100 days of dalton

1. Introduction

Sam hated his new job.

He was known for being the guy that was cool with almost everything. And he liked that about him. But on the past 4 hours, he had delivered a pizza to (in no particular order): A man well on his eighties on a floral dress and a green bowtie, a Hitler look alike, a girl who had a lobster on her head, a group of pre-teens laughing manically (they din’t even talk, they just received the pizza, payed, and closed the door without even stopping to breathe), a guy who was wearing his exact same t-shirt (and that was fairly awkward) and two grannies, one claiming he was his grandson and the other trying to get her to think rationally.

So when an order came from Dalton School for boys, all the way to Westerville, he even forgot Kurt was going to notice his need for payment and begged his boss to deliver that. There weren’t a lot of people who wanted to take the trip either way, so it was easy. He didn’t even think about the poor logic of it all, and went to find the only promise of a little sanity he was going to get in a while. I mean, Kurt was probably one of the least insane people that he had actually befriended on the glee club, so, what could go wrong?

There where three orders (as far as coincidence goes): one from Stuart House , one from the Art Hall, and one from Windsor house. The guard standing on the entrance found awkward that there was an order from the Art Hall, since all the students where supposed to be in the dorms, but directed him in the right way without asking.

Sam went first to Stuart. He banged the door several times, until a tall, blond boy finally opened.

“Stop it, you prick, we- Oh. Hi.”

“Uhm…pizza deliver?” the boy looked a little apologetic, but had a crazed look and seemed angry enough, so Sam’s voice sounded sheepish.


Sam jumped, and he turned around at the spot the guy had shouted at, and his mouth hanged open a little.

There was a tall brunet, soaked up from head to toes, paint splittered on his hair, clothes ragged, and face dirty. He had this huge, sassy grin on his face, and was wearing sunglasses- or what was left of them. He took them off with showmanship, and flipped his hair from his face. Sam recognized him inmediately.

“Hi honey. I’m home.”

“Don’t you give me that crap, Larson, you are in serious trouble. Murdoch came here and Derek had to ask help from Westwood to set a fire alarm on South and Main. We are lucky he didn’t come back. Now answer my question.”

“Kardashians, man. They have some wild parties- they don’t top the Twins, tough. And that is saying something.” He now reached the door, and noticed Sam, who had a stunned expression. He blushed, and mumbled about the deliver again.

“Oh, right, that must have been Bailey- he has it bad for pizza, I’m telling you. Logan, please call him, will you? You are scaring the poor guy” The blond guy- Logan, apparently, sent him a death glare, but turned around and stomped up the stairs.

Julian now chuckled lightly, and turned around to face Sam. “I assume for the way your mouth is hanging open you either are not accustomed to insanity or you know who I am.” Sam inmediately blushed even more and shutted his mouth.

“The latter. Sorry, you must be tired of it. My sister is a huge fan of yours, and…”

“It’s okay, I get it.” Now, another guy came down the stairs. He had huge headphones on his ears, and visibly winced when he took them off.

“Hi, sorry you had to put up with these two. You okay?” Sam grinned, and nodded.

“It’ll be forty-four dollars.” He took out a fifty-dollar bill and handed it, mumbled “keep the change”, slipped his headphones again quickly, and went up the stairs with the pizza.

“Hey, take this to your sister would you? What’s her name again?”

Sam jumped a little- he had forgotten Julian Larson was still standing beside him. He had a napkin and a pen, and was looking up expectantly.


“Alright. To Stacy, with love. I freaked your brother out today. Sorry. Bye.”

Sam laughed, and received the napkin with a huge grin.

“Thanks man! She’s going to be so damn excited!”

“No problem. Now, excuse me while I go and get punished for coming home late.” he rolled his eyes and followed the others, closing the door.

Sam decided to go to the Art Hall next. But once he arrived, he found the door open, so he just entered.

Everything was silent.


1. Introduction (Part 2)

Part 1

“Hello? Pizza?” he felt stupid now. Surely it was just a prank from the kids, and he was just falling like an innocent little boy. 


‘’Oh my God, Reed, are you okay?’’

‘’Dormouse fallen! Dormouse fallen!’’

‘’I’m fine, I just fell!’’

Sam looked at the source of the voices, just in time to see a short, curly haired boy stand up. He seemed to have tripped with his own feet, since the only thing you could actually trip with was a fair distance away from him. Another curly haired boy, tall with black hair, and a pair of twins with huge cat-like grins, stood right next to him. He brushed off his uniform, and tried to take a few steps- only to stumble, and fall again. The tall one catched him right before he hit the ground, lifted him, and carried him bridal-style.

‘’Shane don’t-Shane, let me down- Shaaaane!’’

‘’Shh, you hit your head, you don’t know what you’re saying.’’ Shane stared at the shorter boy lovingly, and Reed blushed. The Twins seemed to want to go and give them privacy (or bring everyone, binoculars, and popcorn) and finally noticed Sam, who had even forgotten what he was there for.

‘’Oh! Right! You guys ordered pizza?’’ Sam took the pizza box out of his Messenger bag.

‘’YES! Finally, I’m starving!’’ Shane seemed to forget about the boy in his arms for a moment. Reed shrieked at the thought of falling and held more tightly onto Shane’s neck, which made the dancer grin softly and straighten his hold. ‘’Sorry, Reed. I promise I won’t let you fall.’’

The twins made a face (faces, actually) and Reed got a hue, ear to ear smile. Sam was feeling fairly awkward already, and was starting to question if there was actually any sort of sanity. The blond boys approached Sam, and one took the pizza while the other one paid, not hesitating for a moment.  It was as if they knew what the other would do already. He suddenly remembered what brought him there in the first place.

‘’Do any of you guys know Kurt Hummel? He transferred here a few weeks ago.’’

Reed lifted his head. ‘’Yeah, we all do. He’s my roommate. He must be at Windsor with the others. Are you from his old school?’’

‘’Yes, I-‘’

‘’You must be Dinah, then!’’

Sam stared at the twins, utterly confused. ‘’Dinah…?’’


‘’Alice’s cat!’’

‘’Alice always talks about you!’’

‘’He’ll be very pleased to know you’re here!’’

Reed rolled his eyes, but smiled a little at the look of panic on Sam’s eyes.  ‘’Just go with it, they won’t hurt you. Well, with nerf guns, maybe. Alice is Kurt, and they have a bit of an obsession with Alice in Wonderland. They have now named you as Alice’s cat, Dinah. And they want to take you to Windsor so you can see him.’’

Sam nodded nervously. ‘’Uh, cool. Okay, yes, I want to see Kurt. Alice. Him, you know.’’

The Twins happily took his by the arms and sprinted towards Windsor House, with a very disturbed Sam following close, while Reed and Shane stared into each other’s eyes for a long time (Reed still in Shane’s arms), realized they were alone, and leaned in for a kiss at the same time.

Sam just wanted to get the pizza there and get the hell out.

They reached Windsor in a short time. The Twins opened the door easily, and pulled Sam into the building.