100 eps

The reason I love the line “Thank you for keeping me alive” is that it means so much MORE than just Bellamy standing guard over Clarke while she was in the CoL. If that were the case, she could’ve said it when she woke up, or when they were in the tower. 


She said it after Bellamy had just given her a determined speech offering her guidance on what he thought they should do, after saying that they didn’t survive this long just to let the radiation kill them, and after telling that stupid joke about keeping her alive to ease the tension. Did yall see her face when he was finished talking? HER FUCKING FACE. It was like all her adoration for Bellamy was hitting her all at once.

What Clarke meant when she said “Thank you for keeping me alive” was also “Thank you for being there, thank you for taking this burden with me, thank you for inspiring me, thank you for making me feel like we can do this. Thank you for making me feel alive.”