100 facts about the weasley twins

2. I wasn't okay, Freddie.

Remember back when I asked you if you were okay? And then I told you me too?

Well, I lied, I wasn’t alright, not at all, not a single bit. I was scared to death, scared that we would lose, scared that we weren’t gonna make it, scared that you would die and leave me here alone. I guess I was right on being scared on the last one, huh?

I know you were lying too. I know that for a fact, because you were my other half, which would mean I knew every movement, every thing you did when you were nervous or scared, I knew your little quirks, I knew your looks and what your eyes reflected, I knew and still know every little thing about you. Which helped me to know that you were scared out of your mind, just as I was and about the same fucking things.