100 favorite tv and film characters

Hey everyone! So, after much thought and consideration, I decided to make a Studyblr!

I’ve been following studyblrs on here and Instagram for at least a year, but I was to scared to start one of my own. And tbh, I’m still scared haha. But I honestly think this will help me be more productive, as I’ve been the ultimate procrastinator this last year and it has seriously affected my grades and my motivation. And I think meeting new people that relate to my problem is a huge plus! 

I’m a 21 years old, Colombian college student majoring in 3D Film and tv production. Also known as animation. My goal is to work for Disney or Pixar in the future. Both of them have made a huge impact on my childhood and I want to do the same for future generations. I love to draw and create characters, but learning in general is something that I really enjoy!

I’m also a crazy cat lady (my profile picture has a photo I took recently of one of my cats), a potterhead, and a 100 more fandons condensed into one tiny little person idk how I handle it. My favorite Harry potter character is Luna Lovegood, who also happens to be in my favorite Hogwarts house. It was just meant to be. Luna is a character I relate to on so many different levels and hence the name of my blog! 

So lastly (I think i’ve prolonged this post enough lol). I want to thank @studyign@studywithinspo​, and @focusign for being the first studyblrs/studygrams I found and have been following for a long time now. You guys are the reason I wanted so bad to make a studyblr! I know it seems like I just followed you, but that’s because I just made this brand new account haha. And also a huuuuuge thank you to @elkstudies, @text-booked, @etudiance, and @obsidianstudy for your AMAZING how to Studyblr posts they really helped me prepare for this. Maybe a little too much man this post is long.

PS: I have an Instagram account. It’s not a Studyblr per se, but I upload all of my drawings there and photos like this one if you’re interested! My username is artsy.lilo :) Thank you for reading this long af post!

somehow i ended up in a tumblr that sorted different characters from film & tv into hogwarts houses and i’m amazed because most of my favorite characters fit into Hufflepuff (if not all) and i’m a Hufflepuff so it really says a lot about me lmao