse Ratched was named the fifth-greatest villain in film history (and second-greatest villainess, behind only the Wicked Witch of the West) by the American Film Institute in their series 100 Years… 100 Heroes & Villains.

Seeing how we have Zelena on the show and the previous Season finale was called ‘Heroes & Villains’, this could be rather significant.

She has also become a popular metaphor for the corrupting influence of power and authority in bureaucracies such as the mental institution in which the novel is set.

Considering OUAT is a modern fairy tale, it would make sense to incorporate social criticism. The link I see here is in the episode Dreamy, where fairies and dwarfs seems to be factory workers who are told their only goal in life is to produce and deliver fairy dust. If she is indeed the Black Fairy, she may have been ‘the big boss’ behind this operation we were never introduced to.

One other link I found between her and fairies, is in an article about changelings. There are quite a few myths and legends about them. They were children, believed to be fairy children who were put in the place of the human child. The wikipedia entry is worth the read, but it is pretty gruesome. The belief was actually used to explain the behaviour of sensitive or sick children. It was used as an excuse to abuse or even murder them. 

Now, the link is in the name of the film, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest. The cuckoo is the only bird in nature that lays its eggs in another bird’s nest, often the cuckoo’s young ends up pushing out the other young while being raised by their parents. Seeing how children, parents and biology are prevalent themes on Once Upon a Time, it’s something to consider.

I have a theory that Hook is the Black Fairy’s changeling child and Regina is the Blue Fairy’s changeling child… BUT it’s just an intuitive thought at this point and I’m not entirely sure where it came from. I’ve found some things in canon that vaguely support Regina being Blue’s biological daughter, like Blue being Mother Superior in Regina’s curse among others, but even those are very, very, very inconclusive. I’m only adding it here, because someone may have seen something I missed and because I’d love it if it would inspire some fanfic. So mostly, I just thought it’d be interesting if we start talking about Nurse Ratched, especially since she’s actually been confirmed to be in every episode in 5A, with 5x11 still pending.