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Sorry if this sounds rant like but here we go…..

As a straight woman I find the lack of LGBT characters in comics, films and TV shows annoying. It’s sad that we’re in 2016 and we still can’t have a main or supporting character who’s Gay/bi/trans that doesn’t get killed off!

Come on writers, let’s give Tony Stark a best friend who’s a lesbian and have him insist on helping her find dates so he can play the ultimate wing man!

Let’s have a trans character leading their own team in the X-Men!

Let’s give Gotham a Bi superhero that joins the Bat family!

Let’s have a Gay longterm relationship in a top TV show and here’s an idea don’t kill one of them off!

I understand I may lose followers over this post, but after seeing the state of a good friend of mine after getting the crap kicked out of him for holding his boyfriends hand in the park. After the terrible tragedy in Orlando….isn’t it time things changed? Isn’t it time we all learn to accept each other for who we are?

Isn’t it time to stop the hate?

It’s time to spread the love, in the real world and the fictional one.



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ID #10601

Name: Sanne
Age: 20
Country: The Netherlands and Belgium

Hey there, I’m Sanne Lillian, a Dutch student living in the most wonderfull city of Antwerp. I’m almost done with my bachelor degree in graphic and digital media and my girlfriend and I are planning to roadtrip through Europe.

I love to travel, go to concerts and festivals (huge Within Temptation, Halestorm & Lacuna Coil fan), enjoy social media and a little photography. I watch to many series and films (Greys & The 100 are my current favorites) with a gin tonic or a lovely red wine.

I’d really like a penpal with snailmail, but since I’m anywhere but home, it would be hard to receive anything. I’m open to almost every social medium tho :)

Preferences: Positive, LGBT friendly, 18+

You know....

a lot of people focus on the negativity of 2016 and, yes, it was bad for me, too….I had a lot of public and private issues that truly hurt me…but…it was also filled with good things I truly appreciate. So, I’m going to do a positive 2016 post because I think we could all use a break. Anywho, this is my “good” interpretation of 2016:

Fucking Marvel!

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And all these beautiful

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Oh and this masterpiece, too! (my childhood)

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Let’s see….lots of great new tv shows

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New awesome anime series

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(and the one I was waiting for the most!!!!!!)

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There is so much shit i watched I can’t list it all!!!! But also

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my boy was on Conan and I’m so proud of him

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Jack finally went to Pood’s place and they did the charity thing

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Also these idiots came into my life

And these babies did a lot of growing too

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Oh I joined a political revolution.

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On a more personal level, I got my Bachelor’s. I realized I’m nonbinary and accepted my bisexuality fully. I cut my hair (finally!). Changed my fashion style to a more unisex thing. I got a job even though I don’t like it that much but it’s still cool. I started publishing my fanfics and I even started working on my own proper novel. I realized something about myself that might change my whole outlook on my own life. It was a year of growth and change for me. I accepted myself just a bit more in 2016…. 


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is already

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looking up for me :)

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