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Ghibli Week / Day 1 / Movie
Howl’s Moving Castle / ハウルの動く城

I feel terrible, like there’s a weight on my chest.
- A heart’s a heavy burden.

it came to isaks knowledge long ago that even is obsessed with movies. he loves watching them and he has a physical list in his notebook with his top 100 favorite movies. and whenever isak tells even how bad that one movie they saw yesterday was and how it was a waste of time, even usually gives isak an hour long speech on how “every movie is a work of art” and how it would be impossible for a movie to be “a waste of time”. 
but how come we’re not talking about the amount of times that even gets home from school or from visiting his mom and he’s like “hey guys, so i just bought three cinema tickets to this movie that premiered yesterday, and it starts in like forty minutes so you guys better hurry up, eskild, you coming?” and everyone knows that there is no way to convince even not to go so isak gets his shoes and his jacket while eskild tries to find a sweater big enough to smuggle alcohol in.

while they’re in the actual cinema watching the movie, even is like he is in a trance. eskild sits sipping his beer and laughing with isak at the actors horrible haircuts but there is no way in hell to even try to get in contact with even. once in a while, isak tries to steal a kiss, but he end up just having to kiss evens cheek and having even hold his hand instead, because he’s just so into the movie. and if eskild ever tries to offer him beer, he just waves his hand at him, giving a pretty clear signal that eskild is not allowed to talk to him for the next hour or so.

when they exit the cinema no one says anything, except even. even is rambling on about the amazing scenery and the beautiful light and the wonderful actors and how the director was a genius and how the music was just right and what an incredible story it was. he doesn’t even stop talking when eskild goes to get some more vodka and him and isak has to stand there all alone in the cold, but  then again, isak was the only one who listened anyways. even though he really couldn’t care less about how all the deaths in the movie were perfectly timed, he could listen to even talk about movies for hours. because there are very few things that even is so passionate about as movies, and there are even fewer things that makes him this happy.