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Don’t have an existential crisis in McDonalds, Mob
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“I left two men monitoring the radio. If there’s any word from Raven, they’ll call down immediately.”

I can’t believe I get Abby Griffin back in my life in just a little over a month :)

BTS reacting to you having cute moans {REQUEST}

(A/n: reactions will vary in length)


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Jin would absolutely adore your moans. He’d most likely find them super arousing, and they would 100% be his favourite sound in the world. You bet your ass this boy would compliment them and continue with whatever’s going down with total confidence.


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The first time Yoongi heard your moans he would stop momentarily and look at you with that little fUCKING smirk before continuing on with the heated make-out session. After that, much like Jin, your moans would be Yoongi’s favourite sound in the world. Probs use them on some tracks too


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You can bet your ass that daddy Namjoon would worship your moans. This boy would find them so unbelievably attractive, he would do anything he could to hear your moans. 


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Hobi would totally tease you for them. But don’t get me wrong, sunshine would adore your moans. And would take any chance he could to hear them, but he would find it so amusing to see you blush when he makes fun of your moans and whimpers.


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I lowkey feel like Jimin has cute moans as well, but aside from that. Jimin would do anything in his power to make you feel as much pleasure as possible. Using the sound of your moans to get himself off.


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Tae would find them adorable and wouldn’t be able to not giggle at the sound. He’d always smile and giggle when you moan, opting to stay quiet to hear you.


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Maknae would find them incredibly sexy, and would (like Hobi) like to tease you with them. He would make sure to force you to draw them out and be very super loud before he would allow you to cum



“ [ … ] Your blood is nothing but ferrous liquid. When you bleed, you reek of rust. It is iron that fills your heart and sits in your veins. And what is iron, really, unless it’s forged?
You are iron.
And you are strong.

( raven reyes insp. / artwork )

( A huge thank you goes to the lovely @amorverus for her tutorial; it literally saved my life and also taught me few more things about ps. You are loved, girl! xx )